The Almighty



Immovable and limitless SPACE, containing movable and changing Substances, powered by Suction and Pressure, expanded and gasified by Heat and contracted and solidified by Cold, causing PENETRABILITY of densities, and operating according to immutable laws, always was, is now and forever will be.

This continuous procedure is supervised by an omnipresent director of superlative character, too magnified to be compared with Earthly or Cosmic creatures.

Supreme, beyond human understanding, HE is all pervading essence with power of transformation, magnification, condensation and simplification of existants.

The master of intelligence, the protector of principles and the director of advancement for living creatures, HE is the Power Eternal throughout Space.


Incomparable with anything extant, THE ALMIGHTY GOD is a voluminous spirituality extending everywhere.

With unlimited power of magnification and consciousness, and, operating according to unchangeable laws, HE not alone utilizes everything without the loss of anything, physically, but, HE also balances and perpetuates HIMSELF, spiritually, according to the rules of Equaeverpoise.

The Almighty simplifies management by the enforcement of irrevocable laws that work the same for all living creatures.

These laws being right, whosoever opposes them are wrong and must suffer the consequences of their own mistakes.

The rules of procedure laid down by The Almighty are easily understood by seekers of Truth, who are enlightened and strengthened thereby. But to those who use Falsity, for gain, and substitute mysterious deceptions for exactness, the regular rules of procedure work harmfully, causing weakness and degradation as a result.

The laws of The Almighty are positive and provable.

Man-made laws are negative and changeable.

Deceptive reflections ruin the reasoning faculties of all living creatures.

A just rule of compensation is utilized by The Almighty in which each living creature progresses or retrogresses in exact proportion to the constructive or destructive efforts displayed in each succeeding life.

Hence any creature may continue to advance upgrade toward Spiritual Manifestation by continuous good conduct or may continue to retreat down toward inferior physical surroundings by continuous bad conduct within the different forms each must inhabit while passing through eternity.

Inasmuch as matter is used over and over again and again for the construction and operation of different formations the bodies of living creatures are but the physical machines used in the changeability of densities.

Therefore the particles of matter used in one living creature at one moment of existence pass into different formations for other uses the next moment and at the expiration of usefulness and disintegration of substances the contents of that body are never brought together again.

But the spirit of that body continues as a living soul and is used by The Almighty as the conductor of some other living creature as a physical machine.

So, as The Almighty utilizes everything without the loss of anything, physically, HE also utilizes everything without the loss of anything, spiritually, and thus each soul lives forever.

The principle of spirituality is a graduation in which the soul lives eternally through a never-ending series of physical bodies.

The soul is a unit of spirituality acting as the spark of life to a living creature. It is the inspiration of mental activity working with the mind in an advisory capacity.

The duty of the soul is to improve the moral conduct of the mind and create within it the inclination for increased consciousness and the development of co-operation among creatures which will lead to magnitudinous undertakings.

The success of the soul in each living creature is valued according to the moral acts of its subject.

There was no beginning to the physical contents of space, although there has been a continual transformation of matter. Nor can there be an end to matter because it cannot go into nothingness.

There was no beginning to the spiritual units of life, although they have been continually changed from one creature to another. Nor can there be an end to these spiritual units of life because there is no way life can expire.

There was no beginning to THE ALMIGHTY GOD, although HIS essence pervades Space. Nor can there be an end to THE ALMIGHTY GOD because there is no way HIS pervading essence can end.

So, as He was, and as He is now, so He will continue to be forever.

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