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Health is a condition pertaining to a body that can be made better or worse according to the attention given to it.

Good health is the most necessary quality that anybody can have.

Bad health disqualifies any body from doing its best work.

Perfect health can be enjoyed by any body that will live strictly according to God’s Natural Laws.

For perfect health the body must be under the complete control of the constructive Menorgs, and, all cells, fibers, muscles, organs and senses must be made to synchronize in their movements, through orders issued by the mind.

An understanding of God’s Natural Laws, and, strict enforcement of them, by the mind, is essential for the enjoyment of perfect health.

Good health is natural; bad health is the result of breaking Natural Laws.

Billions of constructive Menorgs within the body will keep the cells, fibers, muscles, organs and senses in good running order, if furnished with the proper materials with which to do it.

But, billions of destructive Disorgs, within the body, will destroy the cells, fibers, muscles, organs and senses if given poisonous materials with which to do it.

With good materials the Menorgs will keep the body well; with bad materials the Disorgs will makethe body sick.

So, that which is put into the body, in the shape of food, drink and fumes, decides the grade of health one can have.

The right kind of food and drink put into thebody causes the right kind of action by the body.

The right kind of action creates the necessary strength that carries the body through a successful life.

One who uses a life without adding to the knowledge and goodness of the world has lived for naught, and he who fails to improve his own worth morally, mentally or physically, has spent a life of uselessness for which his descendants must suffer; for to misuse oneself is to commit a crime against posterity.

Having been entrusted with a piece of living machinery, it is the duty of everyone to give it the very best care and attention possible, that its value might be increased to nature, hence moral, mental and physical perfection are the highest aims of life to achieve.

To know one’s own body is the most important knowledge for a human being.

Almost all human beings lose their lives prematurely because they do not know how to take care of their own bodies.

If one will understand the laws upon which he is created, nourished and moves about, and will live in harmony with them, sickness will not appear at all. But on the other hand, as long as people break these laws, insane asylums and hospitals are needed.

Preserving and improving materials, machines or human beings gives them longer life and increased efficiency and keeps them “younger” for a longer period.

If a body of 50 years can demonstrate the same physical standard as the average body of 25 years, then it is comparatively as young as the average body of 25 years of age; or if a body of 100 years is as efficient as the average body of 50 years, then it is from a useful point of view but 50 years young.

One body will die at 25 while another will live to be 100 years of age in accordance with the care given to their respective bodies by each of them, irrespective of the age of either of them.

Nature does not recognize magic in any form. It bases its entire work upon immutable laws; laws which are well defined and certain.

Nature knows no pity and shows no favors; it follows the rules and they must be obeyed or the consequences must be taken.

Ignorance of the rules secures no leniency and we are supposed to learn them from observation and experience.

Natural Laws must be understood and obeyed down to the minutest detail in order to obtain the fullest scope along any line of growth or develop.

Menorgs are the architects and builders of a human being, as well as being the architects and builders of all other animals, therefore, one must learn how they do their work and the materials that they require in order that they may produce the best results.

A human being is a combination of various substances, drawn together by the power of suction, then squeezed apart again by the power of pressure.

The substances of which the human body is composed, are the outgrowth of penetrating intercourse between Sun and Earth as well as other cosmic influences. If the action of the Sun should change in its relationship with the Earth and the substances of which the human body is composed were withheld, the body would perish.

Light and heat, sent in currents from the Sun to the Earth, are composed of many substances of great penetrating qualities which, mixed with the various gases escaping from the pores of the Earth, form combinations of substances which the body absorbs and is sustained by.

The structure of a human being is in a continual state of change through the absorption of new materials and the evacuation of used materials.

Each part of the body is made up of different proportions of different substances and therefore it is necessary for the body to absorb in correct ratio such substances as the different parts of a human being require for growth and replacement.

Bone, muscle and mental fiber must be fed with the right substances in proper proportions. The power of suction and pressure must be proportionate throughout the whole body in order to move it about through muscular activity.

The action of the Sun upon the air, water and soil, brings into form vegetation which contains the substances upon which all animals are nourished.

One animal may subsist upon the carcass of another animal but the substances thus obtained were in the first place, absorbed from vegetation.

The human body as it now exists was built from such substances as it now absorbs, therefore it must continue to draw into itself the same substances in order to live.

In studying himself, therefore, the human being will learn that everything that he can understand or prove is composed of substances.

His entire frame, including his mental system, is built of substances of different densities which can be made to hold together for a long period or which can be dissolved in a few seconds.

Fire, for instance, will quickly burn the human being up and the substances of which he is composed will pass into other densities.

The human being was developed in a temperature ranging between certain degrees of heat and cold and unless kept within those limitations, the substances of which he is composed cannot hold together as an organized, workable structure.

If bones are formed with certain organic and mineral substances which give the maximum strength and rigidity for the minimum weight, then a human being must eat food that contains such substances to form the bones.

If the bones of a human being contain one combination of substances, the muscles another combination, skin another, and the mental fibers another, then the blood must be furnished with these different substances from the food eaten in order to supply them to the different parts of the body.

So the quality and quantity of food taken into the system are the most important factors for the human being to consider for a strong body and the enjoyment of good health.

The transgressions of youth cause the infirmities of age.

A dunce may be born with good health but it requires knowledge to retain it.

My book MANLIFE should be studied for knowledge concerning good health and the manner in which it can be obtained.

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