The Almighty



God’s work is marvelous but not mysterious. Everything is as plain as Truth to those who develop a consciousness with sufficient depth and breadth to grasp it.

But it requires thoughtful effort, constant ponderation over facts and strict adherence to absolute truth, as well as plenty of time for growth in order to enlarge the consciousness to understand God’s methods of procedure.

To juggle falsities through the instruments of mentality is not only a waste of time but it shrinks consciousness into a condition of uselessness.

The non use of faculties causes their deterioration and abandonment.

The consciousness of man is regulated according to the sphere in which he lives.

While here on Earth the machinery of man has been constructed by the menorgs to be operated within a certain density and a certain temperature.

Man has been built up by the multiplication of cells and made to work in a greater sphere, density and scope than the minute builders who operate him.

The body of man is not only a multiplication of microscopic cells but everything about him is magnified for an earthly existence.

His eyes are built as great reflectors through which the menorgs can see things in their proper proportions. They have been enlarged to see things within his own scope. They have been constructed to see through lesser densities that contain living things of lesser scope.

Man’s eyes have been built to see through air but not to see the different living things within the air.

Man’s eyes have not been made to see those elements that compose light, heat, cold, electricity, sound, mentality, ether and lesether. Such contents of space are not within man’s scope.

The menorgs who build and operate man see the contents of space within their own scope, sphere and density while doing their internal work.

They can see and work with the microscopic particles that compose light, heat, cold, electricity, sound, mentality, ether and lesether needed in the construction and operation of their machine, man, but when they want to look into the outside world beyond the confines of man then they must adopt magnification methods and look through their powerful reflectors known as eyes.

Man refers to those contents of space too small to be seen with his naked eye as microscopic. Still those things that seem small to him, because he cannot see them, are actually large when compared with the contents of space of a lesser scope.

Space, which extends everywhere, has no size and cannot be measured. But the contents of Space can be measured and size established by comparing one thing with another.

The different comparisons in size of the contents of Space are made possible through the operation of Scope.

In order for the eyes of man to see a microbe he must look through a microscope. In order for those same eyes to see the Solar System he must look through a telescope.

Through different grades of glasses man can bring to his sight things both large and small which cannot be seen through the eyes of the menorg which were built for his own scope, sphere and density.

So, in Space, which recognizes no such thing as largeness nor smallness, the size of its contents are not only comparative but are made apparent only by the process of magnification.

Furthermore, Space, without beginning or end recognizes no such condition as time.

Time, as recognized by man, is but a record of the number of revolutions made by the Sphere upon which he lives.

The turning around upon its axis by the Earth is called a day by man. His day is then divided into hours, minutes and seconds, which are numbered and registered by clocks and watches for his convenience.

Then after the Earth has moved in its orbit around the Sun in 365 1/4 days, a year has been recorded.

So, Time is but a record of spherical movements, and, as there is a difference in spheres, there is also a difference in the Time of their revolutions.

In making an examination of an atom we learn that it is operated according to the same principles as man’s Solar System, having a center of suction that holds together a number of swirling units which revolve around it as a center of attraction.

These swirling units rushing around their so-called nuclei can be classed as minute planets swirling around their Sun. They rush around it at the rate of thousands of revolutions per second—man’s Time.

Not to be exact, but just to convey the principle we will say that one of these microscopic planets moves around its Sun, one thousand times per second—man’s Time.

Then allowing for the difference in sphere and scope it would mean that an inhabitant of that atomic planet would live proportionately one thousand years while man was living but one second on his planet.

So the difference in the length of an atomic creature’s life would be proportionate with that of the length of man’s life as the difference is in their scope, sphere and density.

Therefore, that which is but a second of life in one sphere is a thousand years of life in another sphere.

That proves that Time is but an abstraction that can be stretched or shrunk according to spherical action.

Thus the consciousness of man is capable of operating naturally, according to the action of his Earthly sphere, or it is capable of being stretched or shrunk according to the spherical action of the menorgs that operate him, or according to the spherical action of a being connected with a greater sphere of which he is a part.

So in Time as well as in Size, living things are made conscious by the process of magnification.

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