Lawsonomy Volume One



Law is the rule of procedure.

According to God's rule there is but one way to proceed and that is the right way.

So when God made laws He made them permanent, irrevocable, immutable, eternal.

God has no theories nor hypothetical notions. He guesses at nothing. His laws are perfect and supreme.

God's laws always were, are now and always will be the same. They will never be changed. They are positive and everlasting.

God's laws are simple and easy to understand but man-made laws are complicated, deceptive and changeable.

Most of man's troubles arise from trying to break God's set laws and introduce his own foolish notions instead. It cannot be done and man harms himself by attempting to do it.

To butt against God's natural laws brings physical punishment and death to those who do it.

Man must conform to God's laws and not go against them. By learning and following them he will gain natural strength and permanent happiness.

So in order that one may grasp at a glance a general outline of the cause and procedure of eternal movement and learn how all matter in space is used over and over again forever without the loss of a particle, I will summarize the foregoing pages in the following brief paragraphs:

Space is everywhere and embraces all density.

A difference in density causes Penetrability.

PENETRABILITY is the basic law of movement; because, nothing could move if one substance could not penetrate another substance.

Lesser density is volume and greater density is mass.

Mass falls toward volume which causes pressure.

Space made vacant by falling mass creates a vacuum, or space with lesser density, which draws to it substances of greater density and this process is Suction. As mass falls toward a Suction point it leaves a Suction point behind which draws mass from another point and so on eternally. That is why matter does not always fall in the same direction.

Suction and Pressure is the power of movement, no substance could move without it.

Although space extends everywhere and has no size, shape, center, direction, time, largeness nor smallness and is immovable, its contents move, take shape and size and by comparison of their own movements, they create directions and a method of recording time.

A formation is a collection of substances that takes a definite shape.

Formations take different shapes and sizes according to their combination of substances and their difference in density.

Formations are the vehicles of movement.

A formation is caused by Suction which draws around space with lesser density substances of greater density and holds them together until disintegrated by either internal or external suction and pressure.

Currents are made up of formations surrounding which are spaces or crevices through which flow currents of lesser density. These currents of lesser density which flow through currents are also made up of formations.

Currents are the AVENUES of movement.

Formations are also made up of currents that are composed of formations and these formations are composed of currents that are also made up of formations.

So, currents are made up of formations and currents, and, formations are made up of currents and formations.

What we call matter is but formations made up of currents and formations, and currents made up of formations and currents, all of which are composed of substances of different density.

Cohesion is caused by a difference in sex of formations. This difference in sex is caused by internal suction and pressure movement.

Movement is either male or female. Pressure is male and suction is female movement. The male is dominated by internal pressure and the female is dominated by internal suction.

There are as many different kinds of currents in density as there are grades of substances but man so far has only become familiar with currents of air, gas, water, heat, light, ether and electricity. To which I have added currents of sound as well as having pointed out that there are numberless atomic and cosmic currents of different density of which man has not become conscious of as yet.

Cosmic currents, solar currents, atmospheric currents, atomic currents all move by the power of Suction and Pressure.

Difference in density is so varied that no part of space can be empty, or without substances of one density or another.

There are substances in space of far less density than light, heat or sound.

Man's system of mathematics is based upon knowledge of contents in Space with which he is directly connected and because those contents have certain dimensions he assumes that Space too must have similar dimensions. I say that the assumption that any formation can move in a straight line or in a circle in Space is erroneous and that the mind of man must think beyond straight lines, curves, triangles and circles if he would understand the basic law of movement.

Zig-Zag-and-Swirl is the method of movement of contents throughout space. Penetrability of varying density causes a body or particle to move through Space in countless directions at the same time. Zig-Zag-and-Swirl is movement in which any formation moves in a multiple direction according to the movements of many increasingly greater formations, each depending upon the greater formation for direction and upon varying changes caused by counteracting influences of Suction and Pressure of different proportions.

The Earth as a formation has been floating within a current of ether around the Sun for thousands of centuries.

In order to Balance the heavier formation (earth) in the lighter current (ether) a volume of lesser density than ether must be enclosed within the crust of the Earth to create a buoyancy for displacement in accordance with the law of Equaeverpoise. God's great law of balancing mass in volume.

This substance I have named Lesether.

Within the Earth are functions of various nature that are utilized for repair work and power purposes.

The Earth is fed from without by cosmic and solar debris which is gasified by atmospheric friction and drawn into the interior of the Earth at the North end in a gaseous state. The waste matter is then ejected at the South end of the Earth in gaseous forms as well as being ejected through the pores of the Earth's crust.

