Definition: “Health is a state of being clean and vigorous.”

What are the causes of good health?
Keep as near to nature’s raw foods as possible.
Foods to be as fresh from the soil as obtainable.
Eat raw food from covering to core.
Mix foods very little before eating them.
Change the variety of foods often.
Daily meals should contain fruit, vegetables, grains, milk, butter and eggs.
Eat a little less than the appetite demands.
Chew food thoroughly.
Concentrate the mind upon the nature and taste of the food while eating it.

What are the causes of poor health?
Improper quality of food.
Improper quantity of food.
Improper mixture of foods.
Insufficient chewing of foods.
Lack of exercise.
Lack of rest.
Tardy evacuation.
Lack of oxygen.
Lack of cleanliness.
Lack of constructive thought.
Lack of sunlight.
Lack of morality.
Lack of ambition.

“To enjoy good health, one must partake of food exactly as nature has prepared it in its raw state through plant life and as it has been properly cooked for human consumption by the heat from the sun.”

“Disease is the lack of right action.”

Reference: Manlife, by Alfred Lawson. Copyrighted 1923


Definition: Superqualities is the ability to think more of the greater body of which we are a part than we so as units of it.

What are some superqualities?
Unselfishness: Unselfishness is the trunk of righteousness which leads to the different branches of character, integrity and lovability.
Character: Qualities of a distinguishing nature.
                        "Character is more valuable to nature than wealth."
                        "The will to do right creates the master character."
Lovability: A kindly feeling toward all of God's creatures without any selfish desires nor any expectations of reward.
Moderation: Moderation is another superquality that is necessary in the human being before one can reach real manhood. Practice moderation in all things that one may live longer and acquire strength to enjoy natural blessings and bestow character upon the descendants that follow.

            "With Superqualities one is on the way to God."
            "The more power for right the Soul is able to exert over the activities of the mind, the more it will incline toward superqualities."

Reference: The Almighty, Chapter 18 - Superqualities, by Alfred Lawson. Copyright 1939.
                Lawsonian Religion, Chapter 38 - Progressive Superqualities, by Alfred Lawson. Copyright 1948.



Alfred Lawson regarding Children and Posterity:
        "Children, you are the hope of the world."
        "We are especially interested in building up the character of children who have not yet acquired the bad habits of the older folks so that they may grow up clean and capable of building at the foundation of a new great race upon Earth that we are aiming at."
        "The child is the future asset of mankind and must be treasured and cared for above all things."
        "When Society fails to give this newcomer every care and opportunity to develop to its highest standard of performance, it not only cheats the child but also robs posterity of what he might have accomplished for it."
        "The study of Lawsonomy will develop in human beings a new sense of dimensions, proportions, densities, spheres and scopes that will bring them out of the ignorance of ages and transform them into superior beings."

Recommended reading: by Alfred Lawson
        Children, Copyright 1938
        A New Species, Copyright 1941
        Lawson's Proverbs, Copyright 1945
        100 Great Speeches, Copyright 1934

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