Direct Credits for Everybody
By Alfred Lawson


Points Upon Which Everybody Must Agree

Before everybody can be made secure and be assured of a fair and square chance to succeed in life according to actual ability and industrial inclination, everybody must first get together on common ground for the common good, and agree to the establishment of a plan that will prove most advantageous to everybody.

When the plan that will benefit everybody is settled upon, then everybody must agree to stick together and make it effective and not permit the master schemers to befog it with side-issues that have nothing to do with it, but will detract attention from it to such an extent that everybody will argue and quarrel over the side-issues and go to the polls and vote for them, forgetting the main plan altogether.

Undivided attention must first be given to everybody's plan and when that is established, then the side-issues, upon which everybody cannot agree, can be considered upon their own merits and voted upon separately.

For instance, if the main plan is to eliminate poverty and give everybody, at all times, the right to work for sufficient compensation to purchase a fair share of the good things of life, that plan must not become confused with minor plans that treat of the kind of beverages people put into their stomachs or the size of the tariff that should be placed on cigarettes.

The main economic feature that will benefit everybody must be settled upon its own valuation no matter what people believe in otherwise.

So everybody must first agree that as human co-operation added to nature's generous supplies is sufficient to provide every useful thing needed by everybody, sensible laws must be made to prevent poverty entirely. That must positively be agreed to whether anything else can be agreed to or not.

In ancient times when human beings were little more than wild animals; before everybody co-operated for mutual benefit; before crops were harvested on a large scale; before manufacturing plants were built capable of supplying every necessity and luxury for everybody; there was some reason for poverty. But today, with an over supply of foodstuffs and nature's raw materials for manufacturing purposes and enough industrial plants to make everything that everybody needs, and still man, woman and child hungry for food, thousands of factories closed, and millions of people willing to work but denied employment, such is a blot to the civilization that causes it.

Everybody must agree to stop such brainless and vicious practices.

This civilization is like an enormous body with a half-witted mind that would destroy its hands to soothe its feet.

Everybody must agree to use the senses nature gave for self-preservation to compel civilization to feed, clothe and house everybody before any other problem is considered.

Each new born child must come to life under such conditions that will give to it an equal chance to grow and develop to the best of its capabilities. It must be given the most improved sanitary home, the best of food and superior mental, physical and moral training.

The child is the future asset of mankind and must be treasured and cared for above all things.

When society fails to give this helpless new-comer every care and opportunity to develop to its highest standard, it not only robs posterity of its greatest possible attainments, but upholds a most cruel and degraded system.

Those who will not fight degradation are responsible for it.

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