Direct Credits for Everybody

The principles of Lawsonomy provide the natural foundation for Direct Credits for Everybody. This book outlines the economic situation, the target and the proposal necessary to provide to the people Justice for Everybody that Harms Nobody.

The University of Lawsonomy proudly presents the entire text here for your studying convenience. Direct Credits for Everybody was originally copyrighted in 1931 by Alfred Lawson.


Chapter 1, Points Upon Which Everybody Agree
Chapter 2, Points Upon Which Everybody Does Not Agree
Chapter 3, Points Upon Which Everybody Must Agree
Chapter 4, Modern Life Based on Trade
Chapter 5, Capitalism Can Be Made to Work
Chapter 6, How Everybody is Milked
Chapter 7, Wealth is Created by Everybody
Chapter 8, Everybody is Greater Than Wealth
Chapter 9, Changes That Must Be Made
Chapter 10, The Uselessness and Deception of Gold
Chapter 11, Nation's Wealth Must Secure its Money
Chapter 12, Direct Credits for Everybody
Chapter 13, The Benefits of Direct Credits
Chapter 14, Inheritance Will Become Obsolete
Chapter 15, Insurance Evils Will Pass Away
Chapter 16, Taxes Will Be Eliminated
Chapter 17, Everybody Must Vote for Direct Credits

Alfred Lawson is the founder of the University of Lawsonomy.

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