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Man is conscious of being alive. He knows that his senses bring to his mind contacts with extraneous matter by which he is able to see, hear, smell, taste and feel.

With his eyes he can see objects about him; by the use of his nostrils he can attract odors; with his ears he can record sound messages; by taste he can distinguish flavors; and through his mental functions he can observe feeling.

These senses are made workable through the operation of a mental system which extends to all parts of his body.

To quote from the second book of LAWSONOMY, the mental system consists of a network of fibers connecting with every muscle and capillary through which mental currents move from pressure to suction terminals in the transmission of internal communications.

These mental currents connect with the innumerable cells which make up the body of man, and each cell contains its own power plant, which is operated by unknown numbers of microscopic creatures whom I have named MENORGS and DISORGS.

The Menorgs are the Constructive forces and the Disorgs are the destructive forces of man.

Every movement of blood, air, food or muscles within man is supervised by these microscopic creatures under instructions from various mental functionaries located in different parts of the body. They report to the mind conditions as they arise and then execute their orders as instructed.

The Chief directing forces of man are located in the cerebrum, cerebellum and the medulla oblongata, but important mental functions are also located in the organs of senses, heart, solar plexus, spinal cord, lungs, kidneys, liver and elsewhere.

All subordinate functions have special work to perform but their powers extend only within their own regions.

My definition of the word mind is: That part of the mental system having authority to decide the movements of the body.

The various organs that connect the mind with the exterior of the body, and the functions that operate the machinery and currents thereto which make man conscious of what happens around him are known as the senses.

The menorgs superintend all construction work and power application within the body as well as the conveyance of intelligence received and transmitted through the senses.

The mind is located in the brain and connects with all avenues leading everywhere, either internally or externally.

The mental functionaries conducting the different departments are conscious of the special work they have to perform, but, in connection with the general movement of the entire body or its mental attitude they respond mechanically to the authority of the mind.

The billions of cells that make up the body are held together by internal suction.

Each cell has its own suction and pressure station and its menorgs have the ability to both receive and transmit messages.

As the mind receives intelligence from all parts of the body it acts and gives orders accordingly.

When the mind wants a set of muscles to move, it exerts pressure and sends mental waves in currents through mental fibers to a subordinate mental function in the cerebellum. Thence the message is sent to the medula oblongata, which function notifies the heart and lung directors that the muscles of a certain part of the body are to be moved so that the fuel and oxygen may be moved simultaneously to parts where the power is needed. Messages are also sent to various departments located in the Spinal Cord and mental fibers. In this way all mental functions have been notified what is to be done and they all work in conjunction with one another.

In the cells at the ends of the mental fibers, the menorgs superintend the mixture of fuel substances brought there by the blood through the Capillaries, and at a prearranged moment the fuel and oxygen are ignited, creating explosions which cause pressure upon the minute muscle fibers, which forces them to contract.

Combined contractions of millions of these minute muscles furnish the strength that forces the larger muscles to move the body.

After pressure has contracted the muscles, suction then draws them back again by reverse movement.

The principle is so simple that it requires but two basic movements-suction and pressure-and these movements are caused by Penetrability of substances of greater and lesser densities.

So it can be understood from the foregoing elucidation that the mind, which is the center of suction and pressure of the mental system, draws into itself the impressions received through the various cells of the body, which are transmitted through the mental instruments operated by the menorgs and the effect of these impressions causes consciousness

The grater number of varying impressions passing through the mental system capable of being absorbed by the brain, the greater is the capacity of the mind for the utilization of thoughts.

Intellectual development in man is caused by the growth of superior instruments that consume large quantities of mentality.

The growth of these superior instruments is caused by exercising the mental functions through constant consideration of subjects based upon truth and not permitting false messages to enter the mind at all.

By gaining knowledge of God’s Natural Laws on a large scale develops in man a consciousness that can understand His eternal works.

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