Lawsonomy Volume One



It is easier to explain what vibration is than to explain what vibration is not.

What vibration is can be summed up in one sentence. What vibration is not would require volumes to explain.

The reason for that is, vibration as an expansive theory has taken root in the minds of a great many physical investigators to such an extent that they now try to prove that all movement is caused by it.

They, of course, cannot prove such a theory, but the element of mysticism which surrounds it attracts much attention.

The mind of man, steeped in mysticism and supposition from the beginning naturally tends toward the puzzle of fancy theories rather than to the acceptance of dry realities.

The fiction of vibration therefore may attract a larger audience than the facts of Penetrability.

Vibration is a forward and backward movement of a body that disturbs the substance in which it is immersed.

That one sentence sums up the facts concerning vibration but theorists have added to those facts an endless chain of mysteries that have no foundation to stand upon.

There will always be a difference of opinion concerning the unknown and so there are different opinions concerning the theory of vibration. Theories within theories.

According to the general theory of vibration, light is not a substance and color is but an illusion.

Vibrationists assume that light from the Sun reaches the Earth through a series of vibrations or quivers and that it does not pass through the substance which occupies the space between the Sun and the Earth.

That is to say a quivering vibratory movement of the Sun causes a quivering vibratory movement of the substance between the Sun and Earth which produces the same effect upon Earth as on the Sun.

The same theory also sets forth that Sound does not pass through air but vibrates the air. To the vibrationist Sound is but a quivering of the air and therefore without air there can be no Sound.

This theory is based to some considerable extent upon the fact that if a stone is dropped in a body of water that waves vibrate along the surface of the water until they reach the confines of the water.

It is pointed out by the vibrationists that when a stone is dropped into a body of water that a ring of waves takes place that begin from the size of the stone and increase in circumference until reaching the confines of the water.

From that standpoint vibrationists assume that when light comes from the Sun it does not pass through the substance between the Sun and Earth. but only disturbs that substance known as ether, and that the waves of ether vibrate in circles around the Sun in all directions until their effect is felt by the different bodies within certain distances of the Sun.

The same theory is taught as the rule of movement in Radio.

Now from the very beginning these theorists start wrong and of course in developing further suppositions their entire structure has no foundation to stand upon.

The waves made upon the surface of a body of water as an effect of a stone passing into the water have nothing to do with the movement of the stone that penetrates the water.

These surface waves are caused by the swelling of the water owing to displacement caused by the addition of the stone into its body.

The stone that enters the water causes expansion of the water and according to the size of the stone and the space it takes up within the body of water the water itself must find new space and so forces its way into space occupied by air.

The stone, however, occupies the same space in air that it does in water and in making the change from air to water makes necessary a change in the space occupied by both bodies of water and air in which they are both forced to readjust their surface lines, and in doing so surface waves are caused and continue to vibrate until a common level is established between them.

As a body of air adjoins a body of water whatever surface waves take place upon the water, surface waves also take place upon the air, or under the air.

But the waves that take place in the readjustment of surface lines between a body of water and a body of air, has nothing to do with the movement and destination of the stone, which continues to penetrate the water until it reaches the Suction terminal which causes it to move in the direction it takes.

The Suction terminal that draws the stone through air and water is the vacuum in the center of the Earth, but as the crust of the Earth is about equal in density to the stone, it penetrates no further towards the vacuum.

Now, when light is released from the Sun by Pressure it acts similar to the action taken by the stone.

The light penetrates ether as the stone penetrates water and its destination is a Suction point which draws it through Ether.

There are many Suction points that draw light from the Sun, just as there are many Suction points that draw blood from the heart, and one of them is the Earth.

When light leaves the Sun in currents and is drawn towards various Suction points, no doubt the ether surrounding the Sun is disturbed in the same way as the air and water are disturbed by displacement caused by the stone, and as the disturbed ether tries to reach a level circles of waves in ether take place.

But these circles of ether caused by the displacement of light passing through it has no more to do with the movement of light in currents between Sun and Earth than does the waves of a body of water have to do with the movement of the stone that passes through air and water to the crust of the Earth.

Now let us see how senseless the vibration theory is in its relation to Sound.

Everybody is now interested in Radio, a method of broadcasting music that I mentioned in "Born Again" (page III) before it was invented. In those days people said I was wrong for stating that such things could be made practical. They said I was wrong then, but now they know that I was right. Some people will say I am wrong now in the statements I make in this book, but the day will come when people will know that I was right.

