Direct Credits for Everybody
By Alfred Lawson


Changes That Must Be Made

The changes that must be made in the financial system so that everybody will get a chance to succeed, resulting in better living conditions that will improve everybody physically, mentally and morally, are as follows:

1. Gold must be abolished as money and everybody prohibited from using it to pay for anything.

2. Paper currency must be made the standard of exchange and issued in sufficient quantities for all purposes.

3. Interest, and all other forms of payment for the use of money must be abolished and prohibited.

4. Control and supervision of money must be by the government, who will operate all banks and other financial institutions. Private banking must be prohibited.

5. All financial loans must be made by the government. Private loans in business transactions must be prohibited.

6. All credits must be issued by the government direct to everybody.

7. Everybody must be entitled to basic equal credits given by the government.

8. Everybody must perform actual service in return for credits.

9. Limited credits must be issued to everybody without security.

10. Credits must be issued for the upkeep and education of children up to 21 years of age, to be voluntarily repaid by them, if possible, at some future and convenient time.

11. Credits must be issued to everybody past 65 year of age for living expenses, if wanted. The size of such credits to be proportionate to the value of the service rendered by the beneficiary prior to that age.

12. Charity must be abolished and justice take its place. Credits must be issued to the sick and lame. Doctors nurses and practitioners will be paid by the government both in money and honors. They must treat all patients with equal consideration.

13. All controversies must be settled by Courts appointed by the government, who will also furnish lawyers for both sides of the case. These lawyers will be paid by the government and prohibited from taking private fees of any nature whatsoever. Disbarment, disgrace, imprisonment or worse, will be the punishment for lawyers who misrepresent anything in connection with a case they are handling.

14. Everybody must furnish sworn statements periodically, showing the amount and character of wealth possessed and the manner in which it was obtained.

The general purpose of changing present financial procedure is to strengthen our economic system to such a extent that everybody will be afforded equal opportunities to succeed, as well as to make each person responsible for individual success, and give all a chance to earn wealth honestly. It must be made easier to be honest than dishonest.

The newer methods will also afford those lacking average ability a chance to give such services as they are capable of to general production for which they must be given sufficient compensation to meet expenses necessary to live decently and honorably.

Under such conditions, charity and idleness would become a public disgrace for those who tried to live that way. It would be harder to live without work than by work.

Naturally those with greater ability, ambition and a desire to work hard, will not only aid more in general production, but will also acquire more wealth and better living conditions than those who are lazy, or lack ambition, or waste their time in the pursuit of pleasure.

Likewise, those who are more industrially inclined and have more ambition and ability, will rise above the average in station and become leaders in every line of human effort. The fittest will assume authority.

Everybody's Plan will take nothing away from anybody, nor will it give anything to those who are able but unwilling to work and earn for themselves. It will give everybody an honest chance to receive just what everybody is capable of earning, which is not possible under the present racketeering system.

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