Direct Credits for Everybody
By Alfred Lawson


Everybody Is Greater Than Wealth

Wealth is created by everybody and everybody is created by a greater power. That power made mankind the earth's greatest product and set a far goal for it to reach.

It has taken millions of years for man to reach his present stage of usefulness. Still he has reached but the kindergarten of universal knowledge. The most learned scientists on earth are but chicks just out of their shells wondering what everything means.

Mankind has a duty to perform here on earth, the first part of which is self-development and self-restraint. Everybody must be built up to the very highest state of physical, mental and moral strength in order to be capable, as a whole, of doing the greater work that man is expected to do eventually.

Constructive work is the most strengthening feature of life. It affords the only reaction from which continuous happiness can be derived. It makes everybody useful and ambitious. On the other hand, no work at all, or destructive acts, weakens and makes any one useless and degraded.

Everybody is developed physically, through physical efforts; mentally, through mental efforts; and morally through moral efforts. No one can become well balanced without making all three efforts.

Physical development requires nourishment, exercise and rest. Mental development requires thoughtfulness, study and creativeness. Moral development requires unselfishness, idealism and constructiveness.

Mankind is a machine, all of whose parts must work right in order to run right. To damage any part of the machine weakens the whole of it. The whole machine is only as good as its parts.

So mankind must be built up with the most substantial parts in order to do the most effective work. To let one part wither and decay, or become diseased or degraded, weakens mankind as a whole because the deadly poison passes throughout the entire system.

As the greater power that created everybody taught everybody to create wealth, and supplied all of the necessary elements bountifully for that purpose, surely it was not intended that all of this wealth was to be confiscated through trickery and treachery by a small part of everybody and misused to weaken, degrade and enslave everybody.

Everybody is greater than wealth and wealth must be subordinated to everybody.

Everybody must utilize wealth as an aid to progress and not as an accomplice of degradation.

Everybody must learn to be moderate in the use of wealth and look upon it as a means with which to perform a duty and not as a vehicle of glorification or destruction.

The tricksters who control money through the medium of exchange, claim that depressions, unemployment and starvation are caused by the over production of wealth. They say that the reason everybody starves is because there is too much food. Could any better proof be offered to show the contempt which the wealth absorbers hold for everybody's intelligence when expressing such an absurdity?

There can never be too much wealth if it is distributed and applied to the advantage of everybody. Neither can there be over production as long as people want food, clothing, literature, education, entertainment, automobiles, airplanes, and comfortable homes containing bath tubs, refrigeration, radios, television, telephones, and modern lighting and heating facilities.

Nor should there ever be unemployment as long as better highways, parks and Federal or State buildings are needed throughout the country, or civic improvements of all sorts can be made in communities. To say that there is not enough work for everybody to do during the next thousand years is senseless.

It is not over production of wealth that pauperizes everybody, that is too absurd for reflection, it is because the money owners force everybody to pay a tax for the use of money for trading purposes.

As the money in circulation is but one-twentieth of the amount needed by the people of the United States to conduct their annual business, and as the tax charged by the privateers for the use of it multiplies to such an extent that within a few years the interest grows larger than the original amount borrowed, then in order to balance accounts, so that business will continue along the same lines, a depression must naturally take place every few years, caused by the necessity of everybody handing over to the money owners their real estate, factories, farms, stores, homes, stocks, bonds and other valuables to take the place of the interest that there is not enough money in existence to pay for.

That is the cause of depressions and they will continue as long as this trick money interest system is kept in force.

In order to stop depressions as well as the continuous pauperization of a large part of the population, the financial system must be changed so that 90 per cent of the people will control 90 per cent of the money in circulation, instead of 10 per cent of the people controlling 90 per cent of it.

This can be done by establishing the system of Direct Credits for Everybody as will be explained in the following pages.

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