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Civilized apeman talks much, but knows little, about Economics.

The reason for that is because he has tried to build up an economic structure without a foundation.

Therefore his talks about Economics are nothing but hazy, theoretical humbug with which he endeavors to bolster up fraudulent practices by which those in power skin the people of their earnings.

The shelves in his libraries are filled with books labeled Economics, but none of them tell what it is.

The reason none of the writers tell what civilized economics is-is because it is not.

Truth is. Falsity is not.

Civilized economics is a theory put together through falsity and, therefore, no sensible explanation can be given for it.

Still, Economics represents one of God’s fundamental principles.

When one follows God’s Natural Laws, all problems are made easy to understand.

There is nothing complicated about God’s Natural Laws. They are built upon Truth and are operated according to the simplest methods.

The laws of civilization, which are built upon falsity, are so complicated that no two so-called experts can agree upon the meaning of them.

There can be no misunderstanding concerning the meaning of God’s Economics. One word— USEFULNESS—defines it.

Or if one wants a fuller definition of Economics, it is—the utilization of everything without the loss of anything.

Yes, THE ALMIGHTY, uses every particle of matter, over and over again and again through all eternity, without the loss of a particle of it. That’s genuine Economics.

ECONOMICS is the first material law of nature. It can be proved as follows:

Law is the rule of procedure.

Procedure must have an objective.

The objective of material is usefulness.

Usefulness is the outlet of material.

Utilization is that which gives value to material.

Nature is the utilization of material.

Economics is the utilization of everything without the loss of anything.

Therefore, in value, Economics is the first material law of nature.

What a difference between God’s Economics and Civilization’s so-called economics.

They are opposites.

God’s Economics are based upon usefulness.

Civilization’s so-called economics are based upon selfishness.

God’s Economics are positive and permanent.

Civilization’s so-called economics are negative and transitory.

God utilizes everything and wastes nothing.

Civilization utilizes little and wastes much.

The object of The Almighty is to create within the minds of human primates the desire to reach a higher state of intelligence.

The methods of the civilized apeman tend to degrade them to a lower state of intelligence.

The Creator uses Menorgs to build these primates up. Civilization uses Disorgs to tear them down.

Civilization, with machinery capable of producing wealth as cheaply as water is furnished, denies its people wealth, and, with food rotting upon the ground, allows old folks and children to starve for the want of it.

Lunatics could do no worse, economically, than civilized law makers do in the distribution of nature’s bountiful supplies.

With maximum opportunities, civilization gets minimum results.

Savages have done much better. Cannibals do not let their food rot while their children starve.

Therefore, civilization has a lower economic rating, as well as a lower spiritual rating, than either Savagery or Barbarism.

A wild beast will not deny another the right to eat after his own stomach has been filled. Even a snake will feed its young.

Economics, as taught by Civilization, is not only degrading in itself but also degrades all other branches of human endeavor.

Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, Medicine, Government, Law, Theology and other branches are all tainted by Civilization’s so-called Economics.

Stupid Physics are taught in school because educators must obtain graft through the sale of erroneous text books.

Law is made to fit best where there is the most money.

A Psychologist will “prove” black is white for a dollar.

The practice of medicine pays better when people are sick than when they are well.

There are clergymen who uphold a system that starves babies because financiers donate money that pays their salaries. They tell, with one voice, how God loves little children and, with another voice, that the financial system that robs them of their milk and wrecks their little bodies must be kept in force. They shut their eyes to starving infants, or else claim that they are not responsible for it. But God knows that everybody who uphold a system that starves babies are as much to blame as if they actually snatched the milk bottles from their little lips.

There is no use trying to shift the blame to others if each of us helps to uphold this demoniac system under which we exist. Everybody who approves of it is equally guilty for the horrible conditions that are the results of it.

So let us pause for a few moments and calmly review ourselves in the mirror of past performances and honestly ask ourselves if we are not actually playing the parts of demons as well as lunatics.

Economics, as a factor in the balance of ever moving material, must be absolutely perfect in its functions and unerring in all of its relations with physics.

For if it was not so, then there could be no such thing as the equaeverpoise which causes the eternal balance of all things.

So economics plays a most important part in the life and movement of everything physical.

Economics must adjust all transformations of matter with such absolute precision and utilization that nothing is wasted in the change. Every particle must be used over and over again for useful purposes.

In the newer physics, which have not yet reached the Colleges, but which will probably be taken there by some Lawsonomy child sooner or later, Space has no size, therefore its smallness as well as its largeness is unbounded.

Therefore, as far as Space is concerned, there is no Economics

Economics begins with changing material. If material were stationary there would be no Economics, but because of its constant movement for reconstructive purposes Economics becomes necessary.

Every particle of material in Space must be used over and over again and again, forever and ever, and nothing can be wasted in the process.

That is the kind of Economics the primate must understand and practice before he can be considered a useful product of changing matter.

What can one think, whose sensorium percolates at all, of a human race that will make a bludgeon and put it into the hands of a few maniacs who use it to force them to give up all of the property they produce, for nothing whatsoever in return, and then profess to like it?

Because of their absolute ignorance of Economics that is just what the people of the world are doing, and they don’t seem to want to stop the lambasting process.

Of what good is it to blame the maniacs who wield the bludgeon as long as the human race permits it?

The sensible way to change the idiotic situation is to take the bludgeon away from the maniacs.

This bludgeon is the power given to those who own money to tax those who do not, and is the most wicked instrument ever devised to bring mankind to the lowest depths of degradation.

And everyone of us who refuse to raise a hand against this atrocious practice, which more particularly affects weak children and feeble old folks, are even worse than the heartless financiers, gone mad with the lust for gold and the unnatural power thrust upon them.

In professing that we like this abominable system we merely put ourselves in the position of a lot of little pigs trying to emulate the example of a few big pigs.

It is that piggish idea that has become embedded in the minds of people that has led them so deeply into the mire.

Nature has been extremely liberal to the human primate, for which he has shown little gratitude. He has been furnished with an abundance of raw materials and has been taught methods for transforming them into useful products.

The Almighty wants to develop within him a higher state of efficiency, so that he can do a more important work than he is now doing.

But instead of using the materials, methods and mental training for general improvement, each individual endeavors to fatten himself at the expense of all the others. This, of course, leads everybody into a piggish scramble, causing everyone to fight for himself and let the financiers take them all.

The Almighty does not like this state of affairs and, therefore, will permit the maniacs to use their bludgeon with heartless effect until the system is changed and the minds of civilized apemen are purged of these piggish tendencies.

The less we take from others the more economic we become and the more we give to others the more spiritual we become.

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