Direct Credits for Everybody
By Alfred Lawson


Points Upon Which Everybody Agree

There are many things upon which everybody can agree; things that do not cause argument and hatred; things that come within the grasp of our senses.

First, it is agreed that people are conscious beings with senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing and feeling, which are guides for self-preservation. Everybody knows the eyes see, the nose smells, the mouth tastes, the ears hear and mentality feels. Nobody disputes that.

Next, it is agreed there are certain common conditions under which people live. Everybody knows that each twenty-four hours is divided into day and night, part of the time being dark and part of it light. Everybody knows that daylight comes from the sun and that as the earth turns, its side facing the sun gets light, while the side turned from the sun is left in darkness. Nobody argues or fights about that.

Next, everybody agrees that the earth is populated by large numbers of living things classified as human beings, and that they have similar senses and characteristics. Everybody knows that these humans are units organized into communities and nations and that owing to different environments they have, to some extent, different notions and beliefs.

Everybody further agrees that humans are born, grow a few feet in height, learn a few tricks, and then pass away through inability to function longer. Everybody knows that during the short time humans function they are parts of the whole species known as mankind.

Everybody further agrees that all humans, in order to function must draw into themselves certain substances called food which is the physical foundation of man's life. Without food he cannot live.

Everybody also agrees that because the earth is thickly populated and humans organize into communities and nations, and because of the development of great economic machinery that requires many individuals to operate, people have now become co-operatives who work as units in the production of human needs. It is understood that no individual, in this age, can produce, without aid, all of his needs, and therefore becomes dependent upon everybody for things he must have.

Everybody knows that it is possible by co-operation to produce enough food for all, as well as furnish enough of everything that everybody needs for a well balanced life.

Everybody knows that although enough food and other things are produced that everybody does not get enough to live decently but that a few strongly entrenched schemers extract legally, according to their own laws, a quantity of everybody's wealth out of all proportion to their actual earning capacity.

And knowing these things everybody agrees that either our economic system is badly defective or those whom we trust as managers are dreadfully incapable or viciously selfish and unscrupulous.

So the time has arrived when everybody must look into these matters sensibly and reorganize the system that has brought these bad results before it is too late to do it in a quiet and orderly manner.

Everybody is powerful when sticking together but extremely weak when falling apart.

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