These waste gases that pass through the pores of the Earth's crust mix with the elements of the soil, air, water and Sun and form vegetation from which God makes and feeds man.

Man is but a link in the endless chain of living formations. He is made up of minute living formations that help to build greater formations.

Elements are made up of elements and the difference in their nature and in density is caused by a difference in the proportions of their combining elements.

All living formations draw general matter into them by internal Suction and the elements of such matter are decomposed and reconstructed by internal Suction and Pressure and are then drawn and squeezed out of the body in different forms of lesser density by external Suction and Pressure.

Heat is a substance of general matter and is released by internal Pressure. It is drawn away from a formation by external cold. Cold is a substance of lesser density than heat.

Solar systems, Suns, planets, man, molecule, atom, electron, and greater and lesser formations all live, move, grow and die according to the same principle of Suction and Pressure in their relation to Penetrability. They draw in substances from without for sustenance by internal Suction and the waste matter is drawn out of them by external Suction. Vegetation and man therefore are developed from the waste matter of the earth.

All power is caused by different density moving in currents from Pressure to Suction points. Anything in line of these currents of a moveable nature are moved by them. Force is substance of greater density falling or pressing toward Space with lesser density.

Vibration is a forward and backward movement of a body (caused by Suction and Pressure) that disturbs the substance in which it is immersed. The substance disturbed also acquires a forward and backward movement in an attempt to regain equilibrium. From these facts theorists have built up a tremendous system of suppositions that are not only misleading to the student but cause him to waste the greater part of his life trying to understand mysterious ideas that have no basis of reality. Vibrationists assume for instance, that light from the Sun does not pass to the earth in currents but cause the ether between the Sun and Earth to vibrate and the effect is the sensation we receive of light. Penetrability proves that light is a substance discharged from the Sun by internal Pressure and that it flows away in currents to various Suction points. The Earth is one of these Suction points and the lesether within the Earth draws light from the Sun in currents through the ether between Sun and Earth, just as it draws currents of rain from the clouds. It is the substance water that reaches the Earth in currents of rain and it is the substance light that reaches the Earth in currents of light.

Sound according to vibrationists is but a quivering of the air after it has been disturbed. Penetrability proves that Sound is a substance that penetrates the air in currents according to the same law that light penetrates the ether. Sound is caused by Pressure of various matter and becomes intelligible to specially constructed organs such as the ears of man into which it is drawn by Suction.

Throughout Space small formations draw their sustenance from large formations and large formations draw their sustenance from small formations. That is the secret of Equaeverpoise and perpetual movement.

That is the reason that endless life and action prevails. That is the reason that matter, although constantly changing in form loses nothing through the process. That is the reason there is no waste matter in space. That is the reason nature is a perfect economist.

No matter how large a formation may be it both feeds and feeds upon smaller formations.

No matter how small a formation may be it both feeds and feeds upon a larger formation.

The action of the Solar System depends upon the action of minute particles. The action of those minute particles depends upon the action of the Solar System.

Each particle drawn into the Solar System becomes a part of it. The Solar System must depend upon the particle and the particle must depend upon the Solar System for sustenance.

The living particle draws into itself sustenance from substances within a part of the Solar System, and the Solar System draws from the living particles the same substances changed into different forms for its own sustenance.

The living particle draws into itself its sustaining substances by internal Suction and the Solar System draws out of it the changed substances by external Suction.

The mixture of substances drawn into the particle creates internal Pressure and expansion that gives size and shape to the particle. Through external Pressure of surrounding substances the Solar System keeps the particle normal in size, shape and balance. Combining particles create internal Pressure that keeps the Solar System normal in size and shape and balance.

The particle needs the Solar System for its sustenance, size, shape and balance, and the Solar System needs the particle or collection of them, for its sustenance, size, shape and balance.

The particle of a Solar System is a Solar System to lesser particles, and a Solar System is but a particle in Space.

As there is no limit to the largeness or smallness of Space and as there is no limit to the variability of density, therefore, everlasting sustaining substances will be available for the lesser formations that live upon greater formations, and for the greater formations that live from the lesser formations.

And so I have shown how God causes perpetual movement of matter by PENETRABILITY; how He balances all matter by EQUAEVERPOISE; how He utilizes everything without the loss of anything; and thus have I established for the benefit of man a complete formula that proves from every angle God's marvelous physical manifestation of life.

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