I hope it will not take so long for the world to know that Sound is a substance as it took to know that Radio could be made practical.

About the only satisfaction one gets from pointing out progressive steps many years before they are taken is, that when they come to pass, it proves his mind was working right when the minds of those who opposed him were working wrong.

If, during the past, one has consistently forecast methods that later proved right, it is reasonable to suppose that his forecasts for the future will also prove right.

Radio experts will do greater things if the principle of Sound is understood now before the foundation of Radio is set too tightly upon the quicksands of theory.

Sound is a substance, not an intangible effect of vibration; not a quivering of the air as vibrationists teach the world.

Sound as a substance is released by Pressure of various matter as light and electricity are released by Pressure of various matter. When released by Pressure, Sound flows in currents toward Suction points.

Just as light from the Sun is drawn in currents to many Suction points, as planets or the eyes of man, so Sound is drawn from Pressure points in currents to many Suction points, such as the ears of man.

The length of the waves in a current of Sound are determined by the interruptions of Pressure, and the pitch of Sound is determined by the size of colliding matter.

When a violinist draws a bow across the strings of an instrument the air moved by the vibration of the strings has nothing to do with the sound.

The backward and forward movement of the strings will move the air in waves, but the sound that is heard is caused by a substance squeezed from the strings and bow by Pressure.

This substance, Sound, is of lesser density than air and moves with greater speed than air. It penetrates air as light penetrates ether, or as a stone penetrates water, or as rain penetrates air.

When the substance water is squeezed from the clouds by Pressure of various matter and is drawn to the Earth by the Earth's Suction it is the substance water that strikes against the crust of the Earth, not the vibrating waves of air that were created through the operation.

When the substance Sound is squeezed from various matter that composes the strings of a violin and the bow that causes the Pressure, and it is drawn to the ears of man by Suction it is the currents of Sound that strike against the tympanic membrane of the ear drums and not the vibratory air waves that were created by the operation.

The pendulum of a clock moving back and forth is a vibratory movement that disturbs the air in which it is immersed.

This vibratory movement of the pendulum of a clock does not create itself, it is caused by Suction and Pressure.

To vibrate at all this pendulum must be immersed in a substance that it can penetrate and then it obtains movement through the Pressure of the springs of the clock and the Suction of the Earth.

When a basin, partly filled with water, is alternately tipped from side to side, a vibrating movement of the water takes place, caused by Pressure of heavier water penetrating lighter air and the Suction of the Earth which alternately continues to draw it to a level.

Water within a basin takes the shape of the basin in which it is confined. An ocean of water takes the shape of the crust of the Earth which confines it.

The vibrations of an ocean and the tides are caused by the Suction of the moon pulling the ocean in one direction and the Suction of the Earth pulling it back to a level again.

A tuning fork does not cause itself to vibrate. Pressure must be exerted to move its prongs. They could not vibrate at all unless they could penetrate a substance of different density.

The Sound from a tuning fork is not caused by the vibration of its prongs. It is caused by Pressure upon them which releases the substance Sound from them.

Vibration of the prongs of a tuning fork disturbs the air in which they are immersed, causing air waves. Air waves and Sound waves are, however, entirely different things.

In currents of blood that are drawn to the heart by Suction and squeezed out of it by Pressure the length of the waves are caused by interruptions in Suction and Pressure movements.

The length of Sound waves in currents of Sound are caused by the interruptions of Pressure and Suction movements. Moreover, the Sound waves are as waves in a flowing current, while air waves caused through the operation of Sound making, spread themselves around similar to waves upon the surface of water. They are merely air disturbances.

Pitch in Sound is caused by the size of the bodies squeezed together.

Quality in Sound is caused by the quality of the matter in bodies squeezed together.

Harmony of Sound is caused by regulation and combination of sound waves.

There are certain combinations of substances that Sound will not readily penetrate just as there are certain combinations of substances that light or electricity will not readily penetrate.

In fact all penetrating substances follow the lines of least resistance.

Water, dropped perpendicularly from a height to the soil of the Earth, following the lines of least resistance will penetrate air, but when it strikes the ground which it will not penetrate as readily as it will air, owing to the difference in density, it is either deflected or reflected back again into the air which until the force of the fall is expended, is the line of least resistance.

