The Almighty



In order that balance shall prevail everywhere and forever, everything has an opposite.

There is a right way and a wrong way; a positive and a negative.

There is construction and destruction with its life and its death.

There is suction and pressure with its expansion and contraction.

There is large and small with its strength and weakness.

There is heat and cold with its light and darkness.

There is intelligence and ignorance with its truth and falsity.

There is love and hate with its optimism and pessimism.

There is action and reaction with its up-grade and down-grade.

There can be no act without a react.

God chooses the most constructive beings for His most important undertakings. The most destructive creatures are used in the most degraded shiftings.

Throughout Space and Eternity all living things are graded according to the work they perform. They either go up-grade or down-grade according to the usefulness or the uselessness to which they devote their lives.

God’s work extends everywhere and is continuous in its operations of building up and tearing down formations through the transformation of substances.

To accomplish this everlasting work requires all grades of creatures which are bred according to the conditions that arise.

The inclination to do constructive work strengthens living things and drives them up-grade. The inclination for destructive work weakens living things and forces them down-grade.

This law is unalterable and prevails throughout all life.

The law of opposites exists in man.

Menorgs build up man and disorgs tear him down. These microscopic creatures are continually at war with one another to see which shall rule or which shall ruin the body.

The menorgs are always trying to build man up with the best available materials. But the disorgs are continually trying to tear him down with destructive materials.

It requires billions of menorgs to make and operate a man and if they should all leave his body for an instant it would fall to the ground a lifeless corpse.

The menorgs not only build, repair and operate man but they do his thinking for him also. They protect man against destroying influences both internally and externally.

The menorgs are organizers and the disorgs are disorganizers.

The menorgs strive to make man intelligent while the disorgs try to degrade him.

The menorgs endeavor to make an efficient machine out of man while the disorgs attempt to make him worthless.

Man’s health, strength and activity are dependent upon the menorgs’ control of his body and mind.

When the disorgs gain control of his body and mind, ignorance, weakness, disease and death are the result.

The menorgs are unselfish creatures who work for the good of the whole body. The disorgs are greedy vipers who live only for their own wretched purposes.

A menorg will sacrifice himself for the benefit of the body, but a disorg will sacrifice the body for the benefit of himself.

The disorgs control man through his filthy appetites which they feed with tempting poisons. They paralyze his machinery and drag him to destruction with flavored foods, beverages, narcotics and various drugs.

Through habit, man falls more and more into the power of the disorgs, once he gives in to these false appetites, until it is no longer possible for the menorgs to keep him in repair and he thus becomes a dilapidated and decaying piece of matter.

It is, however, within the power of all creatures to decide whether the constructive menorgs will construct them with the right thoughts and materials or whether their opposites, the disorgs, will destroy them with the wrong thoughts and materials.

The aim of all human beings should be to live the right way and not the wrong way. They should expand, not contract themselves. They should strive for physical, mental and moral strength, not for physical, mental and moral weakness.

Human beings should covet truth, not falsity. They should absorb intelligence, not ignorance. They should breathe love, not hate.

Human beings should try to give to the world more than everybody else in the world can give to them. All of their acts should be good so that all of their reacts will be good instead of all of their acts being bad that causes bad reacts.

All human beings should develop strength through powerful efforts which will carry them upgrade towards God instead of practicing weakening vices that send them down-grade away from God.

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