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To enlarge consciousness and increase knowledge, extended vision should be practiced and the mind allowed to wander away from petty mundane influences and go forth on exploration tours among the different formations of the cosmic regions.

Thought can travel faster than light and one should use it to get away from his crab-like cellar and take frequent ethereal excursions out into God’s spacious domain.

Through powerful mechanical eyes, known as telescopes, man can now look far out into Space, and by the introduction of mathematics he can survey the astronomic heavens with considerable accuracy.

Distances between far-away stars can be measured; the planets weighed and their contents analyzed through an understanding of God’s Natural Laws.

In extending the vision, however, on these cosmic trips one must not get away from provable facts and grasp at shadow theories concerning the cause of movement and the changeability of matter, or consider hypothetical notions concerning the size and shape of unbounded SPACE, or he will soon sink into the quicksands of mysticism which lead to nowhere.

By following God’s Natural Laws one will discover many errors in man-made laws.

For instance, according to man’s notions the velocity of light is set at 186,000 miles per second under all conditions.

But with a knowledge of LAWSONOMY that has taught him the difference in densities one knows that light travels with greater speed through lesser densities than it does through greater densities.

Therefore, God’s Natural Laws prove that the speed of light is not constant but varies according to the different densities it passes through.

Furthermore it also varies according to current strength caused by a difference in Suction, and Pressure power at the different terminals.

From which knowledge he will realize that all present text books relating to astronomy will have to be considerably altered.

The reason that astronomers, and scientists generally, make such egregious mistakes in their calculations is because their basic conceptions have no foundations to stand upon.

So the whole theory of Light-years upon which they base their calculations in the measurement of vast distances throughout SPACE must be scrapped.

Therefore owing to the different speeds of the different lights passing from different pressure and suction terminals which is caused by a difference in the strength of their different currents as well as a difference in the different densities the different light currents have to pass through, the distances between the different stars and across the different Galaxies will have to be measured separately instead of treating them all alike as heretofore.

In calculating the distances between stars and across Galaxies another name for Light-years should be substituted.

Another thing, by studying God’s Natural Laws one will learn how the Earth, Solar System and combinations of Solar Systems originated, instead of having to consider from astronomical literature such absurd theories as the earth fell off of the Sun or the Moon fell off of the Earth.

To quote from my book PENETRABILITY: “The construction and operation of the Solar System began as hardened masses of cosmic debris were drawn toward a vacuum in Space.

“As enormous quantities of this cosmic debris neared the center of Suction, caused by the vacuum, they went into a swirl and flew around and around the vacant space at tremendous speed.

“During this continuous swirl the disorderly masses of solid matter ground into one another, causing friction that released the heat contained therein, which in turn dissolved the solids and turned them into boiling Gases.

“As these Gases flew around and around the Central Suction Station, or Sun, they cooled as they were, being drawn backward by the Cold of the outer regions and then hardened into a solid shell that took the shape of a globe.

“Different strata of various densities then formed within the Sun, one of which enclosed the Central Suction Station with a non-conductive protective shell.

“This Central Suction Station retained sufficient power to draw, the heavier debris in a constant stream from the outside cosmic regions, grind it into gases by friction and thus continue to receive the necessary sustenance for growth and operation developments.

“In order to retain its shape and equilibrium the Sun then had to organize its substances so that they could be utilized for building, repairing and operating purposes and its body had to be so constructed that it could absorb new matter and release spent matter continuously in order to keep its balance by a constant intake and outlet of materials sufficient to develop and retain an internal pressure equal to its external pressure.

“This spent matter, consisting principally of Heat and Light, passes out of the pores of the SUN and goes back into the cosmic regions again for reformation.

“The pores of the Sun act as safety valves for the egress of superfluous gases and thus protect its main body from exploding under internal pressure caused by the expansion of Heat when mixed with other substances.

“Heat upon entering other substances increases their bulk, which is positive proof that Heat is a substance.

“Now, while enormous quantities of cosmic debris were attempting to reach the Center of Suction, which finally turned out to be the Sun, there developed several spots in the surrounding space as minor Suction Stations. These in turn created their own individual swirls and built themselves up simultaneously by the same methods as the Sun, although coming under the direct influence of it. They all acted as parts in the general swirl which makes up the Solar System.

“Among the different planets that grew up as part of the Solar System was the Earth-the home of man.

“So the Earth was built up by great chunks of solid matter ground into swirling gases flowing around its Central Suction Station.

“Then as these gases were drawn backward toward the Cold of the outer regions they too were cooled into a hardened crust that took the form of a globe.

“So the Earth, as well as the other bodies within the Solar System acquired a double swirl-each planet swirling upon its own axis and all bodies swirling around the Sun in their own various orbits.

“According to the way man sees things the Solar System is a very large formation, but according to the way the Creator sees things it is but an atom in Space.

“Both the Solar System and the atom, however, work according to the same principle. They each have a Central Suction Station, or Sun, around which various bodies revolve.”

If we accept text book information, it takes six trillion miles to make one Light-year and the nearest star is about four Light-years away from our Solar System. Also our Sun is the center of one of innumerable Solar Systems containing billions of stars and our Solar System is within a Galaxy containing so many Solar Systems that it would require 50,000 Light-years to cross it.

Astronomers also claim that there are more than 75,000,000 great Galaxies within reach of our largest telescopes.

But, even if your consciousness is broad enough to grasp the magnitude of these tremendous distances, still, such figures as the astronomers have offered are totally insignificant when compared to SPACE, which has no size or boundaries whatsoever.

Astronomers could go on multiplying their figures by trillions forever insofar as the numbers of stars and galaxies and their distances apart are concerned and they would still be microscopic in the sight of the Supreme Being that directs the movement and changeability of all matter in Space.


No man can know his mind until he goes beyond the customs which enslave him.

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