Lawsonomy Volume One



Two forms of equal or different density squeezed together cause pressure which releases certain constituents that move away in different forms of density.

These different forms of density move in currents toward different suction points, or vacuums, containing lesser density than the substances of which they are composed.

Anything in line of these moving currents of a movable nature will be moved by them.

It is a current of one density penetrating substance of another density between Pressure and Suction terminals that causes power.

It is the push of Pressure plus the pull of Suction that manifests power and the more directly a current moves between equalized Pressure and Suction terminals the greater will be the power.

If man controls the terminals of these currents he can utilize the power to move machinery for his own purpose.

Force is but an effect of substance of greater density falling or pressing toward space of lesser density.

Space with lesser density may be downward or upward, inward or outward as man recognizes directions.

A current of water moving from Pressure to Suction terminals will move logs along with it, or will move the wheels that move machinery. Without Suction and Pressure water would not move and there would be no water power to move the logs or machinery.

A current of air moving from Pressure to Suction terminals will move a balloon, or a sailboat along with it, or will move the wheels that move machinery as it passes them. Without Suction and Pressure terminals air would not move and there would be no air power to move the balloon, the sailboat or the windmill.

A current of electricity moving from Pressure to Suction terminals will move a trolley car along with it. Without Suction and Pressure terminals, electricity would not move and there would be no electric power to move the trolley car.

A current of blood moving from Pressure to Suction terminals will move a corpuscle filled with oxygen. Without Suction and Pressure terminals the blood would not move and there would be no blood power to move the corpuscles.

It is clearly proved, then, that the power that moves the logs or water machinery, the balloon, sailboat, or air machinery, trolley car, and the blood corpuscle is caused by currents of one density passing through substance of another density, pushed by Pressure and pulled by Suction.

There is no other method of movement anywhere in the universe, or Space. The source of all power is Suction and Pressure.

During the past some fanciful mind suggested an idea that there existed somewhere and in some shape a mysterious substance called energy that was the cause of movement.

No one has ever been able to explain just what this mysterious substance, energy is, but the most absurd tales concerning it have been told from time to time until writers have put them in text-books and learned professors have taught, and are now teaching them in schools as facts.

Students study the text-books and listen to the professors talk about the different forms of Energy and absorb this nonsense as part of their education.

These students do not even question the reliability of the source from whence such misinformation is forced upon them and they never think of analyzing it to find out whether it has any real foundation of support.

The student of yesterday is the professor of today and so the tale is carried from generation to generation and grows like a weed in a garden and teachers and pupils alike accept it as a matter of course and beyond the jurisdiction of any one to question.

There is no greater load of theoretical tomfoolery that Science has ever had to shoulder than the unprovable theory that somewhere, somehow, and in some shape, there exists a substance called Energy that causes movement. No such thing exists anywhere and Science should expunge that fallacy without delay.

Power is an effect caused by one substance penetrating another substance of different density. This fact can be proved over and over again and again, in every way and under all conditions by any one who will study and know the Law of Penetrability.

With such knowledge now within the reach of everybody it will be the depth of ignorance for anyone to think otherwise.

Nature has no secrets. If man will look far enough he can see and know everything.

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