Lawsonomy Volume One



Lawsonomy is the knowledge of Life and everything pertaining thereto.

Lawsonomy is based upon Life as it is and not upon a theory of what it ought to be.

Theory, as espoused by so-called wise men or self-styled scholars has no place in Lawsonomy. Everything must be provable or reasonable or it is not Lawsonomy.

Lawsonomy treats of things as they are and not as they are pretended to be.

Facts, not fancies; Truth, not falsity; Knowledge not notions; is the foundation of Lawsonomy.

Truth is simple and easily understood but falsity is complicated and misleading. A few words, sentences, paragraphs or pages are sufficient to tell the truth but it requires ponderous books and whole libraries to prop up falsity.

Truth is Constructive and lives, but falsity is destructive and dies.

Truth is real and eternal but falsity is ephemeral and abortive.

Truth breeds strength and intellect but falsity breeds weakness and smart-alick-ism.

Truth constructs instruments of reason but falsity breeds blowoffs of idiosyncrasies.

Truth forms character but falsity causes deformity of expression.

Everything can be said in favor of Truth; it is substantial, dependable, reliable and helpful but nothing can be said in favor of falsity, which is unreliable, deceptive, elusive and hurtful.

Truth is a builder and is magnificent, but falsity is a wrecker and is hideous.

Truth is all that is, was or will be, but falsity never is; never was or never can be.

So, Lawsonomy stands for Truth as against falsity; constructiveness as against destructiveness. It stands for life, love, freedom and true expression as against the misrepresentation, hate, slavery and death of falsity.

So if it isn't real; if it isn't truth; if it isn't knowledge; if it isn't intelligence; then it isn't Lawsonomy.

Lawsonomy is easily understood by those who want the truth but it is the opposite of the tricky stuff taught by those who feed on falsity. It is an advanced Education and will develop reasoning faculties in hungry minds.

Lawsonomy will give to youth stimulus for great future deeds and a tremendous advantage over those who are mix-educated according to present day falsification.

One must study and practice Lawsonomy and learn it as one learns to walk and run or talk and sing. It is a formula that proves all things. But, only as one cleanses the mind of all falsities and develops the reasoning faculties with Truth and practical thoughts can one utilize this far-reaching formula to advantage.

Just as it is not the quantity of food that you eat but the number of useful elements taken into the blood that makes your body strong and healthy so it is not the quantity of stuff that you read but the number of useful thoughts taken into the mind that makes the intellect clean and vigorous.

Lawsonomy is an oasis of Truth in the midst of a desert of lies. It is for all thirsty minds and it is your fault, not mine, if you do not partake of it copiously. My duty was to prepare it for you. Your duty is to absorb it and teach it and utilize its great power to strengthen yourself and others.

Lawsonomy is the fountain of intelligence and one must open the mind to drink it in, just as one must open the mouth to drink in water.

So read Lawsonomy slowly and thoughtfully, over and over again and again, as it is the base of life and if you do not start from the base then whatever you learn is of an unstable quality.

God has decreed that mankind must move onward and upward to a much higher plane of intelligence than heretofore reached. Lawsonomy is the means by which mankind can reach that higher plane.

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