Lawsonomy Volume One



Man is formed and operated according to the same underlying principles as every other formation and is subject to the Law of Penetrability.

Like everything else he is both a penetrating and a penetrable object. For example, he can penetrate or pass through vapor, air, water, etc., and such substances as metal, wood or heat can penetrate him.

He is a combination of particles brought together and held intact by Suction and when this cohesive force loses its qualities the opposing force of Pressure predominates and with a contracting movement, disunites and scatters these particles elsewhere.

The Equaeverpoise in man is reached when Suction and Pressure are equalized and the body is able to build itself up as fast as it can be torn down, or it is in a state of equidisposition of composition and decomposition.

I claim that man, after arriving at maturity, can so regulate his activities that he will retain his youthful physical qualities and appearance for many years and that he may increase his vitality to such a degree that his usefulness will become much greater as the years pass by.

Perfect synchronizing of all organs causes perfect internal Suction that is able to withstand the continuous and destroying force of external Pressure.

It is the working of all bodily organs and muscles in unison more than the strengthening of a few particular organs or muscles that develop health and long life in man.

Stomach, heart, muscles, glands, skin, kidneys, liver, teeth and senses, must all be given proper nourishment in order to balance the system. Muscles, capillaries and mental organisms all depend upon each other for action and if one is out of order the usefulness of the others are impaired.

Some of the worst offenses against health and a well balanced man are:

(1) Improper quality of food; (2) improper quantity of food; (3) improper mixture of foods; (4) insufficient mastication; (5) lack of exercise; (6) lack of rest; (7) tardy evacuation; (8) lack of oxygen; (9) lack of cleanliness; (10) lack of constructive thought; (11) lack of sunlight; (12) lack of morality; (13) lack of ambition; (14) worry.

The three great factors which man must regulate and adjust to harmonize proportionately in order to synchronize action of his various muscles and organs are: Exercise, nourishment, rest. They are each and all dependent upon one another and man's neglect of any of them causes decay and death.

Man's growth begins with exercise—builds up with nourishment—and recuperates with rest.

Nourishment is an inexhaustible subject, and it is not the purpose of this work to go into its details, but more to give an outline of it so that one may get a substantial grasp of the principles upon which he lives, moves and dies.

The basic principle of a formation is to draw into itself external substances for growing purposes, and this is accomplished by a Suction movement which attracts these substances toward the center and then regulates, combines and distributes them internally as are most suitable for expansion and operation of the body.

If Penetrability caused but one force for movement—Suction—then the expansion of a body would continue without limits; but Penetrability causes two opposing forces—Suction, which attracts toward a center, and Pressure, which throws off from a center. Suction draws into the body and Pressure squeezes out of the body. Suction has an expanding movement and Pressure has a contracting movement.

Now this principle does not only work as far as the body of man is concerned but it works throughout entire space and will be found working the same in the Solar System or greater formations in space or in the organs, blood corpuscles, or bacteria in man.

Suction is caused by vacancy, caused by displacement, caused by Penetrability, caused by difference in density which is everywhere in space.

The nature of the substances drawn into vacancy by Suction in the beginning are such as are prevalent at that particular point at the time of birth of the formation.

Thus will be found here on Earth certain substances of which man is composed and upon which he has been nursed and developed from the beginning.

The substances of which man is composed and from which he has been nurtured and developed are the substances which he must continue to absorb into his body, if he would live and grow. Any sudden or radical change would cause impairment and death.

Nourishment, then, simply means that man absorbs through the power of Suction those substances of which he is composed for growth and replacement and for power to give movement to his muscular system.

All power in man or any other formation, great or small, is based upon the Law of Penetrability and all movement is caused by currents of varying density, either pulled by Suction or pushed by Pressure along the lines of the least resistance.

The earliest forebear of man was formed millions of years ago by a combination of air, water, heat, salt and sunlight, and those five essentials are necessary for man's existence today.

During those millions of years other elements were gradually brought into his body which increased its development, but without air, water, heat, salt and sunlight man could not live at all.

And those basic essentials which nature furnishes abundantly, man must draw into himself generously if he would reach his highest efficiency. They are the fundamentals of nourishment upon which his life depends.

The early forebear of man was gradually developed by changing conditions and variety of nourishment until the complexity of his body increased his needs and made necessary the absorption of many substances for his growth and power to move.

And during the course of this development man acquired the habit of subsisting upon plant life as well as upon the bodies of animals, fish, birds and insects. Thus he acquired an appetite for various food that contained such substances as albumen, myosin, gluten, casein, sugar, starch and fats and millions of years of subsistence upon these substances not only aided to a large extent in building up his present form, but also have become a necessary part of his nourishment without which he could not live and grow or move about.

Until quite recently man subsisted upon food containing these substances in their natural or complete state and his system was adjusted to this kind of nourishment.

Lately, however, and to some considerable extent he has been endeavoring to secure nourishment from foods that have been refined and adulterated to such a degree that they have been shorn of the basic qualities upon which his system was built and nourished for millions of years.

While man has been developing mentality and ability to acquire and store up great wealth he has been allowing his muscular system to gradually wither up and decay.

Man has been denying himself those fundamentals upon which the human race was built. The elements of physical strength and self preservation upon which he originally nourished himself have been to some extent superseded through a weakening desire for pleasure, and he now eats and drinks to tickle his taste more than he does to strengthen his body.

His sense of taste has been over cultivated and he draws into his system substances that are a detriment to his health and growth and which damage and deteriorate his vital organs in a way that causes their impairment and lack of functioning qualities which causes loss of Equaeverpoise and a consequent decrease in the power of Suction and composition and an increase in the power of Pressure and decomposition.

Man has been gradually cutting off his supply of air, sunlight, water and nutritious foods and substituting for them artificial and injurious light, poisoned air, and highly flavored and deadening beverages and foodstuffs.

