Lawsonomy Volume One



God made man from food. He gave him his power through food. He makes him grow by food. It is the food that man eats that makes him what he is.

Every formation throughout Space has to be fed to live and mechanics has to be employed for the purpose.

The basic law of mechanics is effort. That requires power.

Power must be applied to every mechanical movement and that is supplied by Suction and Pressure.

The same simple principle of power is utilized throughout all Space—from microbe to man—to Solar System—to Universe.

Without food man could not live so God supplies him with an abundance of it. In fact God will make food grow in everybody's yard if they want it there.

See how nicely God's mechanics work that man may eat and live. It can be explained in a very few simple words. The next three paragraphs.

Heat from the Sun expands the water from oceans and lakes, creating a lesser density which ascends to cooler altitudes and condenses into water again.

Heat from the Sun also expands the air at the crust of the Earth, creating a lesser density which ascends and causes air currents. These air currents transport the water from oceans and lakes to farms.

The mixture of ingredients from the water, the soil, the Sun and escaping gases from the interior of the Earth creates vegetation.

Vegetation is what man and all other forms of physical life on Earth come from and live upon.

To be efficient man must balance in many ways. His body must not contain too much weight nor too little weight and therefore it must be constructed of substances in such a manner that it can be moved away from the Earth in momentary acts through power furnished by the marvelous system of double acting, spring-like muscles that are moved by his own internal Suction and Pressure.

In order to maintain a body of this kind each and every cell composing it must be properly balanced by Suction and Pressure in their relation to Penetrability so that the structure itself will be balanced throughout.

Each organ of the system must be balanced separately and in unison with each other so that harmonious action can be established and the whole mass act together as one.

Balance in man is effected principally by a combination of three things: (1) nourishment, (2) action, (3) rest.

Food furnishes substances to build and repair the body as well as for fuel and power to move it about.

Action creates Suction and Pressure which alternately draws nourishment into the cells and squeezes the changed matter out of them.

Rest affords time for storing up nourishment to take the place of that which is used up by action.

The quality and quantity of substances drawn into the body for nourishment; exercises that will develop and keep in action the maximum number of cells and muscles; and sufficient rest for thorough recuperation are the foundation of man's efficiency and longevity.

Incorrect functioning of muscular movements; improper substances drawn into the body; and, insufficient rest will destroy the balance that keeps man alive.

The human body passes through three distinct periods: (1) youth, (2) maturity, (3) decline.

Youth is the period during which the body has not attained maximum proportions.

Maturity is the period of fixed physical proportions during which the maximum activities are afforded.

Decline is the period when the cells of the body shrink and the different organs gradually become useless.

The disuse of any organ or muscle through lack of exercise causes a lack of Suction in that part and stops nourishment of the cells which sustain it.

The lack of Suction in any part causes a loss of expansion and permits Pressure to gradually squeeze it out of order.

The more cells that are decimated by Pressure for the lack of Suction to sustain them, the weaker the muscles and organs become and the less they will function, which causes a general weakness of the whole body.

With this shrinkage of muscular activity the system loses balance until a certain degree of general deficiency has been reached when it loses all power of movement and physical life becomes extinct.

The period of decline can begin at any age and frequently a body passes from youth to decline and death without reaching maturity.

Youth is an undeveloped period that requires the protection and guidance of maturity while growing to fixed proportions.

Maturity is the prime stage to reach and retain as long as possible. It is the vigorous and stable period; the age of power and reason. Once arrived at in a healthy condition, with all organs properly synchronized and working in harmony with natural laws, one owes it to himself, to his offspring and to mankind to keep as close to Equaeverpoise as possible and live as long, as strong and as usefully as Earthly conditions will permit.

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