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God is not pleased with the present human race. Just what could there be about this present apeman’s civilization that would please the Creator?

After furnishing the people of the Earth with a super-abundance of everything necessary for their physical, mental and spiritual advancement, they turn out to be a sickly, idiotic, gold-worshipping world of apemen.

God wants a real mankind to manage the affairs of the Earth, not civilized apemen.

Imagine the apeman bragging about his civilization which mainly consists of cheats, liars, thieves, beggars, dope fiends, drunkards, blackmailers, cannibals, hypocrites, gold-worshippers, murderers, sicklings, lunatics and suicides.

This sad state of affairs was not brought about by the weaklings of the human race; it was brought about by those who were blessed with the most strength. They used their strength to take advantage of the weaklings.

Instead of helping the weak to become strong, they forced them to become weaker by defrauding them out of their earnings and driving them into criminality.

The stronger ones, physically and mentally, arranged a system which made it lawful for swindlers to victimize those who produced the wealth.

That system made it necessary for everybody to cheat one another in order to live.

To cheat, one must lie, so everybody becomes liars. There is no worse liar than the one who says he never told a lie.

Cheating one another leads to hating one another and fighting one another.

This system of cheating under which we have to live according to apeman laws, also leads to thievery, beggary, kidnapping, blackmailing, murder, gold-worshipping, worry, sickness, lunacy, and suicide.

Such a horrible mess in human sociability is handed down from father to son and mother to daughter as a civilization of which the human race should feel proud.

The only feature concerning this present social mess that posterity will think well of is the pioneer work now under way of a few self-sacrificing beings to introduce God’s Natural Laws to the people at large.

Only those, who are willing to work for an honest program and give unselfish efforts for the benefit of all humanity, have any reason to feel proud of themselves.

So it is a double crime, in the eyes of God, to teach children the vices and idiotic practices that we have inherited from past generations.

Each generation should be an improvement upon the preceding one and parents should not teach their children to do the same foolish things that they were taught to do.

The child is the greatest asset of the future and its physicality, mentality and spirituality must not be stunted with the depravities of its forefathers.

When society fails to give this newcomer every care and opportunity to develop to its highest standard of performance, it not only cheats the child but also robs posterity of what he might have accomplished for it.

To make all children well and strong, physically, mentally and spiritually, instead of forcing them, through senseless laws and orders, to become weaklings, is to increase the strength and character of the whole human race as well as increasing its wealth.

Parents teach their children to lie from the very start of their lives. They frighten them with tales about ghosts and try to please them with tales of Santa Claus.

Of course, there are no ghosts, nor is there a fat Santa Claus who comes down a two foot chimney with presents, but, such lies injure the reasoning faculties of the children who learn subsequently that the old folks deliberately lied to them.

Childhood is an undeveloped period in the growth of human beings which requires clean, honest and sensible guidance by their elders; not misrepresentations and harmful miseducation.

The child should be taught that it will not have to worry over the future; that it will not have to lie, cheat, steal, murder or take advantage of its fellow beings in order to receive its share of the good things of life; it should be shown that its duty is to give its best services toward increasing the general production of the earth that all mankind may enjoy the sweets thereof together in peace and harmony; it should have impressed upon its young mind that he or she who does the most work for others will receive the highest esteem of mankind and the blessed approval of its own soul, so that after it has grown to maturity, it will be far more useful to God and humanity than one who has been taught to hoard up riches for its own special purposes.

The greed of ages has brought the human race to its lowest state of intelligence and decency. It has caused everybody to breathe hate against each other.

God now demands that the atrocious evils of the past and present be stopped and that the people of Earth follow the precepts of His Natural Laws to the last principle.

Cheating one another must be forbidden from the highest to the lowest person.

Hate must be obliterated from the human mental system.

The people of the Earth must rise above piggish apemanism. They must supplant hate by lovability.

Intelligence, provable by God’s Natural Laws, must direct the human race.

The works of God prove His greatness; they need no apologies.

Follow God’s positive laws and nothing negative will happen—otherwise, punishment and destruction.

God now decrees that a new species be started by the most unselfish people of the world and be built up from generation to generation until a super race is bred upon Earth that will abrogate selfish apemanism and extirpate selfish gold-worshipping tactics from the face of the Earth.

So, we who believe in the higher principles of life, must get together, and by combination, coordination and concentration of action, create sufficient force to establish the birth of a new species that will live up to God’s Natural Laws as He expects real mankind to do.

Our motto must be: one God for all and all for one God.

There are enough unselfish people on earth now to plant the seed for a new species. They must be brought together and co-operate for a single righteous purpose. They must put principles above their own cravings.

We must consider it a duty to God and humanity to sacrifice ourselves, if necessary, for the good of the whole species.

Just as the menorgs organize and stand together to save the body of man from being wrecked by the disorgs, so this new unselfish species must organize and stand together to save humanity from being wrecked by those selfish creatures that now have control of it.

The length of man’s life is but a moment in eternity but during that moment he should strive to perform good acts through the introduction of good principles which will improve conditions for coming generations to be benefited by.

By helping to make better conditions for everybody in this life, one makes his own chances better for the next life.

By unselfish acts one improves the state of his own mind through reaction and thereby enjoys the resultant happiness that can only be gotten by good deeds well distributed.

A broader consciousness will create a superior being.

To obtain a broader consciousness, however, one must develop greater mental instruments within oneself with which to harness mentality in large quantities.

To increase the power of the mental instruments, one must give them strenuous use.

The mental system requires exercise, just as the muscular system requires exercise to grow and gain strength.

Intellectual effort will increase the capacity of the mental instruments, permitting them to consume large quantities of mentality and thereby broaden one’s consciousness by which one will obtain a greater perspective of life.

The study of LAWSONOMY will develop in human beings a new sense of dimensions, proportions, densities, spheres and scopes that will lift them out of the ignorance of ages and transform them into superior beings.

By the will to conquer wrong, one can rebuild every physical and mental cell of the body within a period of ten years. Thus the right reaction therefrom will gradually transform a puny apeman into a real giant of manhood that God can feel proud of and who will be worthy to advance into a higher state of intelligence in the next life.

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