Lawsonomy Volume One



Astronomy is an exact science as far as man-made mathematics are concerned.

When an astronomer states in advance that an eclipse of the Sun will occur at a certain minute of a certain day, he proves that the system which he uses to measure distance and movements of Solar formations is perfect.

When an astronomer states that light from the Sun moves to the Earth at a speed of approximately 186,000 miles per second he can prove according to mathematical calculation that it is a fact.

When astronomers stick to fasts that can be proved by mathematics they shine as great lights of knowledge.

But many astronomers get into the habit of mixing facts with theory which often leads to erroneous and viscous channels from whence they are never able to extricate themselves.

It is a very wise astronomer who can recognize at a distance new facts that are at variance with a pet theory he has clung to for years.

A few theories that many astronomers have become attached to, and have led credulous students to believe in are as follows:

That light is caused by vibration.

That color is caused by vibration.

That Space is empty.

That a formation is started with a nucleus of solid matter.

That the Earth is a solid ball.

That the moon was formerly a section of the Earth.

That a body can make a circle in space.

That Space may be limited in largeness and smallness.

That Time is a dimension.

Lawsonomy proves that all such stuff is nonsense.

The difference in density is so varied that no part of Space can be empty, or without substance of one density or another. There are substances in Space infinitely less in density than light or ether.

Formations are built up from within by Suction which draws in from without substances needed for growth. The nucleus of a formation is a vacuum, or space with lesser density than the substances drawn into it.

The Earth is a formation containing all necessary internal functions to sustain itself by drawing in new substances by the power of Suction and evacuating waste matter by the power of Pressure. It is not a solid ball but a network of constructive cells with power of expansion and contraction which hold together and brace it so that Pressure from without cannot crush it nor Pressure from within explode it

No part of the Earth or any other planet could have been thrown away (as said of the origin of the moon), unless it lacked sufficient Suction power to hold itself together, in which case the whole formation would fall to pieces and pass into other forms.

Eternity recognizes no such condition as Time. Space recognizes no limits or directions. A circle in Space is an impossibility.

Man's system of mathematics is founded upon knowledge concerning those contents of Space with which he is directly connected and because those contents have certain dimensions he assumes that Space too must have similar dimensions.

Man assumes that because he was begun and must end as a physical form that Space must have begun and must end also.

Man assumes that because the Earth upon which he lives is globular and has a circumference, diameter and a center, and moves around the sun, that Space must be globular with a circumference, diameter and center, and moves around in circles.

Man assumes that because he apparently makes a straight line or a circle upon an apparently flat surface, that a straight line or circle could also be made in Space.

Man assumes that because he can move in a certain direction upon the Earth, and the Earth moves in a certain direction in the Solar System, and the Solar System moves in a certain direction in the heavens, that there must be certain fixed directions in Space and that all of the contents of Space must have similar forms to those with which he has become familiar.

Before man can evolve into a greater being he must develop new functions of thought, new reasoning faculties, that will carry him into new and broader avenues. He must break away from the narrow paths that confine his range of vision. He must go out into the open fields of exploration and look as far as it is possible for him to see.

That does not mean that he must strain his views by consideration of the length and breadth of the plane upon which he stands. It does not mean that he must strain his views in contemplation of the globular body upon which he lives. It does not mean that he must strain his views upon triangular measurements of distance and movements of bodies in the nearby heavens.

It means that he must only utilize the knowledge gained by and through the consideration of apparent straight lines, planes, squares, cubes, triangles and circles as a stepping stone to the greater dimensions into which a study of Penetrability will lead.

Penetrability recognizes only a difference in Density.

The shapes and proportions of formations, their respective speeds in movements, and the directions in which they move are decided by Suction and Pressure.

The assumption that any formation can move in a straight line, or in a circle in Space is a fallacy that must be eliminated from the mind of man as quickly as possible if he would understand the basic law of movement.

Zig-Zag-and-Swirl is the basic method of movement of contents throughout Space.

Although present man-made mathematics may be adequate for computing measurements and movements of the Earth and neighboring bodies and particles in their relationship to one another, they are entirely inadequate for computing measurements and movements of greater and lesser formations in their relationship to one another throughout Space.

Everything in Space is interdependent upon everything else and the movement of any single body or particle only obtains direction by comparing its movements with the movement of some other body or bodies with which it is associated.

Therefore the direction of the movement of any formation can only be understood by man as he is able to compare it with a number of other formations of different proportions with which it is associated.

No thing ever moved in a straight course in Space, and no thing ever moved in a circle in Space. No thing ever started to move and returned to the starting point in Space. Neither did it continue the direction in which it was started. No thing ever remained in the same position in Space or contained the same constituents even for an instant.

Penetrability of varying density makes possible that any body or particle moves through Space in countless directions at the same time. A body does not move in a straight course, it does not move in a circle, but moves as a Zig-Zag-and-Swirl and is neither coming nor going in any direction.

So it is necessary to go beyond man's higher mathematics to compute the movements of bodies or particles in the Zig-Zag-and-Swirl and therefore a system of superlative mathematics must be created for the purpose.

Zig-Zag-and-Swirl is a movement in which any formation moves in a multiple direction according to the movements of many increasingly greater formations, each depending upon the greater formation for direction and upon varying changes caused by counteracting influences of Suction and Pressure of different proportions.

For example, a germ moving across the surface of a blood corpuscle might think he is going in a certain direction in Space. If he could understand he would know that the blood corpuscle also moves in another direction, and that the blood current was also carrying him in still another direction.

And still that would not end there as the germ corpuscle, and blood current are all dependent for further movement and other directions in Space upon a greater formation, man.

For this particular example this man walks along the aisle of an airliner from bow to stern in a westerly direction. His walking speed is two miles an hour and he moves in an opposite direction from the course taken by the airliner, which moves at a speed of one hundred miles an hour in an easterly direction and at an angle of thirty degrees to the surface of the Earth. A forty-mile wind blows from the north which causes the airliner to drift in a southerly direction.

Now, while the airliner moves in three distinct directions at the same time, i. e., going east, climbing upward, and drifting south, and the man moves in two distinct and opposite directions at the same time, i. e., walking west and downward at an angle of thirty degrees, and the germ, corpuscle and blood are moving in their respective directions, they all depend upon the greater movement of the Earth which is swirling around at a greater speed and is also moving around the Sun at still greater speed. Furthermore, the Solar System is also moving in a different direction at a still greater speed.

So there are eleven distinct directions that the germ moves, and eight different directions that man moves at the same time, and all at different speeds.

Thus Zig-Zag-and-Swirl continues without direction or end. The Earth, man and germ alike are pushed, and pulled, and swirled about in Space in countless directions simultaneously and at varying and unthinkable speeds, changing positions each instant by distances of trillions of miles. And this is caused by Penetrability with its conflicting currents of different density moving along the lines of least resistance as an effect of Suction and Pressure of different proportions.

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