Lawsonomy Volume One



Man grows up from seed.

Seed is the concentrated essence of living formations drawn together and combined by the power of Suction, which will reproduce the likenesses and characteristics of progenitors, under the right conditions.

Seed is the point of Suction of a new formation which if fed with proper substances will expand and grow to natural proportions.

Seed is attracted by opposite sex. Sex is determined by Suction and Pressure.

The male sex of a formation is caused by a superabundance of internal Pressure.

The female sex of a formation is caused by a superabundance of internal Suction.

The female formation is therefore of lesser density than the male.

The male formation falls and is drawn towards the female, counteracting influences, however, retard to some extent cohesion between male and female formations.

When the male seed is drawn into the female seed, a swirling movement is caused in which the combining substances endeavor to reach the center of Suction, or vacuum.

The elements of which the two seeds are composed are then dissolved and move around and around in currents within the enclosure until they have all become attracted to their respective affinities and have taken their proper places in the reorganized formation.

As a result of the conflict that takes place within the new formation between the different elements either the power of Suction or the power of Pressure predominates.

If it is Suction that predominates then the new combination develops into a female form. If it is Pressure that predominates then the new combination develops into a male form.

The attraction of one sex for the other is but the attraction of Suction for Pressure.

This law prevails between all so-called chemical affinities—Suction attracts Pressure and particles unite, the male with the female into a new formation until Penetrability disintegrates them by currents of different density.

The growth of a new formation is caused by feeding the seed.

After the male seed of a human being has been drawn into the female seed sufficient power of Suction has been established therein to draw from without whatever food is necessary for development to maximum proportions.

Prior to birth the embryo child draws into itself from the blood of the mother such substances as are necessary for nutrition and after birth the child continues to draw into itself by the power of Suction from external sources such substances as are needed for maintenance and further development.

The growth of a human being then is caused, first, by the power of Suction, which draws into itself external substances, and second, by the nature of the substances which it draws into itself.

The nature of these substances must not only be of the quality needed for the building up process, but must also contain elements that will increase the power of Suction as well.

Increased growth requires increased power of Suction and internal Pressure.

The human being grows by adding power and mass to itself. When the power of Suction can no longer be maintained, mass then becomes helpless and useless and disintegrates.

To increase mass, increased Suction must cause expansion which will afford greater space for lodgement for new substances and room for an increased number of protoplasmic cells of which the human system is composed.

These protoplasmic cells are the foundation of the structure itself and they form into tissues which make up, hold together and connect the different bones, muscles, fibers and organs of the system.

The movement of a bone, muscle, fiber or organ causes Suction to draw substances to the part moved which not only feed and maintain the cells of that part but with increased space adds more cells to the tissue which thereby increases its growth.

Therefore the drawing into himself from without by the power of Suction substances that are subsequently prepared for, and used in building and maintaining these cells as well as creating internal movement, can be called assimilation.

My definition of the word assimilation is somewhat broader than that given in dictionaries and might be summed up as follows: —the whole process through which external substances are drawn into the body by the power of Suction and are converted into the living thing.

No substance can be assimilated that does not harmonize with the composition of the cells of the body.

To absorb into the system substances that do not harmonize with the cells causes disease and death to follow.

So it is essential to know the nature of the substances taken into the system and the manner in which they are assimilated.

It is not only necessary for man to absorb substances that will build up the tissues, muscles, fibers, and bones of his body and replace the cells that are constantly worn out, but he must absorb substances that will also furnish fuel for power and heat that will maintain an even temperature of the body.

The food man eats supplies, to a large extent, the substances for building, heating and power purposes.

The heat of the body is kept at a proper temperature by a mixture of certain digested substances with oxygen drawn into the system with the air breathed.

Just as the hair of the head or the nails of the fingers and toes need repeated cutting to allow space for the new growth so every part of the body must continuously shed its used materials and pass them along as waste matter in order to allow new growing parts to take place.

Substances for assimilation are continually being drawn into the body by the power of Suction through the mouth, nose, eyes, ears and pores, and waste matter is continually being pushed out of the body by the power of Pressure through the excretory orifices and pores of the skin.

It is Suction and Pressure that maintain Equaeverpoise in the body of man or in the organs, muscles, bones, fibers or cells of man, and it is the Penetrability of the substances used that makes assimilation possible.

Science states that man is composed of sixteen different elements, namely, Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Calcium, Phosphorous, Sulphur, Sodium, Chlorine, Fluorine, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Silicon, Manganese, Iodine.

In the food man eats can also be found in varying proportions and combinations these same sixteen elements which are grouped into four general classes namely, Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, and Mineral Salts.

Therefore it is essential to know the correct proportions of these elements that make up the structure of man and then eat the different kinds of food that will furnish these elements in their correct proportions.

The approximate proportions of elements which constitute a normal human being weighing 150 pounds are as follows: Oxygen, 98 lbs.; Carbon, 30 lbs.; Hydrogen, 11 lbs.; Nitrogen, 3 lbs.; Calcium, 2 lbs.; Phosphorus, 1 lb. 13 oz.; Sulphur, 3 lbs. 4 oz.; Sodium, 2 lbs. 3 oz.; Chlorine, 2 oz. 250 grs.; Fluorine, 220 grs.; Potassium, 280 grs.; Magnesium, 350 grs.; Iron, 190 grs.; Silicon, 115 grs.; Manganese, 90 grs.; Iodine, 1 gr.

These figures are not guaranteed to be perfectly accurate but are furnished to show the relative quantities of substances of which a human being is composed.

Thinking men have given to the world knowledge of inestimable value regarding the nature and composition of matter, but with all due consideration for the grand work they have already accomplished through far-reaching experiments, still the surface of this marvelous subject has hardly been scratched as yet.

Man must not only understand the nature and proportions of the sixteen elements of which he is composed, but he must thoroughly understand the principle which underlies these elements and realize that density has neither beginning nor end and that no matter how subtle a substance, there are still substances of lesser density that compose it. And on the other hand no matter how dense a substance may be there are substances of greater density of which it is a part.

Not only are there substances that are many times lesser in density than the air man breathes, and penetrates, but there are also millions of different living, thinking, working forms in space that cannot be seen nor understood by man.

Many of these living things are so tiny that quadrillions of them live together in a single human cell.

In fact each living cell of man's structure is populated with as many different species of tiny creatures in graded forms as the Earth itself is populated with different forms of animals and insect life, and each one of these tiny creatures not only work and struggle for an existence but they too are composed of parts and cells which contain even more minute living things.

These minute living forms are just as important in the scheme of life as man. In fact without them man could not exist.

In the food that man eats, in the water that he drinks, in the air that he breathes and the sunlight that he absorbs, there are various forms of living particles that enter into his cells and build up their structures. They make in the aggregate the vitality of man.

So air, sunlight, water and food are necessary in proper proportions as well as action that creates Suction and Pressure that carry in Penetrating currents the different substances and their living microformations to the cells for assimilation.

God is an Omnipotent and everlasting experimenter. He wastes nothing, and puts to use in some manner or other every particle of density and every current of power. He builds living things from waste matter. He never constitutes two forms exactly alike.

Collecting together a number of substances from the Earth's gases, soil, water, air and sun and moulding them into a penetrable and penetrating form with power to move, feel, see, hear, taste, smell and think, through the forces of Suction and Pressure, is a marvelous achievement, but God has not yet reached finality with his model, man, but intends to bring him to a higher standard, by developing within him greater powers of self control, increased consciousness, and capacity to assume a larger interest in the management of himself, the Earth and cosmic action.

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