Direct Credits for Everybody
By Alfred Lawson


Points Upon Which Everybody Does Not Agree

Everybody finds many things that cannot be agreed upon.

While everybody agrees to realities which the senses prove consistent, still the notions, theories and beliefs of everybody which have been developed through a long course of genealogical and antagonistic experiences cannot be merged so that everybody can get together on common ground and agree to them.

So, although everybody with eyesight will agree that it is either light or dark, and everybody with appetites will agree that food is necessary to sustain life, still everybody with notions will not agree, for instance, as to the origin, shape or stability of the soul. And for that reason everybody argues, hates and even kills one another over the different opinions regarding it.

In primitive times those with the strongest bodies made slaves of the weaker physical humans, but as the mental faculties of man developed, those with the slickest schemes obtained the power to enslave the slower thinking ones.

For thousands of years the craftiest humans have ruled and practiced all sorts of deceptions to hold everybody in subjection. Billions of human lives have been snuffed out prematurely through the continuous struggle of changing masters.

Everybody could never agree as to which masters should have the privilege of shearing them of the results of their efforts, and so, everybody argued and fought among themselves, and still continue to argue and fight among themselves in order to decide it.

And, as the different masters come and go, the slaves go on forever.

There are poor slaves and there are rich slaves; there are beggar slaves and there are criminal slaves; there are labor slaves and there are capitalist slaves; but they all bend in the same way at the crack of the master's whip.

The success of the master lies in his ability to keep everybody arguing and quarrelling over everything except the fact that he is skinning them. To keep them divided is the scheme. So all sorts of trivial matters are brought to everybody's attention to detract from the skinning process.

The ruling master of the U.S.A., as well as other countries, cleverly operates competing political parties which he controls, and through which is conducted endless minor disputes that excite everybody to a fighting pitch against each other, but which in no way ever calls attention to his clever manipulations.

This mighty super-ruler objects most strenuously to anybody being nominated for office in any political party unless satisfied beforehand that his taking methods will be upheld.

Any nominee may bawl out as loudly as he pleases against anything and everything, as far as the master is concerned, except telling how he shears everybody.

Thus everybody is kept arguing among themselves over minor matters, but never discussing major methods, and on election day they go to the polls and vote for everything imaginable except to stop the main skinning process.

And because everybody does not agree upon these trivial matters, and of course never will, and because everybody allows themselves to be kept in a continual state of excitement concerning them, as well as being kept in ignorance of the main factors that cause all of their troubles, everybody is kept just where they are.

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