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The Law of Disqualification reacts as a punishment in proportion to the wrong acts one has committed.

There is no way for an offender against Natural Laws to escape just penalties, sooner or later, for every bad act.

Frequent bad acts constitute a bad habit.

The deeper set a bad habit becomes the more difficult it is to get rid of it and the less desire one has to do so.

So firmly do bad habits become embedded into a creature sometimes that the mind loses all power of will to change them and one then becomes a mere slave to their terrible destructiveness.

It is so easy to fall into bad habits.

Bad habits are diseases and are caught through association with others who are already addicted to them.

The apeman is a perfect imitator and he follows blindly into the bad habits of those with whom he comes into contact the most frequently, and allows their actions and suggestions to influence him.

Forming bad habits is like sliding down hill toward a quagmire—it requires no effort, is weakening in effect and affords but a circumscribed view of a gloomy existence.

The further one slides down hill through bad habits the farther one has to climb to get back up again and the harder is the climb and the weaker the body that undertakes it.

A trifling immoral thought started in the mind grows like a weed in the brain—at first a temptation and then a fixed habit—spreading forth disease it overpowers the conscience and finally controls the mind. As it grows, it builds rotten machinery in the brain and little by little crowds out every symptom of good character within one.

Association with immoral people is as dangerous for those with good morals as contact of clean bodies with bodies saturated with venereal diseases.

The germs of moral diseases are as penetrating and poisonous as are the germs of physical diseases.

A mind dependent upon immoral thoughts, vulgar stories, or obscene pictures for pleasures, reflects a brain whose intricate mental functions are intertwined with twisted roots of mental corruption.

The use of drugs, strong beverages, tobaccos and candies, or dancing, night parties, licentiousness, obscenity, brutality, cheating, foul language, gluttony and misrepresentation are all ancient practices indulged in by the weakest apemen and it is about time they are made obsolete and new habits introduced that will strengthen the human race for an upward start toward a higher state of intelligence.

The practice of cheating one another out of their earnings and possessions has become the most subtle and far-reaching sin on earth. It has eaten its way into the minds of almost everybody everywhere.

To get something for nothing seems to be the foremost thought of rich-man, poor-man, beggar-man and thief.

To get something that one does not earn must be taken from the earnings of someone else.

That selfish desire has led from little cheats to bigger and bigger cheats until now the largest part of the Earth’s riches is controlled by just a few enormous financial gluttons.

The little cheats curse the bigger cheats who take their property and earnings while at the same time saying that they would do likewise if they could.

The reaction of wanting to be a big cheat has led the little cheat to become a beggar-man and a thief.

The reaction of the big cheat becoming the rich man has made him the target for thieves, kidnappers, blackmailers and murderers.

So the infernal desire to get something for nothing must be eradicated from human minds before anybody can expect lasting benefits while here on earth.

Unless you are willing to make sacrifices for the benefit of others you must not expect that others are going to make sacrifices for the benefit of you.

And because you are thinking only of how you can cheat others and others are thinking of how they can cheat you the people of the world are all responsible for this horrible nightmare called civilization.

So, those who will not turn about and make amends, while they are alive and have the opportunity to do their duty to God and humanity, through personal sacrifices, will be disqualified by the Creator, and, instead of being elevated to a higher grade during the next life, they will be relegated to a lower grade as they will naturally deserve.

The suicide may think he can escape punishment but even before his soul leaves the body it can pass through a thousand or more years of punishment.

God recognizes no such condition as time and living creatures only recognize it in accordance with the sphere, density and scope of their existence.

Now, the Menorgs who do the thinking for a human being made him a magnified creature as compared to themselves and built him up for a greater sphere, density and scope than themselves.

So as the time of a human being is as a second to a thousand years of the time of a Menorg and as the Menorgs do the thinking for the human being, then, as his physical machinery stops, its slower action, his consciousness quickens into the consciousness of the machinery of the Menorgs, and, within a second of Earth’s spherical time he lives in the Cellular time of the Menorgs a thousand or more years to receive such punishment as a tortured conscience can impose.

The only way to get the best of Natural Law and not be disqualified by God is to live an unselfish life.

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