The Almighty



We of mankind are conscious of being alive and of being the possessors of physical bodies containing mental functions that demonstrate the necessity of living according to certain methods of procedure.

We have learned that with our minds we think and generate thoughts that can be transmitted to one another for our mutual benefit.

And we have learned that through our senses we can observe conditions existing in space beyond our physical bodies.

And we have learned that we can move our bodies from place to place and intermingle with other creatures like ourselves, with whom we can exchange impressions concerning various observations we have made and adventures we have encountered.

And we have learned through man-kept records that unknown numbers of living creatures like ourselves lived before us and passed out of existence prior to our arrival.

And we have learned from the records that our predecessors were both constructive and destructive and that some were inclined to tear down what others were inclined to build up.

And we have learned that those with constructive inclinations expanded their consciousness while those with destructive inclinations contracted their consciousness.

And we have learned that those with constructive inclinations became conscious of the existence of a greater life than that which was confined within their own bodies and that they used their mental efforts to obtain knowledge concerning it.

And we have learned that those with destructive inclinations adopted foul means to impede the progress of those who searched for advanced knowledge concerning this greater life.

And we have learned that those with constructive inclinations in search of advanced knowledge believed that somewhere and in some shape there existed a greater being than man to whom they owed allegiance for producing the things that they required for their sustenance.

And we have learned that those with constructive inclinations who were in search of advanced knowledge concerning a greater being than man, wanted to show their appreciation to that greater being for the sustaining forces that were bestowed upon them and so they bowed their heads in reverence and worshipped and thanked Him for everything.

And we have learned that those with constructive inclinations wanted something tangible to worship and that they constructed images of various shapes and sizes from such materials as mud, stone and gold which they called Gods.

And we have learned that there were different opinions concerning the shape and character that their Gods should assume which caused arguments that led to hatred of one another.

And we have learned that some of those with constructive inclinations built their Gods as bulls and dragons while others wanted their Gods to look like man.

And we have learned that those with constructive inclinations believed that after mortal death they would meet and live with their different Gods in the different heavens that they built in their minds as the most suitable to their own desires.

Some of these heavens were portrayed as happy hunting grounds containing plenty of eatable game and fish for man to live upon; others were portrayed as properly cooled forests with flower beds and containing fountains of tasteful and refreshing drinks; others were portrayed as cities built of metal, in which the streets were paved with gold and the inhabitants wore wings and played music from golden instruments.

Such was the beginning of man’s endeavors to understand the nature of his existence in the hereafter.

A start had to be made in a simple way by conjecture among the early inhabitants of the world from which exact knowledge would be acquired subsequently through ponderation and practical experience.

Growth does not begin with perfection and so a thorough understanding of life is acquired by the continuous concentration of efforts.

Man did not learn the higher mathematics at the beginning of his career. He began at its roots by learning to count the digits of his hands from one to ten. Then he proceeded to gradually accumulate knowledge until his intellect developed strength enough to solve the greater mathematical problems.

So as it has required long periods of time to acquire exact knowledge of the physical problems of life so it requires a long course of intellectual training to acquire exact knowledge of the spiritual problems of life.

About every two thousand years a new teacher with advanced intellectual equipment appears upon earth to lead the people a step or two nearer the one God of everybody.

Those splendid teachers of the past made great sacrifices and did noble work for the upliftment of man towards God, but they lacked knowledge concerning the physical, mental and mechanical laws to establish their teachings upon a sound and lasting basis.

The lessons they left behind them showed no trace of their having had any conception of Natural Laws whatsoever.

The people of those days did not know that the Earth was round. They did not know that there were no directions, such as up or down, in SPACE. They did not know that a human being grew up from a microscopic seed. They did not know what caused the weather conditions. They did not know that a human being is but a link in a chain of formations. They did not know anything at all about the different densities, spheres and scope, an understanding of which is essential before one can conceive of such a condition as eternal life.

Nevertheless those early spiritual teachers did their work well with their restricted knowledge and mankind should honor and respect them for all time to come for their unselfish sacrifices in bringing the human race to a realization that there exists a Supreme Being who supervises the natural machinery of which the earth upon which they live is but a mere cog.

Their spiritual interpretations, however, were enunciated for the upliftment of human beings who lived thousands of years ago, but with such knowledge as the people of today have acquired concerning physical, mental and mechanical laws the time has arrived for a readjustment of the spiritual lessons now being taught to mankind to conform with the absolute knowledge of a provable nature that exists today.

This next step forward is absolutely necessary to prevent the human race from slipping backward to a state of atheism and spiritual degradation.

The time has come when those who believe in God must be able to prove their statements concerning Him and His actions.

To step from the dismal past to an enlightened future is not a condemnation of the different creeds and sects that have been created and handed down from generation to generation throughout the ages, for we must acknowledge the good work they have already done under the most trying circumstances.

Condemnation of other spiritual beliefs than one’s own shows intolerance that leads to hatred, murder, oppression and slavery.

It would be better to worship as your God the Sun that warms you than to worship no God at all.

To believe that all action throughout SPACE takes place without governing laws and the supervision of a directing force is as senseless as to believe that an airplane is constructed and operated without plans or supervision.

The three books of LAWSONOMY have been produced to prove the existence of a living God through the introduction and interpretation of His immutable laws that are actually provable.

This work does not enter into a discussion concerning the tenets of the different creeds or sects but acts as an advanced education for the followers of all of them by proving through known laws of recent discovery that there is a God, that there always was a God, and that there will always be a God that acts as the director of life’s machinery throughout eternal SPACE.


This work will take you on a long, long journey. Look forward, not backward, to be benefited by it.


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