Lawsonomy Volume One



Penetrability is the basic law of movement.

Suction and Pressure is the power of movement.

Formations are the vehicles of movement.

Currents are the avenues of movement.

Zig-Zag-and-Swirl is the method of movement.

Constructiveness and destructiveness are the mechanics of movement.

Composition and decomposition are the results of movement.

Equaeverpoise is the balance of movement.

That which moves is matter.

To make use of matter with the minimum loss is Economic.

The foundation of Economics is usefulness.

God uses all matter over and over again and again eternally without the loss of a particle.

Therefore, the definition of Economics is: the utilization of everything without the loss of anything.

One must understand the fundamental principles of life to know why everything happens.

When contemplating God's marvelous physical law whereby He utilizes everything without the loss of anything and then comparing it with man's terrible wastefulness in his management of everything, one must realize the divine greatness of the Creator and the insignificant pigmyism of man.

The stuff and nonsense taught to the innocents in man's universities as ECONOMICS is so absolutely absurd that it is hard to understand how any but idiots can accept it as education.

Man has never known the meaning of Economics. He practices uneconomics by wasting most of the good things and wonderful opportunities God presents him with.

God gives to man more air than he can breathe but he does not use enough of it to develop his own lungs to their fullest efficiency.

God gives man more water than he can drink but he does not drink enough of it to keep his intestines free from filth.

God gives man more food than he can eat but he allows financial cheats to withhold and destroy it while people starve for the want of it.

God shows man how to invent machinery and build factories so that he can produce things in abundance for the comforts and convenience of everybody but he closes the factories and throws out of employment most of the inhabitants and forces them to live in squalor and degradation.

God gives to man a brain but he doesn't use it. He misuses it. He wastes it. He abuses it.

Instead of man strengthening his mental faculties with constructive ideas he destroys them with poisonous fumes and putrid thoughts.

He allows selfishness and depravity to deprive him of reasoning powers and idealistic inclinations.

Instead of building up the human race into a most efficient body by constructive cooperation and unification of all of its parts to the greatest advantage, mankind tears itself to pieces through individual greed and short-sightedness.

Man's so-called Economics is based upon wastefulness not upon usefulness.

As a result of man's horrible greed caused by his penurious system of Uneconomics and gold worshiping activities the world is now overrun almost exclusively by cheats, liars, beggars, thieves, blackmailers, ingrates, lunatics, murderers and suicides.

In order to impress his hearers, a smart guide at a slaughter house said, that the only thing that was lost after the butchering of a pig was his squeal.

But the guide knew very little about Economics or he would have known that there were more substances lost than the sound from the pig's squeal. The heat from the pig's body was lost. Also some odors and electricity were lost. The soul of the pig also escaped from the butchers, who got but his dead carcass.

Furthermore, there were other elements lost to the pork packers, such as heat from the furnaces, smoke from the chimneys and lost power in the plant's machinery.

But these are only minor losses to what his concern might have saved if it had only known how to take advantage of the daily supply of heat, light and power that can be had direct from the Sun.

Most of the light that comes from the Sun is allowed to escape without man getting the benefit of it.

While man slaves to produce enough heat from coal and wood to keep him warm during the winter, it is possible for him to conserve and distribute the heat from the Sun and the heat from the interior of the Earth to warm up the entire atmosphere to a suitable temperature for the whole human race to comfortably enjoy.

Instead of utilizing the puny power from windmills and waterfalls to run his machinery man could have solar power that would run all of the machinery of the world at a fraction of the present cost of operation. But man cannot have these privileges until he understands more improved methods and as long as his intelligence is warped by individual selfishness. He must adopt God's usefulness before he can do things Economically.

God's Economics plays one of the most important parts in the physical manifestation of life and the sooner man begins to understand it and practice it the sooner he will lift himself to a higher plane of physical, mental and spiritual development.

One should read my little book "Direct Credits for Everybody" to get an insight into true Economics and the methods to adopt to put them into practice.

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