Lawsonomy Volume One



Currents are made up of formations.

Between these formations which make up currents and surrounding each formation are spaces through which flow currents of lesser density.

These currents of lesser density which flow between formations which make up currents of greater density are also made up of formations between and surrounding each of which are also spaces through which flow currents of still lesser density.

These currents are also made up of formations surrounded by spaces through which flow currents of lesser density and so on without end.

Formations are made up of currents which are composed of formations of different density and these currents are also made up of formations.

So, although currents are made up of formations, formations are also made up of currents.

Formations penetrate currents and currents penetrate formations.

Formations move with currents and currents move with formations.

Currents will pass from one formation into another formation and formations will pass from one current into another current.

One formation will pass from one formation to another formation, and one current will also pass from one current to another current.

This all goes to show the intricacy of Penetrability and its all-pervading cause of movement.

What man calls matter is but formations made up of currents and currents made up of formations, all of which are composed of substances of different density.

Currents are substances.

Formations are substances.

The different formations which compose currents are what make the difference in substances.

The difference in formations which make up currents is the cause of the difference in density.

The difference in formations is caused by the different substances which combine with one another and the proportions of such combinations.

Combination or cohesion of formations is caused by a difference in sex of formations.

The difference in sex of formations is caused by internal suction and pressure movement.

The male formation is dominated by internal pressure movement.

The female formation is dominated by internal suction movement.

There are as many different kinds of currents in density as there are various grades of substances, but those with which man has become more or less familiar, so far, are currents of air, currents of gas, currents of water, currents of heat, currents of light, and currents of electricity. To which I have added currents of Sound.

Attention is also called to the fact that there are numberless cosmic currents and numberless atomic currents that man has no knowledge of and lacks consciousness to understand.

Currents are caused by Suction and Pressure.

There could be no currents unless substances of greater density moved toward space with lesser density.

There could be no movement unless substances moved in this way.

The suction point caused by Space of lesser density may be situated in the center of a globe with a stone and metal crust surrounding it as it is in the Earth, or it may be in the heart, lung, stomach or ear of a man, or it may be in the center of an atom or an electron, or it may be out in the highways of the heavens, or anywhere and everywhere.

Man's suction points will draw currents of air into his nostrils and lungs; currents of food into his stomach; currents of blood into his heart; currents of sound into his ears and so forth.

The Earth's suction will draw currents of rain from clouds; currents of light and heat from the sun; currents of meteors from the heavens and so forth.

The Earth's suction will draw any substance of greater density than that which is stored up in its interior that comes within its sphere of action.

A body of water at the top of a hill, having broken the confines of its envelope, will, by reason of greater density than air create its own pressure and fall towards space with lesser density. So it falls through air, which is of lesser density than water, but not through the crust of the Earth, which is of greater density than water.

The reason this water falls downhill instead of uphill is because, enclosed by a solid crust is space with lesser density than either water or air which draws them both to the surface of the Earth. Water therefore runs downhill until it reaches a level within a basin of greater density in which it forms a body of equal density.

Light and heat are forced out of the Sun by Pressure, but this light and heat would have no place to go unless it was forced into space of lesser density and so it penetrates the substances which extend between Sun and Earth, and is drawn to the Earth by the power of suction, caused by space with lesser density located within the Earth.

Currents of light are drawn from the Sun to Earth according to the same principle that currents of water are drawn from the clouds to Earth by Suction.

Currents are squeezed out of matter by pressure.

For instance, currents of Electricity, currents of light, currents of heat, currents of sound, currents of gas, currents of air and currents of water may all be created simultaneously by atmospheric pressure during a thunder storm.

Atmospheric currents, solar currents, cosmic currents or atomic currents all act according to the same principle.

Squeezed out of substance of one density by pressure and drawn through substance of another density by suction all currents move from place to place according to the law of Penetrability.

The greater the work the more time and effort is required to understand and complete it.

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