Lawsonomy, Volume 1

Lawsonomy is defined as the knowledge of life and everything pertaining thereto. There are three volumes of Lawsonomy: Lawsonomy, Mentality, and The Almighty as written by Alfred Lawson.

The University of Lawsonomy proudly presents the entire text here for your studying convenience. Lawsonomy, Volume One was originally copyrighted in 1922.


Chapter 1, Lawsonomy
Chapter 2, Life
Chapter 3, Space
Chapter 4, Matter
Chapter 5, Movement
Chapter 6, Formations
Chapter 7, Currents
Chapter 8, Zig-Zag-and-Swirl
Chapter 9, Earth
Chapter 10, Elements
Chapter 11, Power
Chapter 12, Vibration
Chapter 13, Color
Chapter 14, Equaeverpoise
Chapter 15, Man
Chapter 16, Assimilation
Chapter 17, Foods
Chapter 18, Absorption
Chapter 19, Reconstruction
Chapter 20, Swirlation
Chapter 21, Oxidation
Chapter 22, Utilization
Chapter 23, Elimination
Chapter 24, Nourishment
Chapter 25, Exercise
Chapter 26, Rest
Chapter 27, Economics
Chapter 28, Mechanics
Chapter 29, Law

Alfred Lawson is the founder of the University of Lawsonomy

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