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Superquality is the ability to think more of the greater body of which we are a part than we do of ourselves as units of it.

Opposite inclinations of the constructive Menorgs and the destructive Disorgs working within the Mental system cause a variation of characteristics in living creatures.

The more power for right the Soul is able to exert over the activities of the mind, the more it will incline toward superqualities.

Unselfishness, a superquality, inspires the constructive menorgs to greater efforts in building and operating the separate units that must co-operate to form a smooth running body.

Unselfishness is the trunk of righteousness which leads to the different branches of character, integrity and lovability.

Character is more valuable to nature than wealth.

Wealth is material and dissolves but character is moral and has lasting effects.

If it was not for character, whereby man will make every known sacrifice, even to giving up life itself for the sake of principle, human beings would be no better than the beasts of the field.

A good character produces high aims that lead to an ambitious and successful life.

Thinking pure thoughts develops strong mental functions that plan larger undertakings.

The will to do right creates the master character.

God’s plan is to instill into living creatures the qualities to think and act according to their own initiative. To acquire such qualities one must control the senses and use the mental instruments for good purposes.

Powerful mental instruments must be encased in a healthy physical frame.

A powerful mind incarcerated in a weak frame is like power congested in a bubble; it does not remain long.

A powerful frame without a strong mind cannot withstand temptations and soon wrecks itself through acquired weakening habits.

Forming good habits is like climbing a steep hill toward sunlight and good air—the climb is difficult but strengthening and it enables one to secure a greater perspective of life.

As strength can only be gotten by effort, one must form habits through efforts that will strengthen the mind and muscular system.

To increase efficiency and improvement, a goal to aim at must be set far into the future and the will to conquer all obstacles that may arise on the way to it, must be formed for the purpose.

Superquality is not only the ability to think more of the greater body of which we are a part than we do of ourselves as units of it, but it is the ability to actually sacrifice ourselves, if necessary, in our endeavors to aid in the establishment of the principles for which the greater body is striving.

Therefore, self sacrifice in the accomplishment of the higher aims of life carries one forward to a higher state of intelligence.

With Superqualities, one is on the way toward God.

To sacrifice oneself for the furtherance of God’s principles as outlined in LAWSONOMY, brings one into closer relationship with the Creator. It insures the commendation of God and a higher position in the next life.

Lovability is a splendid quality for the human being to acquire. It is not the puppy stuff, called love, that so many apemen crave, like candy.

The stuff called love is, as a rule, just a selfish motive which turns into jealousy and hate and murder if it cannot be acquired. It is merely love of self. Parental love is but a streak of self-centered vanity.

To treat kindly, educate and protect all of God’s creatures without any selfish desires or expectation of reward is genuine lovability.

Lovability is a superquality that causes one to appreciate the successes of others without coveting it oneself.

Your lovability will not only make better the conditions of others, but, the reaction will improve your own condition by drawing the lovability of others to you.

One must not expect to receive from others that which one does not give to others.

It is necessary for one to set a good example for others to follow, not wait for others to do what one has not done himself.

So, lovability is real and useful when unkind thoughts are forbidden to enter the mind, no matter what the provocation might be.

The reason the apeman has not reached the standard of real manhood as yet is because he has taken the wrong road to get there. He is still on the wrong road but must be turned about and faced in the opposite direction before he will arrive at the stage of intelligence that the Creator expects of him.

He must be taught to make the Earth a heaven before he can make himself fit to enter a greater heaven in another life.

It requires real manhood for the strong individual to refrain from taking advantage of the weakling; it requires real heroism for the strong one to share the results of his labors with the feeble one.

One should thank God that he is blessed with the strength to help others less fortunate, not take advantage of them.

It takes real courage to sacrifice oneself for the principles of Lawsonomy instead of sacrificing one’s character for selfish motives.

Unselfishness is the very highest type of courageousness and one must live for the good he may do for others instead of living for personal aggrandizement.

To teach lovability one must make an example of oneself, not alone through the use of mere words, but by unselfish and courageous acts.

To become a martyr to one’s own unselfishness in attempts to uplift the apeman species toward real manhood is the highest honor that one can achieve in the sight of God. That is real lovability.

Moderation is another superquality that is necessary in the human being before one can reach real manhood.

One must practice moderation in all things that one may live longer and acquire strength to enjoy natural blessings and bestow character upon the descendants that follow.

Pleasure can only come through temperateness; it increases or decreases in proportion to quantity and, he who takes sparingly, lives longer to enjoy the most.

One should not over-work, over-study, over-eat, over-drink, over-sleep, over-exercise or commit excesses of any nature whatsoever.

The surest way to make the human race better is to begin by making oneself better.

Such is the essence of superqualities.

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