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Conscience is the reflector of the Soul.

A living creature becomes conscious of the soul’s advice by reflection through the mind.

The Conscience is God’s way of talking to human beings.

God being an all pervading essence is everywhere and is interested in everything.

The Creator uses spiritual units in the operation of living creatures.

A Soul that has proved trustworthy in the passing creature is attached to the body of a more progressive being during the next life.

A Soul that proves unworthy in the passing creature is attached to the body of a retrogressive creature during the next life.

As Natural Law proves that physical formations are continuously built up and torn down by positive and negative creatures, it is shown that the soul proving to be the most successful in constructive work in one creature goes to a higher grade of existence in the next creature, and, the soul connected with a creature of a destructive nature goes to a lower grade of existence in the next creature.

Therefore, it is within the power of the soul to either pass into a higher state of intelligence or go into a lower state of intelligence during each succeeding life.

Through the Conscience the soul can compel a human being to live a clean, moral life by constantly tormenting one who tries to live otherwise.

The more the soul torments the mind with the conscience, the more it will obey God’s laws. But the less the soul torments the mind with the conscience, the less it will heed God’s Laws.

With the conscience, therefore, the soul has the power to decide whether the next life will be better or worse than this one.

God gives to living creatures everything and takes from them nothing. Each creature has within itself the authority to study and learn Natural Law and abide by its unchangeable consequences.

When that spiritual unit, that you call I and I call you, attaches itself to an embryo physique, it then comes under the influences of physical and mental forces.

It becomes the spiritual advisor and center of balance to billions of menorgs and disorgs that build up and tear down the physical and mental machinery of living creatures.

The Menorgs endeavor to improve the body and mind and keep them in good operating condition through the utilization of the most efficient methods and materials.

The Disorgs endeavor to degrade the body and mind and put them into bad operating condition through the utilization of the most destructive methods and materials.

So, between these two conflicting forces of constructiveness and destructiveness the conscience demonstrates whether the soul is the master of right or the slave of wrong.

In which case the soul either comes under the influence of the constructive Menorgs that build the body up for useful purposes or under the influence of the destructive Disorgs who tear the body down for useless purposes.

So, what you call I, either becomes sick or well, efficient or inefficient, alive or dead, according to the side that you throw your spiritual influence to through the action of your conscience.

To keep well and alive, so that you may have the strength to do your duty as God expects it to be done, you must throw your full spiritual influence on the side of the constructive Menorgs and see that they are furnished with the right building materials in the shape of food, the ingredients of which are used for building purposes.

The food that the Menorgs extract constructive materials from is God’s vegetation which is prepared from a generous supply of earthly gases and liquids mixed with and cooked by the rays of the sun.

The food from which the Disorgs extract their destructive materials is the putrid stuff from dead carcasses, or the embalmed vegetable extracts from which the life has been drawn for preserving purposes and the selfish gain of gold worshipping creatures.

In tearing down human beings the Disorgs specialize to a large extent, on the poisons extracted from man-made drinks and the fumes of dope from various weeds that are drawn into the mental currents and blood stream of the body through smoking, drinking, eating and injection methods.

There are two separate lines of life that every creature passes through.

One line is physical and the other line is spiritual.

The physical qualities of each creature are generally through a line of physical progenitors who succeed one another.

But the soul that inhabits the body and inspires the creature does not inhabit the bodies of the physical progenitors. It may not even inhabit bodies of the same species.

The physical machine can be traced backward through records kept from generation to generation by conscious ancestors, several of whom may be living at the same time.

But the retrospection of the soul cannot be traced by human beings, in their present state of development, owing to the lack of depth and breadth of their physical consciousness to grasp it.

So the different ancestors of different creatures were conducted through their physical lives by different souls.

Therefore, the line of development of the different species is purely physical with each body inhabited by a soul given to it by the Creator according to the quality of its previous performances.

Thus the records of your physical ancestors have nothing to do with the record of your soul in its upward or downward grade throughout eternity.

Your soul must stand upon its own record through each succeeding life, and, it must depend upon its own efforts to uphold right during this life in order to pass into a higher state of intelligence in the next life.

The higher the state of intelligence you reach and the more unselfish qualities you develop within yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually, the nearer you get toward God.

Now, as it is a self-evident fact that you are more or less of a dual character, swayed between right and wrong by the constructive menorgs and the destructive disorgs of the physical body that you inhabit, as well as being influenced to some extent by putrid social conditions, to be on the safe side and go God’s way, you should always consult your soul for advice and do no act that your conscience will not sanction.

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