The pull of the Earth's Suction, however, will quickly draw it back to the soil again and if the soil is sufficiently porous it will permeate it.

When light strikes an object that is greater in density than that which it is penetrating, it will be deflected or reflected back again into the substance of lesser density, although if the substance it strikes is of a porous nature and lies in the pathway of the Suction terminal that draws it, then it will permeate the substance of greater density.

That principle is unchangeable and pertains to the movement of all substances.

I use the word permeation to mean slow penetration.

For instance, light penetrates ether between the Sun and Earth at a speed of 186,000 miles per second, more or less. As light strikes the moon it is deflected and continues moving through ether at about the same rate of speed until it reaches the atmosphere of the Earth, which is of greater density than ether. The speed of light is then slowed up owing to the greater density of the air. It is slowed up still more when it reaches greater density, water, and more still when the greater density of the crust of the Earth is reached.

Light then begins to permeate the atmosphere and will continue to permeate both water and crust of the Earth because the Suction point that draws light to the Earth is located in the center of the Earth.

Light also permeates the moon and is drawn slowly through its crust towards its center of Suction.

Although considerable light from the Sun that strikes the Earth and Moon permeates these two bodies owing to their internal power of Suction, the largest part of it is deflected or reflected again to numerous other Suction points in the heavens.

When one looks into a mirror that faces the Sun, the light is too intense for the eye because it is the first reflection upon a solid that light cannot penetrate.

If the mirror should face some solid object that light from the Sun strikes first, that object will be reflected to the mirror and back again to the eye so that the eye obtains an image of an object twice reflected.

If a series of mirrors are arranged in a certain way the object that the light first strikes will be reflected back and forth many times and the eye will obtain several reflections of the same object.

If a rubber ball is thrown against a solid wall it will bounce back again because the line of least resistance for the ball to take is the air that it can penetrate.

If light is thrown against a solid wall or a mirror it will bounce back again according to the same principle that causes the ball to bounce back again, i. e., the air offers less resistance than the solid wall for either the ball or light to move through.

Sound moves according to the same principle that causes light to move—it will penetrate one substance with greater speed than it will penetrate another substance. It will be deflected and reflected and finally it will permeate all substances lying in the pathway of a Suction point.

Any substance can be sent from Pressure to Suction terminals more directly through tubes from which the substance cannot escape than by being sent broadcast.

If a gallon of water is thrown from an airliner a mile high on a dry day it will never reach the crust of the Earth, because in its flight it will spread and permeate the air before it can reach the Earth.

If a man shouts at the top of his voice in the open air the sound spreads and permeates the air and it cannot be heard with ordinary ears a mile away.

But if the water and the voice are confined within tubes from which the water or the sound substances cannot escape and permeate other substances then both the water and the sound will reach the terminals of the tubes.

Sound confined to a tube or wire will go directly to a single Suction terminal but when not so confined will spread out in many directions and be attracted to many Suction terminals.

When broadcasted from a single Pressure terminal to many Suction terminals, however, the movement of Sound does not spread around in every direction in circular waves similar to waves of water after a stone has been dropped into water as vibrationists and some Radio experts are teaching, but it moves away in many currents and in many directions toward many Suction terminals.

Broadcasting Sound can be confined to a certain direction by aiming it in a certain direction from the Pressure station in the same way that water is thrown in a certain direction by starting it from the confinement of a hose and aiming it in the direction desired. But after it leaves its confinement it will, like water, tend to spread out towards many Suction points although having been started along in one general direction.

In a small book like this I cannot go into a lengthy explanation of details, but I aim to make clear the rule of procedure. It is the Law of Movement I wish to make plain and when this law is once understood the student can apply it to whatever line of work he is following with the assurance that he will start from the basic foundation of movement.

The Law of Movement recognizes vibration as a forward and backward movement of a body that disturbs the substance in which it is immersed.

An old lady rocking herself to sleep in a chair, or a child riding a stationary rocking horse, are good examples of the principle of vibration.

Science, however, must not rock itself to sleep or ride itself to death with such a flimsy base for movement as vibration.

Vibration is a minor effect, not the basic cause of movement. Vibration could not happen in any manner unless Pressure and Suction caused it. And Suction and Pressure are caused by Penetrability and a Difference in Density.

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