The Almighty



Conscientious study of LAWSONOMY will develop within man a broader sense of dimensions, proportions, densities, spheres and scopes which will lift him up to a higher state of intelligence than his hitherto misconceptions could permit him to go.

He will learn that although SPACE extends everywhere, cannot be measured and is immovable that there are contents within it, called matter, that can be measured and are movable.

He will learn that these contents have weight and that they are constantly falling toward vacant places in Space, which causes pressure.

He will learn that when matter falls it leaves a vacancy toward which other matter falls and such vacancy causes suction.

So, the contents of Space are continuously being pushed and pulled about by Pressure and Suction which causes a difference in density.

A difference in density causes PENETRABILITY that permits one substance to pass through another substance.

Therefore, matter everywhere is in an everlasting state of integration and disintegration. It is in a perpetual state of forcing together particles and then separating them again.

This process causes greater and lesser densities to exist. Greater density tends toward mass formation and lesser density tends toward volume formation.

The different densities, such as gases, liquids and solids, for instance, are caused by the difference in proportions of the different elements that compose them.

Man can understand the composition of air, water and metal because that comes within the range of his consciousness. But man has not yet developed his sense of understanding to know that light, heat, electricity, sound, mentality, ether and lesether are all substances of different density and are pushed and pulled about in Space by suction and pressure.

All of these substances are composed of elements that exist everywhere in Space and are made cohesive by the power of suction and are made distributive by the power of pressure.

The manifestation of these different substances is caused by pressure which separates matter.

Suction draws greater density toward it, causing solidification of matter.

Thus, solid matter contains substances that are composed of various elements.

Pressure exerted upon solid matter squeezes such substances as light, heat, electricity, sound, mentality, ether and lesether out of it, which causes them to fly away to different suction stations.

Such transformations prove that the force that moves matter from place to place is Suction and Pressure.

Heretofore man has supposed that there existed somewhere a mysterious something called energy that moved matter about from place to place, but a study of LAWSONOMY explodes that theory and before long it will have passed into the regions of forgotten myths along with its predecessor, the theory of motion.

As integration and disintegration of matter is continuous, and as there are no known limits to the expansion and contraction of densities, transformations are executed within a scale of fineness and coarseness to such an extent that man’s limited consciousness is unable to grasp its full significance at this stage of his intellectual development.

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