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The human primate has passed through various stages of development since the Menorgs originally planned his anatomy and mental system and brought him into existence as a thinking machine.

The records show three specific stages that he has passed through during the last few thousand years.

These different stages of Savagery, Barbarism and Civilization are of comparatively recent times insofar as the earliest days of human primates are concerned.

In their haughty braggadocio, the leaders now in charge of human ceremonies proudly proclaim the present stage of development as the acme of all that is wonderful and important in life. They call it CIVILIZATION.

But in the knowledge of God this so-called Civilization is nothing more or less than the stage of APEMANISM.

Civilization and Apemanism are, therefore, synonymous.

Apemanism is the stage in which the present human primates have reached the half-way mark in intellectual advancement between the Ape and Man.

The Apeman, as God views him, is not a creature of which to feel proud.

He has, of course, many good qualities, but in his greedy desire for wealth and power he has acquired some horrible traits of character.

The Apeman is not viewed with any deferential respect through the eyes of the lower animals that have had any dealings with him, either. They have found him to be, more or less, a double-crossing hypocrite not to be trusted.

Especially has the gentle little lamb found this pretentious civilized creature to be a butcher in shepherd’s clothing.

For, while professing a sacred attachment for the harmless lamb and promising to protect it against wild quadrupeds, he does, whenever he becomes hungry, cut the throat of his confiding protege and fills his beastly stomach with its roasted flesh.

Neither should the dainty deer of the forests have any great love and respect for civilization’s boasted beings, as millions of their slain bodies of the past, prove them to be detestable creatures who murder fellow animals under the pretense of sportsmanship.

Even the trusting cow, who furnishes civilization with milk, and the hen, who lays its eggs, for the benefit of the civilized apeman, are eventually slaughtered to appease his horrible thirst for the blood of his animal relatives

The carcass of his faithful horse is also turned to account as chewing gum to help thoughtless women idle away their frivolous lives. His pet dog is turned into sausages.

Notwithstanding that the Creator, through the efforts of the constructive Menorgs, has filled the plentiful grass with the best of nourishment; filled the stalks with strengthening grains; filled the vines and bushes with berries; filled the trees with nuts and fruits; filled the soil with luscious vegetables and fruits, still this human primate must satisfy the habits of the destroying Disorgs through the destruction of other animal creatures. Yes, he actually breeds animal creatures to kill and eat them and make profit through the sale of their dead bodies.

Of course, until this bloody primate can be cured of these vicious cannibalistic habits, there can be no advancement for him towards the higher intelligence of God.

There is also the ludicrous side, from which the lower animals view this lauded civilized creature, for there are none who cut up such crazy capers as the Apeman. His attempts to imitate the monkey are comical but unnatural.

Setting fire to a piece of weed and sucking the smoke into the mouth and then blowing it out through the nose would be a very humorous antic if it was not for the fact that such a procedure fills the body with poison, causes it to stink, and rots the mental system so that it will not operate properly.

After God has been good enough to provide this civilized primate with a magnificent physical machine for useful purposes he deliberately ruins it by his nonsensical behavior.

He adulterates the pure food and drink that God provides for him and eats and drinks embalmed and fermented concoctions that paralyze both his body and mind.

The destructive traits of the Disorgs which destroy the human body are also carried into the social body of the human primates now known as civilization.

The greed of the average individual has become so great in Apemanism that the world is now literally overrun by cheats, liars, thieves, beggars, kidnappers, blackmailers, prostitutes, gamblers, murderers, dope fiends, drunkards, sicklings, lunatics and suicides.

The building of jails, hospitals and asylums cannot keep pace with the ever-increasing number of law breakers, sicklings and lunatics.

Those primates, who have been blessed with the most talents, use such blessings, in schemes, to defraud Apemen of lesser craftiness out of their earnings.

They not only get control of the money system but they get control of the Educational and Publicity systems which they use to miseducate the weaklings and lead them into false social schemes whereby they can rob them of the fruits of their labor.

The publishers of books, magazines and newspapers who mold public opinion, feed the minds of the people surreptitiously.

Publishers have, to a large extent, made civilization just what it is today.

Unfortunately the publisher goes into business with the basic purpose of making money. He works with that selfish motive uppermost in his mind. For that reason the information that he puts into the minds of the people is of the least importance to him.

So instead of the publisher giving his talents for the purpose of uplifting humanity he uses those talents to degrade it because he can make more money for himself by so doing.

Although the average publisher brags about worshipping a living God, his acts belie his words because he actually worships a dead piece of metal, called gold.

He knows he is false to the trust God bestows in him. God knows that he is false. But he fools the people and sells out his soul for a temporary gain of petty substances.

So the people are led by the publisher to love gold as the most important thing in life.

This Civilization is but an age of Gold Worshippers masquerading as God Worshippers. It is the AGE of SKINNERY in which the people are taught to skin one another under the pretense that gold is the true basis of value.