Artificial and insufficient light ruins his sense of sight and lack of sunlight and pure air causes decomposition of the lungs. Flavored beverages incapacitate the liver and kidneys and adulterated foods cause impure blood. Soft or concentrated foods, that require no chewing, weaken the teeth, glands and digestive organs. Inhalation of gaseous fumes poison the lungs and weaken the action of the heart.

Weakening and putting out of order any or all of these organs creates a condition of the body that lacks the initiative to draw into itself the great life-giving qualities that repair, build up, expand and counteract the effects of external Pressure and influences which contract and cause decomposition and death.

To continue to grow and obtain the inclination and power to live long, man must begin with nourishment and only draw into his body such substances as are needed for growth, repair work and power for movement. He must eat and drink and inhale to live 200 or more years, instead of living to eat and drink and inhale for a period of 100 or less years.

If one eats and drinks to live, instead of living to eat and drink one will not only select natural substances for their quality but will find that the right food or drink will not tempt or permit overloading the body with too much quantity.

It is the artificially flavored foods, or those foods prepared principally to excite the taste that cause most people to eat a larger supply than the body requires or that can be digested and assimilated.

Such foods do not afford complete nourishment but put a strain upon the different organs trying to digest them or getting rid of the useless matter. In fact it is not gotten rid of altogether but the body is forced to retain and carry around forever afterwards superfluous weight in the shape of injurious fat as one of the penalties for breaking natural laws.

It makes a man, for instance, who naturally should weigh 150 pounds press the scales to 250 pounds and as a punishment for lack of will power to restrain his appetite nature makes such a man carry around with him everywhere he goes 100 extra pounds of weight. This extra weight, of course, is scattered all over his body. But the principle is the same as if a 150-pound man was forced to carry around everywhere, a large knapsack containing 100 pounds of useless matter.

There are also many other penalties nature puts upon those who only live to eat and drink and enjoy themselves as well as superfluous weight and early death, and those penalties are a constant drag and torture during one's existence through various bodily ailments, such as diseases of various kinds and a general incapacity to enjoy thoroughly the splendid feeling that only a well balanced body can appreciate that has attained maturity and reason and is enabled to keep the Power of Suction equal to the Power of Pressure.

Proper nourishment is an essential in man's life and the principle of self-preservation must be uppermost in the mind when eating or drinking and not the motive for gratifying a false taste.

The greatest strength comes from the greatest effort and it takes will power as well as jaw power to eat the foods most suitable for a healthy body, especially when the least suitable foods are flavored and made easy to swallow.

The manufacturers make foodstuffs to sell at a profit and it is principal, not principle, that causes the preparation of most foods for the public. Therefore, the aim is to make eating easy and tasteful at the expense of health. So the public, moving along the lines of the least resistance, acquires the habit of eating soft and adulterated foods and then supports a large portion of the population as doctors and dentists to repair the damages.

If you want to have a strong body you must make a strong effort for it, and begin that effort from the moment the food enters the mouth. Hard foods, then, are the only foods that will cause effort for mastication and they must be eaten to exercise and strengthen the teeth and the muscles holding the teeth together in the jawbones.

That is the very beginning of health and longevity because it is the first step toward assimilation, and unless the first step is taken right, those to follow will be wobbly and inaccurate, and the movements of the other organs of the body will be unable to synchronize correctly, and an equidisposition of composition and decomposition will be impossible.

There has been much talk lately about grafting the glands of goats and monkeys into the body of man to replace his own which he has abused or failed to utilize and which will not function right. But in such cases the replaced glands also become useless in a short time if the body is not properly exercised, nourished and rested.

If man will exercise his teeth and salivary glands by chewing hard, dry nutritious foods and not swallow the foods until made liquid by the mixture with saliva, and if he will drink nothing while eating in order to give the digestive juices from other glands a chance to penetrate the food while it is in the stomach and if he will not abuse himself otherwise, he will never be forced into the ludicrous position of having to decide whether he prefers to be made of a monkey or a goat by the grafting process.

Although water is the basis of saliva and other juices which mix with the food, still it, or any other liquid should not be drunk until the food eaten has already passed through the stomach.

Plain water or milk or a mixture of both warmed to a temperature of the blood is the only liquid that man should drink. Pure water should be drunk plentifully between meals and just before retiring at night and upon arising in the morning. Under no consideration should very hot or very cold liquids be drunk at any time.

Food can be taken into the stomach advantageously three times a day, but time must be allowed for the full force of the blood to exert itself upon the digestive organs immediately after each meal. For that reason it is well to eat a light breakfast in the morning; a light lunch during the middle of the day, and the largest meal after the day's work is over and plenty of time can be taken for rest.

It is better to eat too little than too much food for a meal, that causes the appetite to be keen and responsive at all times and does not strain the digestive organs.

Although man is accustomed to eat the flesh of animals there is no good reason why he should continue this savage practice because all of the substances found in the meat are found in vegetables grains, fruits and nuts. In fact, those substances he absorbs from meat for life-giving qualities are at best second-hand matter, as the animal he kills and devours had to first get them from plant life. It is far better for man to obtain his nourishment first hand from plants than it is to get it after it has passed through the existence of animal life and contains all of the diseases that animals are infected with and which are given to man through the process of assimilation.

It will be found throughout the animal kingdom that those species excel that subsist upon plants instead of animal matter. The elephant for long life, bulk and strength; the horse for strength and intelligence; the deer for speed; and the bull for courage; while dogs that are trained without meat invariably have the most intelligence providing they are fed hard, dry and nutritious food compositions.

The right nourishment, then, for strength, activity, courage, intelligence and longevity are nutritious vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains, and a generous supply of pure water, air and sunshine.

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