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The physical body of a creature, together with its mental instruments, are planned before it is born.

All of its physical features and mental inclinations are formed before birth by the thoughts and actions of its parents.

The Menorgs who build and operate animal structures, produce a complete model of the forebear, incased in microscopic seed, which is subsequently expanded by drawing within it extraneous substances for sustenance and enlargement.

By the power of suction within the female seed the male seed is drawn inside of it that causes a swirl and a combination in which a predominant power of pressure produces a male offspring and a predominant power of suction produces a female offspring.

The physical and mental qualities or weaknesses of both parents are introduced into the offspring.

At the time of birth the offspring is a composite embryo of its parents, although afterward, owing to various influences, it acquires different traits and inclinations.

But the trend of character can be firmly set in the offspring by the parents before its birth through their own conduct, and, after birth, by close association and guidance.

The parents therefore, must make exemplary examples of themselves, both before and after the birth of their offspring, in order to produce a creature above the puny average.

The new-comer begins life with nothing but a physical body and mental inclinations derived from the parents, and, it is a criminal procedure, in the eyes of God, for parents to bear offspring unless they have lived clean and healthy lives.

The physical attributes and mental attitude of the parents during their two years’ conduct prior to the birth of the offspring is that which will largely influence its life afterward.

If, within that period, evil thoughts of the parents prevail, the offspring will grow up with evil tendencies. But if within that period the parents accomplished noble deeds with pure thoughts then the offspring will be inspired the same way.

They should live strictly according to God’s Natural Laws and follow a strict course of exercise, rest and healthful nourishment as outlined in my book Manlife.

Parents should have no offspring when one or both of them are diseased, gluttons, drunkards, dope-fiends, criminals or have streaks of insanity.

It is worse for the female who is tainted to bring children into the world than the male, because the mother must feed the mental system as well as the physical body of her offspring from her own blood as it grows from the microscopic seed to the new born infant.

The offspring from a mother that smokes cigarettes, drinks liquors or is infected with other diseases has little chance to grow up strong or be able to compete successfully with the offspring of parents without those vices.

Abnormalities in sex relationship are also responsible for the weaknesses of the offspring and both male and female must practice moderation in their sexual practices.

Nature makes pleasant those duties animals must perform to live and multiply, but abnormal practices throttle development of the offenders and retards the progress of posterity.

According to the law of reaction no one can escape the penalties of such deteriorating acts.

One should study the lives and works of the Menorgs, whom Nature uses to build and operate both plant and animal life, as outlined in Volume 2, LAWSONOMY.

The following paragraphs are repeated from my book MENTALITY:

“The Menorgs make their unborn successors realize that they must carry forward the work that they themselves begin. They teach them to improve upon their work. They are made to understand that all natural products are but links in the development of forthcoming accomplishments and that everlasting improvements must be made in all things. They breed within their descendants the inclination to build better and better machinery with each succeeding generation. They instill in them the ambition to develop greater and greater thinking machines.

“In order that each generation will be superior to the preceding one, they put into the minds of unborn Menorgs, advanced plans for products that have not yet been developed. They instruct them that it is the duty of coming generations to develop them.

“Thus, the inclination to think ahead, plan ahead and produce ahead for the development of greater descendants is inculcated in every Menorg before it is born.

“These Menorgs know that their thoughts and acts will be engraved upon the mental functions of their descendants and that to create advanced thinking in them they must first do such thinking themselves. They know that if they think clean constructive thoughts that their descendants will do likewise.

“That is why plant-life became so prolific that it spread itself all over the face of the earth. That is why its seed was subsequently used to nourish the more complex forms of animal-life.

“So from such a foundation the Creator expects the higher forms of animal-life to ultimately expand in natural resourcefulness within their scope, sphere and density and become capable of developing within themselves the same high-principled characteristics of co-operative usefulness to nature as demonstrated by these Menorgs of different scope, sphere and density.”

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