Civilized Libraries contain thousands of books that speak nothing but lies. They are labeled fiction. There are thousands of other books that average seventy-five per cent lies, that are labeled history.

Clever writers are able to make lies more interesting than truth and so the mental system of the people is so warped by falsity that they are unable to recognize the truth when it is being told to them. They prefer not to listen to it.

Nice social fabric, where the units are taught to skin one another of their earnings through misrepresentation by those whom God entrusted with power that should have been used to promote Truth and Justice for Everybody.

Better that they had never been born.

Civilization has also its Law Courts where those who have been skinned are supposed to get Justice.

But there is actually no such thing as a real Court of Justice on Earth today. They are Courts of Injustice as far as the basic principles of truth and fair dealings are concerned.

How could there be truth and justice in a court established to protect a swindling system?

In the first place, as a rule, everybody that goes to court tries to use the court to take advantage of somebody else and swear falsely in order to do it. They don’t go there to give Justice to somebody else. They want to get the best of somebody else.

So they hire trained prevaricators to misrepresent the case in such a way that they will get more than belongs to them.

They have colleges where they train these prevaricators to deceive and misrepresent things, and the biggest liars who can obtain the biggest allowances for their clients are given the biggest fees for their trickery and treachery and are lauded by their fellow cheats as great men who should be glorified.

Perhaps ninety per cent of the talk heard in law courts are lies, and the largest percentage of them are uttered by lawyers who have graduated from Law Colleges.

So thoroughly have these man-made law-makers been trained to lie that it is questionable if their vocal organs could pronounce the truth if they wanted to.

Some lawyers, no doubt, would consider it an insult for anyone to accuse them of telling the truth, so wrapped up are they in their art of falsity. They prefer to have a reputation of being able to make the court believe black is white or white is black, as the case may be.

These lawyers, of course, make the guilty appear innocent and the innocent appear guilty for fees, and the bigger the fees the more evidence they can produce to “prove” their cases.

So, as the financiers who control the money, can produce the biggest fees, they, naturally, are able to employ the biggest liars and thereby secure the decisions over their adversaries in law cases, whether right or wrong.

The greedy methods of financiers were the main cause of bringing the human race down to the lowest level of degradation it ever experienced during its entire history.

It is hard for one who has been brought up under such degraded conditions, as now exist, to realize the depth of depravity into which civilization has sunk.

Unless one steps out of the infernal mess and gazes upon it from an outside spiritual view-point, one is liable to form an impression that that’s the way it should be.

It is hard to find a person these days who is not a cheat and a liar. It is hard to find a person who does not want to get something for nothing. It is hard to find a person who wants to give to others more than he receives for himself.

This wretched Civilization is so bad that the people actually make heroes out of the biggest cheats and liars. They bow down and kiss the feet (figuratively) of the traitors who betray and rob them.

The world has made but little progress, intellectually, during the last few thousand years because each generation absorbs the nonsense of the preceding one.

The child grows up like its parents. The parents grow up like their grandparents. The grandparents grow up like their great grandparents.

So the children of today are taught the foolishness of their great, great, great grandparents, unless some outstanding progenitor refuses to teach them what their forefathers taught them.

Today the children are taught to dance just as their greater forefathers taught their great forefathers thousands of years ago.

Today the children are taught to smoke just as their greater forefathers taught their great forefathers to smoke thousands of years ago.

Today the children are taught to drink alcoholic beverages just as their greater forefathers taught their later forefathers to drink alcoholic beverages thousands of years ago.

Today they teach the children to cheat one another just as their greater forefathers taught their later forefathers to cheat one another thousands of years ago.

Today they teach the children to lie to one another just as their greater forefathers taught their later forefathers to lie to one another thousands of years ago.

Today they teach the children to kill one another just as the greater forefathers taught their later forefathers to kill one another thousands of years ago.

The great mass of people on Earth today are no further developed physically, mentally and morally than their forefathers were who lived thousands of years ago.

Of course, an advanced thinker has stepped forward occasionally and given to the world a new mechanical instrument, such as the steam engine, electric light, telephone, printing press, moving picture, automobile, radio and aircraft, but the people as a whole act just as foolish as they did thousands of years ago.

The printing press made possible the production of funny pictures in the newspapers and magazines, but spending one’s time looking at those funny pictures molds into the face the expression of the foolish characters of the pictures.

Many other inventions that were brought out by advanced thinkers for the benefit of the people were used to degrade the people more than they were used to develop them.

It takes more than mechanical inventions to uplift humanity toward God. So, until the people of the Earth get rid of the financial maniacs who are not satisfied to live natural lives, but who control the money system and force the people to pay tribute which keeps them in a state of ignorance and degradation, there will be no advancement, intellectually, in civilization.

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