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God’s three basic principles of existence are: physicality—mentality—spirituality.

Physicality is matter used for the construction of formations, machines and instruments of various kinds.

Mentality is a specific substance used by mental instruments to create feeling and consciousness within physical bodies.

Spirituality is the essence of life that permeates all matter.

Matter, which is everywhere in Space, is indestructible but changeable.

Mental substance, which is everywhere in Space, is indestructible but usable by changing physical bodies.

Spiritual essence, which is everywhere in Space, is both indestructible and unchangeable.

Matter is made up of changeable particles that can be dissolved.

Spiritual essence is made up of unchanging particles that cannot be dissolved.

Matter can be changed from one thing to another.

Spiritual essence cannot be changed, but remainsthe same forever.

It takes physicality for the construction of the body of a human being.

It takes mentality for the operation of the body of a human being.

It takes spirituality for the guidance of the mental operation of the human being.

The particles, of which matter is composed, are made up of changing cells.

The particles, of which spiritual essence is composed, are made up of unchanging souls.

So, the cells that make up the body of the human being, are in a constant state of change.

But, the soul that guides the mental operation of a human being, remains intact forever.

The soul passes from one living creature to another and goes up or down the scale of life according to its capability of stabilizing character within the physical bodies it supervises.

The duty of the soul is to encourage the development of greater consciousness within the mental systems of living creatures in order to increase their usefulness.

The cells of consciousness are developed to a larger capacity for absorbing intelligence by continuous exercise, just as the physical cells are developed to carry greater loads by continuous exercise. Intelligence comes from knowledge. Knowledge is truth.

By gathering intelligence from knowledge, based upon truth, one develops and expands consciousness that increases his spirituality and leads him nearer to God.

Within His plan of utilizing everything without the loss of anything, God created man and gave him a duty to perform.

To do this duty He furnished him with a physical machine capable of thinking for himself.

God made man a conscious machine.

Now it is man’s job to utilize that machine to the best advantage by doing his duty to God. But before he can utilize that machine for the purpose that it was created, he must learn how it is built and how to operate it.

Unless a large enough consciousness is developed within one to understand the difference in densities, spheres and scope, as outlined in LAWSONOMY, volumes one and two, one cannot comprehend God’s stupendous spiritual manifestation.

But, it is within the will power of any well-balanced person, by constant exercise of the mental functions, to develop a consciousness of sufficient depth and breadth to understand these great principles of life, as it is for a child to learn to walk and run by constant exercise of its physical functions.

By reading over and over again and again these LAWSONOMY books, hundreds of times, the cells of consciousness will gradually grow in intellectual strength until finally everything will be as easy to understand as the counting up to ten by the use of the fingers.

But as truth and falsity will not mix together, one must not try to mix God’s great truth with the false theories and idiotic notions and misrepresentations that are thrust into the gullible minds of the university students of today.

One cannot understand the process of spirituality without first understanding the process of physicality and mentality.

Therefore, understand, first, that matter is used for the construction of material bodies. Second, that mentality is used through mental instruments to make living bodies self-acting. Third, that spirituality is used to influence the thoughts generated by these mental instruments.

So, matter is changeable. Mentality is transitory. Spirituality is permanent.

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