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The Earth had flown around the Sun many times before it became a breeding place for human beings.

It swirled around within its orbit as well as upon its own axis numberless times before it developed a shell upon which a human being could stand or from which obtain nourishment.

Before the heated gases cooled and solidified, in its early stages, no creature could be brought to life upon it.

It was the North and South Poles of the Earth that cooled and solidified first. It was there that plant and animal life made its first appearance.

As the temperature at the ends of the Earth cooled to a moderate degree, God’s marvelous microscopic builders began their labors by mixing particles of the gases that escaped through the pores of the solidified shell with the elements from the Sun for vegetation purposes.

These wonderful little creatures that I first called Mental Organisms (in MANLIFE) and later called Menorgs (in MENTALITY) are what the Creator uses to “utilize everything without the loss of anything” in the changeability of matter.

In my book MENTALITY I explained how the Menorgs first built up plant life and then animal life on Earth.

To understand this book, THE ALMIGHTY, one should have studied all of my other books, and especially, the first and second books of LAWSONOMY which explain God’s marvelous Physical and Mental Manifestations.

The menorgs first built seed in which they made their own homes. Then by drawing within the seed, through the power of suction, different elements from the soil, water, air and sun they thus expanded their seed into grass, vines, bushes and trees, from which they produced nourishing ingredients, such as grains, berries, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

These different plants were constructed by different menorgs from different designs, according to the different materials with which they had to work.

They used different suction stations to draw upward through currents the different elements they required for building purposes.

From the substances cast out of plant life, added to and mixed with elements from the air, water and sun, these wonderful minute planners subsequently invented and constructed millions of different species of animals that nature uses for absorbing and assimilating matter.

Every known animal has a purpose in life and a specific duty to perform according to their various qualifications.

But God wanted a supervising agent to manage the Earth and all that it contains therein and so He directed the menorgs to design and build a superconscious being upon humane principles that would be capable of executing such orders, and performing such duties, as He would from time to time prescribe.

It was a very crude thing that the menorgs first produced which was designated as man, but they continue to improve him with the object in view of constantly increasing his intelligence and enlarging his consciousness until eventually he will become acceptable in the sight of God.

To build a man from a microbe is a simple operation under the direction of the Creator. It is accomplished by the addition of cells to one another.

The entire image and machinery of a human being is built into the microscopic seed and then gradually enlarged by drawing into it by suction new substances and casting out of it by pressure waste matter.

All formations are built up by suction, which draws into space of lesser density substances of greater density forced there by pressure. It makes no difference whether the formation is an atom or a solar system, the principle is the same.

So the menorgs build up man from within from substances they draw in from without. They extract their building materials from different densities, from which they take particles of light, heat, cold, sound, electricity, mentality and various gases and mold them together as a larger workable formation.

They combine these microscopic particles of lesser density into forms of greater density. They make solid matter by contracting volume into mass.

Man has been created with many improvements over other animals. He was designed to walk in an upright position. He was given a better mental system. He was developed with hands instead of hoofs or claws.

His hands are used to fashion tools and draw figures showing records of past achievements. His mental system is constructed to expand and develop sufficient consciousness to enable him to comprehend and interpret God’s Natural Laws. He was made capable of extending his vision into the future and foreseeing events that were to come, as well as being able to look backward and recognize events that have passed.

He was made capable of dissecting his own anatomy and learning how he, himself, is constructed. He was made so that he could look into his own mind.

There is nothing mysterious about the construction and operation of a human being, so that it is lazy ignorance to live without knowledge of the machine that carries one through this earthly existence.

God abhors lazy beings and He allows them to rot.

A brief physiological description of a human being was published in my book, PENETRABILITY, that everybody should understand, as follows:

“Man is a formation. He is a combination of substances drawn together by Suction and squeezed apart by Pressure.

“When he takes food into his stomach, it is drawn there by Suction; when he evacuates used matter, it is accomplished by Pressure.

“When his heart draws blood it is accomplished by Suction; when his heart pushes away blood it is done by Pressure.

“The muscles of man are expanded by Suction; his muscles are contracted by Pressure.

“The thoughts man receives are drawn to his mind by the power of Suction; he then transmits them by the power of Pressure.

“Every movement man makes during his whole life is caused by Suction and Pressure.

“Man grows up from seed.

“Seed is attracted by opposite sex. Sex is determined by Suction and Pressure.

“The male is caused by a super-abundance of internal Pressure. The female is caused by a superabundance of internal Suction.

“When the male seed is drawn into the female seed, a swirling movement is caused in which the combining substances endeavor to reach the center of Suction. The elements thereof are then dissolved and move around and around in currents until they have all become attached to their respective affinities and have taken their proper places in the reorganized formation.

