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Selfishness is the root of all evil.

Selfishness is caused by the innate vanity of a creature, human or otherwise, who thinks that it must live even if everything else throughout Space must perish.

The more ignorant a creature is and the more important a creature feels, the more selfish a creature becomes.

The less natural talents a creature has for producing tangible results, the more selfish characteristics it acquires.

One can verify that statement by observing the great number of selfish loafers and schemers everywhere who absorb the fruits of others’ labor without giving anything tangible in return for it.

Of course, the law of reaction punishes these selfish creatures by over-stuffing them with the things that they crave until the superfluous weight finally crushes them into tortured half-wits.

The fear that some other creature may become stronger and deprive them of subsistence not only makes gluttons out of persons but it makes them pile up and store away for themselves what actually belongs to others.

The storing up of food for future use developed bad traits of character in the human being which led him to become the most selfish creature on Earth.

Not only does this selfish creature harvest food for good purposes but he also harvests it for bad purposes.

Tricky creatures store up food stuffs to gain control of the necessities of life and then threaten, to starve the people if they do not act as slaves for small portions of the general supply.

The selfishness of a human being is worse than that of a pig, because, when a pig has gotten all of the food he can stuff into himself, it will not stop other pigs from partaking of what is left.

Therefore the worst human creature is worse than the worst pig in piggishness.

The desire of human beings to get something for nothing through selfishness has led them to become crafty and deceitful in their dealings with one another until cheating has now become a cherished art that almost everybody practices.

Cheating one another has become so prevalent among human beings, and its subsidiary evils have multiplied to such an overwhelming extent that the natural reaction has resulted in a suffering, miserable human race as a whole.

Piling up food supplies under the control of an individual, who denied it to others without double compensation, led to the adoption of a medium of exchange whereby bits of metal were used as money for convenience in its distribution.

Gold, although having the least intrinsic value of any of the metals, being the scarcest and hardest to acquire, was settled upon by the money changers as the base of exchange.

The scarcity of Gold made it possible for the money changers to get control of it. They then forced the people to pay tribute to them for the use of it as a trade convenience.

So gold, having been recognized by the people everywhere as the base of purchasing power, finally became looked upon by selfish creatures as the real God to whom they should bow down in depraved submission.

So, the peoples of all the Earth now pretend to worship a spiritual God, but in reality they worship a lump of dead metal called gold.

There are but few people on Earth today who would not openly denounce The Almighty if a large enough chunk of gold was offered for so doing. Few people who would not bow down and lick the boots of the owner of gold for a bit of it.

Yes, outwardly the people profess to believe in a spiritual God, but inwardly they are willing to sell their souls for gold.

The world is overrun with gold worshippers.

Human beings are taught to crave gold from infancy and, as they grow older, gold becomes their idol-their God.

In order to gain possession of gold, or its equivalent, man forgets his soul and sells his honor. He is willing to crush the weak; cheat, lie, steal, or even murder his fellow beings to obtain it.

Today, gold is the power behind the social life of mankind and whoever has the greatest quantity of it is catered to like an overfed hog surrounded by suckling pigs.

The mind of man, when under the control of Disorgs, uses the intelligence God gives it for selfish purposes.

But, that is where the soul must do its duty to God by directing intelligence into unselfish channels.

The difference between good and evil is the difference between unselfishness and selfishness.

The mind of man, when under the control of Menorgs, uses the intelligence God furnishes for unselfish purposes.

A poorly developed brain will stifle the pleadings of the conscience and use intelligence as a selfish weapon with which to cheat others of their earnings.

So the battle within the mental system is continually carried on between the Disorgs who breed selfishness and the Menorgs who breed unselfishness.

Selfishness is the root of all evil; eradicate selfishness from humanity and the Earth will be heaven.

Human beings cannot enjoy heavenly blessings with hellish minds, and no selfish being can enjoy health and happiness.

The enjoyment of life can only be had when mankind labors together as a unit instead of each individual struggling separately to obtain the hog’s share of everything.

Genuine happiness is derived from serving others, not yourself.

Therefore, a little less selfishness on the part of all of us; a little less jealousy that others may succeed as well as ourselves; a little more big-heartedness in which we want others to enjoy the same luxuries that we do; will go a long way toward the establishment of a worthy human race in the sight of God.

You can only please God by kind acts toward other living creatures who are also doing their part in making the utilization of everything without the loss of anything a positive proceeding throughout eternity.

When mankind, acting as a unit, learns how to manage itself, then God will not only allow mankind, as a unit, to manage the Earth, but He will also allow mankind, as a unit, to assume greater power in the management of the Solar System and other great cosmic formations.

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