Direct Credits for Everybody
By Alfred Lawson


Everybody Must Vote for Direct Credits

Well, the author has outlined everybody’s plan as briefly as possible without many multi-jointed words or kite-tailed figures.

This work could be stretched into several large volumes by the addition of all sorts of arguments, charts and figures, but while that might satisfy a few expert technicians it would not appeal very strongly to everybody.

The simple doctrine, therefore, having been promulgated in the foregoing pages it now remains for everybody to scatter the seed of it to all four quarters of everywhere and see that it is put into general practice.

Big things grow from little things through the simple process of addition. So everybody’s size and power must be made to grow by adding everybody to it.

Everybody as unorganized bits are little and weak, but if organized into one body with one capable mind to direct it everybody will be made big and all-powerful.

Everybody must first study and understand the Direct Credits plan and then back it up to the fullest extent.

Those who believe in it must pass it along to others and when a sufficient number of boosters have been added then it can be put into practice. So each person must do something toward the education of others so that they in turn may become educators of these principles.

Nature makes flowers for everybody who plant the seed and attend to their growth. It will also make comforts for everybody who plant the seed and attend to their growth.

The seed of comforts for everybody is Direct Credits and everybody must see that it is planted in human minds everywhere for all time to come.

We all want to do some good in this world and now is our chance to do something worth while.

It now lies within the power of each one of us to help everybody in a most practical way by pointing out to everybody the right way. We must make as many converts to the plan of Direct Credits as possible.

When enough people go to the polls and elect representatives who will enact laws for Direct Credits, then everybody will get the benefits that will come from them.

Our forefathers fought, bled and died that we could have the right to vote, but suffrage is worthless to everybody if it is used to keep in power international financiers who control 90 percent of the wealth produced by everybody.

If these financiers get much more power than they now have, their next step will be to take away everybody's right to vote. They had little trouble taking away everybody's wealth, why not take away their votes,

So while we still have the right to vote we must put law-makers into office who will pledge themselves to stand for Direct Credits for Everybody. We cannot expect them to do this until everybody orders it done.

Our first work is to promote and educate everybody to want and vote for Direct Credits.

We must stick together and vote together on this issue and not let the international financiers side-track us with side-issues that they present through the nominees they back for office.

If these financiers can keep everybody divided, and fighting mad, over race, religious and political trivialities for the next twenty years and at the same time keep the interest-paying scheme going that long, they will not only be able to keep their hold on 90 percent of the wealth of this country, but will be able to increase their holdings to 98 percent of the wealth, as well as holding absolute power over the life and death of all the inhabitants.

These international financiers put up nominees for office on each side of a question and then sit back in easy chairs and tell everybody to take their choice. It is the old game of heads I win and tails you lose that has been worked upon everybody, over and over again, for a long time past.

But this old game has led to a state of affairs in which 8,000,000 people (1931) are out of work in this country including 200,000 manufacturers whose factories are closed for the want of money to operate them.

The financial shoe has begun to pinch Capital as well as Labor. Perhaps manufacturers and workmen may have now discovered that it does not pay to fight each other to the point of starvation while international financiers absorb all of the wealth.

Direct Credits for Everybody is the practical and peaceful solution of the financial mess into which the world has fallen, and I, for one, stand squarely on that platform without any reservations or side-issues. I have studied all other economic systems and propositions but none can improve conditions permanently as this will. In fact, none other has permanency at all.

We shall now see how many will join the movement to make Direct Credits for Everybody a live issue that will work constantly for everybody's good. I predict that when everybody understands this subject that interest-collecting financiers will cease to enslave us longer.


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