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So, we will start the birth of a new species with our plans within the seed of a self-perpetuating social body, that will continue to grow until man has not only made himself capable of managing the affairs here on Earth, but until he is capable of getting off of the Earth and managing the Solar System and greater cosmic formations.

To accomplish such magnitudinous undertakings will require no greater powers in man than that which has already been demonstrated by the menorgs, who, through their combined efforts and unification of purpose built themselves into an enlarged human creature from a microscopic seed.

As the menorgs planned, built and developed an earthly creature, billions of times their own size, to operate in a different density, sphere and scope, so it is possible for human beings to plan, build and develop a cosmic creature, billions of times their own size, to operate in a different density, sphere and scope, by putting themselves on the inside of it and utilizing their combined efforts and unification of purpose to make the cosmic creature a conscious workable machine.

Life is but a series of magnifications in which size appears according to the scope of the reflectors.

In building a human being the menorgs put magnifying glasses in front of his head which are called eyes. The scope was adjusted so that they were able to see earthly things naturally, in proportion to their uses of the different densities.

In building a cosmic creature human beings will put telescopes in front of its head for eyes with which to see cosmic things.

The menorgs also built the mental instruments within man so they would register TIME in accordance with the spherical movements of the Earth.

Human beings will build mental instruments within the cosmic creature so they will register TIME in accordance with the spherical movements of Galaxies.

A second to man is like a thousand years to a menorg whose own mental instruments are built so that they register time and consciousness faster in accordance with the spherical movements on the inside of a cell.

A second to the cosmic creature will be like a thousand years to man whose mental instruments will be built so that they will register time and consciousness slower in accordance with the spherical movements on the inside of a Galaxy.

So, understand that, just before the mental instruments of a human being stop working, prior to death, his consciousness can be extended from a second, Earth time, to a thousand years, cellular time, through the menorgs’ consciousness.

Thus, before the carcass of a human being has even had time enough to cool off, the soul may go through a thousand years of punishment for its failure to bring the machinery that it had been entrusted with up to the state of usefulness required by God’s Natural Laws.

It is obligatory, according to Natural Law, that every creature make the best use of, and develop to the highest degree of efficiency, the machine God loaned to him.

The laws of the Deity are retro-active and one can be made to live backward the life he neglected and pay his penalties in shame and remorse, for tremendous periods, in the menorgs’ consciousness, according to the seriousness of the offenses committed.

The Natural Law breaker can be made to review the harmful effects of his bad deeds against his contemporaries and he, himself, be made to feel the actual sufferings that he caused others.

Physical relationship has nothing to do with the progression or retrogression of the soul that inhabits a body.

The soul of the rich tyrannical father who defrauds and abuses weaklings to-day may become attached to the body of a weakling to-morrow and be defrauded and abused by the son whom he had previously bequeathed his ill-gotten wealth.

Of course, the horrible characters bred by the present civilization are not qualified for advancement toward God’s higher life.

When a human being will deliberately destroy a good body with smoke-fumes, liquor or excessive and highly flavored food, or destroy his mental instruments by hate, misrepresentation, murder or suicide, he does not manifest the qualifications that God expects to find in a well-balanced man.

So, the time has come for the birth of a superrace that will be able, physically, mentally and spiritually, to undertake the greater work that God has in store for a real manhood.

The Creator has much greater knowledge to give to the human race as soon as it can get out of the civilized rut and qualify for it.

Mankind must not allow itself to fall any deeper into degradation than it is now, or it will sink beyond redemption altogether.

At present human beings will stoop to any villainy to obtain the results of each other’s labors. They will murder one another for the possession of a bit of golden metal.

They pretend to worship God but they actually worship Gold.

There has been little, if any improvement, in man’s moral conduct during the entire history of savagery, barbarism and civilization. If anything, he appears worse now than ever before.

To alleviate such a terrible state of affairs, we must build an entirely new body and mental system for man to operate, for that which he uses now is beastly and inefficient.

We must sift and choose the best living creatures that we can find now and educate them with the principles of Lawsonomy. We must inspire them to plant in their own seed, by their own thoughts and acts, the desire of their offspring to improve from generation to generation, until their descendants emerge as specimens, with a breadth of consciousness and understanding of God’s Natural Laws, that will make of them mental and moral giants when compared to our present piggish pigmies.

We must select the original forebears of this coming species from human beings who have not yet become completely contaminated with the disease of this Gold-worshipping civilization.

We must arouse the most intelligent humans of today to a sense of duty they owe God for the gift of life He has bestowed upon them. They must be shown how they can start themselves toward a higher life so that they can lead their descendants to gradually evolve into the greatest race of creatures ever bred upon earth.

We must show the people the uselessness of living an aimless and degraded life. We must convince them that it is better to give more help to others than it is to receive help from others.

Yes, everybody must give to the world as much as possible and take from the world as little as necessary. To follow such principles will give superstrength to mankind, from which each and all individuals will receive mutual benefits.

The future success of the human race will depend upon its power of continuity. Therefore constancy of intelligence and unselfishness throughout the ages must prevail to insure man’s progressive development toward a greater existence.

The new race will be developed by following the lessons outlined in the three volumes of LAWSONOMY.

But, before human beings can combine them selves into a cosmic creature, a billion times their own size, they must first become masters of knowledge concerning the utilization of everything without the loss of anything.

They must thoroughly understand the differentiation of densities, spheres and scopes.

They must learn the law of Transprocession which allows the transference of elements from one density to another without present transportation hindrances

They must learn how physicality changes, but spirituality remains the same eternally; how the essence of The Almighty is all pervading and self-perpetuating.

They must learn that continuous consciousness is within the reach of souls that purify creatures through self-sacrificing efforts.

They must learn that strength comes from working unselfishly together and that weakness comes from working selfishly alone.

They must learn that collective thinking is not only everybody thinking together for combined strength of thought, but also, by everybody thinking together for the benefit of all humanity; it increases the benefits for the whole human race instead of for the benefit of the greedy individual.

Until the whole human race thinks and acts collectively with a single purpose in view, similar to that shown by man’s own mental faculties inmoving his body, through harmonious and collective action, the highest state of manlife will not have been reached.

They must learn how to utilize the natural force of TELEMENTY, which is, direct communication between operators of mental systems located in different bodies.

They must learn to coagulate sunlight so that constant use can be made of it for light, heat and power purposes.

They must learn how to control the chemical action of the atmosphere which surrounds the earth so that they can regulate their own weather conditions. It would be a very simple process to transfer cold air from the Arctic and Antarctic regions to the sun-ridden localities of their summer seasons and transfer heat from the Equatorial regions to the ice infested localities of their winter seasons.

However, before the human race can grasp the significance of such stupendous undertakings, its individual units must first rebuild their mental instruments to comprehend it. They must first eradicate selfishness from their systems and work together as a whole for the benefit of everybody.

The great works of posterity cannot be understood by our present ingrown consciousness.

That God disapproves of hate, misrepresentation and murder is proven by His Natural Law of REACTION which punishes everybody who follows wrong practices.

Therefore, to acquire consciousness capable of grasping the significance of future greatness, the system that breeds the horrible conditions of the present must be abolished and be replaced by a system embodying UNSELFISHNESS that will lead to JUSTICE FOR EVERYBODY THAT WILL I HARM NOBODY.

So, YOU can make the world better by making yourself better.

YOU should lead others to do right, not try to drive them to it.

Stand for GOD, not for GOLD, then you can obtain MAGNITUDE. That means physical, mental and spiritual magnification.

To teach and practice LAWSONOMY will bring YOU nearer to THE ALMIGHTY.

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