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According to God right is always right and wrong is always wrong.

Thus right can never be wrong and wrong can never be right.

There is a law that protects right and punishes wrong and whosoever breaks that law loses God’s protection and suffers consequences equal to the offense committed.


The Law of Maneuverability will always protect one who does what is right and always punish one who does what is wrong.

This is accomplished through spiritual guidance of those who do right, into paths that lead away from danger and by driving those who do wrong, into paths that lead to punishment.

There is no way for the wrong-doer to escape the punishment deserved. It is as certain as the wrong that has already been done.

It is as certain as bad reaction follows bad action.

Every act causes a react even unto eternity.

Good action leads to good reaction; bad action leads to bad reaction.

Like begets like; and those who kill are killed; those who hate are hated; those who cheat are cheated; those who rob are robbed; those who mistreat are mistreated; those who degrade are degraded; those who destroy are destroyed, and, those who love are loved; those who give are given; those who inspire are inspired.

Action and reaction are everywhere and everybody must abide by their results. So whether it is a reward for a good act or a penalty for a bad act none can escape it.

Study your face in the mirror and you will see the reflection of the quality of thinking you have done in the past. Right or wrong it is there. You cannot escape that face. It follows you everywhere and at all times.

Man expresses with his face what his mind thinks.

The reason for that is because his senses are located in his head, of which his mouth, nose, eyes and ears are a part.

The utilization of the senses necessitates muscular movement which is caused by suction and pressure.

Innumerable microscopic muscles controlled by the mind force contractions and expansions which develop outward facial expressions.

The various combinations of facial contortions caused by the mixed desires of the senses plainly show the thoughts and stabilized characteristics caused by fear, anger, egotism, selfishness, gluttony, or self-denial, kindness and happiness.

Recalling what I have already said in my book MANLIFE: “The shape of the chin, the size of the nose, the curl of the lip, the gleam of the eye, the lobe of the ear, the set of the cheek and different lines of the face, combine to show what the brain of man and his forbear have been thinking about. No man can hide behind his own face.

“Each thought either expands or contracts a muscle of the face and continual thinking along any particular line leaves a distinct mark which grows deeper and more prominent as time goes on.

“One who has made a study of the subject can read in faces the trend of what the owners have been thinking about during their lives.

“Expression is reflected to some extent from the faces of people with whom we associate. Two people living together and thinking alike and looking at each other a great deal for several years will tend toward the same facial expression.

“One may be able to deceive his neighbor, or one may be able to deceive himself, but one will never be able to deceive his own face.

“Every thought, good or bad, serious or trivial, strong or weak, constructive or destructive, noble or ignoble, inspiring or idiotic, leaves its impression upon the face, and for those who can read that language the character of man is as plain as if a record of it were printed in bold black type across his countenance.”

The only way to make a face look right is to think right. To smear the face with paint proves that you are ashamed of it and are trying to cover up the results of your own wrong thinking.

To paint the face you accentuate your own weakness by trying to defeat the effects of natural forces. You make it more hideous than it appeared before.

Paint on the face stops the evacuation of the gaseous poisons that should be thrown out through the pores of the skin and causes a stiffening and unnatural growth of a leather-like cuticle that finally develops a sickening, ludicrous expression that can never be washed off.

God gave to man, through His builders, the Menorgs, a physical machine by which he could move himself from place to place by his own initiated power. That machine also acts as his earthly home.

God also gave to man billions of live servants, the menorgs, to operate this physical machine.

These menorgs, the builders and operators of man, work day and night to keep man in good repair so that he may always be in good condition to perform his natural duties to God to whom he owes the gift of intelligence.

This God-given machine, the earthly home of man, also contains a marvelous mental system through which these billions of menorgs can communicate with one another at all times in reference to the work of keeping man alive.

To keep man alive and properly operate this machine these menorgs require raw materials with which they generate heat and power for that purpose.

These raw materials come from the outside of man and are furnished by God in the shape of vegetable matter developed through the mixture of earthly gases and sun rays.

This vegetable matter is furnished so abundantly by the Creator that hundreds of billions of human creatures could be nourished on earth for millions of years to come if they will work according to God’s Natural Laws instead of working against His Laws as they have been doing for thousands of years past.

There is a right way and a wrong way to utilize vegetable matter for the creation of heat and power within man.

If man will utilize vegetable matter the right way then his physical machinery and mental system will work right. But if he will not utilize this vegetable matter the right way then his physical machinery and mental system will work wrong.

Man’s whole physical being, therefore, works strictly according to action and reaction.

Right action-right reaction. Wrong action—wrong reaction.

Now, spiritual action and reaction are graded in man, either for or against him, as he himself thinks.

Good thoughts bring good reaction and bad thoughts bring bad reaction. As you give so you will receive.

What you would like to happen to others will sooner or later happen to you.

The Law of Maneuverability will work to protect you if you deserve it, or it will work to punish you if you deserve it.

Whichever way you turn will be the right way, for your protection, if you have no evil thoughts concerning other creatures, or whichever way you turn will be the wrong way if you wish evil things would happen to others.

God’s reactions are for or against you spiritually as well as physically in strict accordance with your own actions.

There is no escape from God’s Law of Maneuverability.

You go to a higher or lower state of existence after this life in accordance with your actions while here.

Whatever harm you have done to others of lesser strength in this life, so others of greater strength will do to you in your next life.

It was Maneuverability that permitted a human being to live long enough in this world of dangers to be able to reproduce his likeness in another physique.

It was Maneuverability that allowed a continuous line of progenitors to live long enough in this world of dangers to reproduce a greater thinking human being.

It required a continuous Maneuverability on God’s part for millions of years to evolve a human being with sufficient depth and breadth of consciousness to understand and be able to interpret His Natural Laws.

Only God could accomplish that.

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