“As a result of the conflict, either the power of Suction or the power of Pressure predominates. If it is Suction, then the new combination develops into a female form; if it is Pressure, then it develops into a male form.

“The attraction of one sex for the other is caused by Suction and Pressure.

“This law prevails between all so-called chemical affinities.

“The growth of a formation is caused by feeding it. After the male seed has been drawn into the female seed, sufficient power of Suction and Pressure has been developed therein to draw from without sustaining substances and to squeeze out from within used matter.

“Prior to birth the embryo draws into itself such substances from the blood of the mother as are needed for growth and afterward it draws into itself such food as needed from external sources.

“The physical body grows by adding volume, mass and power to itself. When the power of Suction can no longer be maintained, then volume and mass become useless and are disintegrated by Pressure.

“To increase volume and mass, increased Suction must cause expansion, that will develop more room for a larger number of protoplasmic cells in which to shelter a larger quantity of substances.

“These protoplasmic cells are the foundation of the physical structure and they form into tissues which make up, hold together, and connect the different fibers, muscles, bones and organs of the system.

“Movement of any part of the body causes Suction to draw substances to that part, which not only feed and maintain the cells there but also cause expansion that makes more room within the structure into which the new substances pour with a swirling movement which form new cells.

“New cells will continue to form as long as the power of Suction within the Structure is able to produce room and substance for them, and this Suction is caused by the movement of the structure itself.

“Each cell is a formation in itself and is created according to the same law that I outlined in the Chapter on Formations.

“The substances which enter into and maintain new cells must be prepared for that purpose and this preparation is accomplished by the aid of various organs which dissolve solid substances into liquid and gaseous forms and mix them together for assimilation.

“From the time food enters the mouth of man until it reaches the cell it is drawn along through various currents by the power of Suction. From the time waste gases leave the cells of man until they are thrown out of the mouth, nostrils or other orifices or pores, they are pushed along in currents by the power of Pressure. There is no other method of movement.

“Currents of various densities are constantly flowing in every direction through the body, and these currents are all moved between terminals by Suction and Pressure.

“The center of power in man is the heart, through which internal Suction and Pressure of the body is maintained.

“At the end of each blood current there is a minute Suction and Pressure station which not only draws the blood into it but also squeezes it out again.

“This microscopic Suction and Pressure station is stirred to action by movement of the section in which it is located.

“The blood corpuscles drawn into this cell by Suction discharge their cargoes of food, fuel and oxyyen, reload with waste matter and are then drawn back to the heart by Suction, with the aid of the Pressure established at the capillary stations.

“Blood circulation, therefore, is caused by Suction and Pressure movements of the heart, plus Suction and Pressure movements of millions of capillary stations scattered all over the body.

“In order for currents to move at all they must have both Pressure and Suction terminals.

“In the blood circulation the heart acts as a Pressure terminal and the capillary stations as Suction terminals for the currents passing through the arteries. Then through re-action the capillary stations act as Pressure terminals and the heart as the Suction terminal for the currents passing through the veins.

“The Suction and Pressure power manifested by the heart in blood circulation is equalized by the combined Suction and Pressure power developed by millions of capillary stations throughout the body.

“When movement is discontinued by any part of the body, action stops there, and without the power of Suction to draw the blood to it, the building of new cells ends.

“That part of man which is moved the most will create the most Suction power and thereby draw to it the largest quantity of blood and sustaining substances.

“Drawing blood to a part of the body by increased action and Suction not only feeds the cells that are there with sustaining substances but through the combined influences of the substances deposited expands and causes additional room which draws more substances thereto and develops more cells.

“New cells add to the growth of the tissue which will continue to extend itself as long as action, Suction, room and nourishment are provided.

“The cells are distinct formations. They are little worlds in themselves with centers of Suction and Pressure, and currents and formations moving about within them in every direction. They are populated with as many different forms of minute living creatures as the Earth is populated with different species.

“These cells with their microscopic populations will continue their activities as long as the tissue of which they are a part continues its activity.

“The internal swirl of man goes on as long as the Suction and Pressure terminals of the blood currents are properly maintained.

“As movement of different parts of the body decreases, Suction and Pressure Stations at the ends of the capillaries recede, causing shrinkage and loss of pull and push.

“The loss of pull and push in millions of capillary terminals causes a corresponding lack of pull and push by the heart, with a consequent shrinkage of the tissues and muscles of the heart and a general weakening of the entire structure of man.

“When man has become weakened to such an extent that the blood currents will no longer move between the Suction and Pressure terminals, his body can no longer operate and his physical life ends forthwith.”

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