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A formation is a collection of substances that take definite shape.

Space is not a formation, because, having no boundaries it can have no shape.

The contents of Space take different shapes because of a difference in density.

All formations are in a state of continual change and no thing in Space remains the same owing to innumerable currents passing through them which adds to and takes from their structures.

Space, without size, recognizes no limits to the size of its contents, and size in formations is only comparative.

Formations are composed of formations without end.

When a current reaches its terminal or point of suction which draws it in a certain direction, and it can go no further for lack of ability to penetrate another substance of equal or different density, a swirl is caused in which the moving substances rush round and round and cause extraordinary pressure in their attempt to reach space with lesser density.

Thus a new formation is created; in the center of which has been trapped the point of suction, or vacuum or nuclei, which contains the power to draw into it, or toward it, substances of greater density.

In a living formation, the nature of its covering is formed so that it will expand or contract in accordance with the life or growth of it.

In accordance with the nature of the substances which enter into the formation, together with the nature of the substances through which the body must penetrate or depend upon for movement, the size and shape, and action of the formation depends.

The length of life of any formation depends upon the length of time the enclosed power of suction can withstand the pressure of surrounding substances.

Penetrability makes possible an organization of various matter and functions within a formation in which both internal suction and pressure prevail.

Through this process the interior of the formation with its organized parts can be kept alive or made to expand or grow by drawing into itself, by the power of suction, such substances as are necessary for the purpose, while the internal power of pressure forces out of the formation the waste substances refused by it.

This interior organization constructs itself so that it can draw in and force out of itself the right quantity of substances to keep balanced with the external substances in which it is immersed, and thereby equalizes pressure from without, with pressure from within.

So a center of Suction and Pressure is established in all living formations that maintain an equilibrium.

Different formations have different internal organizations, the complexity of which are determined by their different needs and the different uses to which they are put.

Collections of formations of one density flowing as a current will move along with it the formations of another density.

The Solar System is a formation which was created by a vacuum, or space with lesser density, drawing toward it substances of greater density.

These substances of greater density being unable to reach the center of the vacuum rushed around and around it in swirling currents until the different substances combined and organized themselves into an entity with internal currents and formations of different density, all of which were held together by Suction.

Internal Suction and Pressure then established an equilibrium in which pressure from within equalized pressure from without and the Solar System then became balanced with the current in which it is immersed and flows along through the heavens.

All formations must be fed with sustaining substances in order to live and this feeding process is maintained by Suction which draws in from without and Pressure which squeezes out from within.

In its organization the Solar System established points of ingress and egress through which sustaining substances could be drawn into it from without and waste substances could be squeezed out from within.

All formations in order to live must have a center of Suction and Pressure, a central point from whence equalized power can be established to furnish movement to the different currents and organized parts within it.

In the Solar System the Sun is the center of Suction and Pressure and draws into itself by Suction and forces out of itself by Pressure currents of such substances as are required to sustain the entire organization.

Different formations move around the Sun in currents of various density.

Each formation has a useful work to perform. In fact, everything in existence has some useful purpose.

The Earth, the home of man, is a formation, created in the beginning by substances of greater density trying to reach space with lesser density in which a swirling movement was effected and the substances organized into a living body.

The interior of the Earth is organized into different currents and functions which are controlled by a center of Suction and Pressure that maintain an equilibrium through the equalization of Suction and Pressure.

The Earth, like any other living formation, must be fed, and its sustaining substances are drawn into it by Suction and the waste substances are squeezed out of it by Pressure.

These substances are, of course, very finely composed and are able to penetrate the crust of the Earth at all points, although the chief point of ingress for the Earth's sustenance is at the North End, and the chief point of egress for waste matter is at the South End of the Earth.

This fact is made evident by the needle of a compass which points north showing that to be the direction where the greatest internal Suction of the Earth takes place. Furthermore, this needle will incline downward when a compass is placed over the area which comprises what I call the mouth of the Earth.

This would indicate that the needle of a compass contains a considerable quantity of the elementary

substances from which the life of the earth depends for sustenance, and those substances are being drawn towards the center of Suction.

The length of life of the earth will be determined by its own power of suction which causes it to hold together.

External pressure, however, will gradually squeeze the Earth to nothingness and its contents will pass into other formations. By the same law all formations, large or small, and of every nature whatsoever are decomposed.

The theory advanced by eminent astronomers that the Earth was originally a part of the Sun and was thrown out into Space, and that the Moon was originally a part of the Earth shaken from it by a tidal wave, is too absurd for serious-minded astronomers to sanction in textbooks any longer.

The Moon is a living formation created in the same manner as the Solar System, the Sun, the Earth, or an atom, from substances of greater density surrounding a vacuum, or space of lesser density.

The Moon is an excellent example of a formation that is in a declining stage, as far as its power of Suction is concerned. It can no longer draw into itself life-giving substance in sufficient quantities to offset the destructive forces of external Pressure, and so it is gradually passing away. It has only about one-sixth of the internal Suction power of the Earth, which is insufficient to hold to it either air or water.

An example showing how the life of a formation is affected by the power of Suction can be had by comparing the Moon, the Earth and Jupiter.

Jupiter is a growing formation, the Earth is a matured formation and the Moon is a formation that is in a state of decline.

The greater part of the Moon's Suction power has been expended and it moves upon its axis slowly and can no longer draw the life-giving substances it needs in large enough quantities to properly sustain itself. It has but one-sixth the Suction power of the Earth and only enough power to turn upon its axis once to every twenty-seven times the Earth turns upon its axis.

The Earth is in a ripe and healthy condition, with sufficient Suction power to draw into its body such external substances as are needed to sustain it. It also has substantial mass development surrounding it and an atmosphere with which to gasify and digest the solid lumps of material that it is continually drawing to it and assimilating.

Jupiter, on the other hand, is in a growing state and has much greater Suction power than the Earth. Jupiter has not yet organized its internal structure to its highest degree of efficiency and it lacks the solidity and settled condition of the Earth.

Still in a state of youthful and bubbling vitality Jupiter turns upon its axis once every ten hours according to man-made time. Or it turns 2.4 times upon its own axis for each time the Earth turns upon its axis.

That means that the surface of Jupiter moves at tremendous swirling speed when compared to the swirling movement of the Earth's surface because Jupiter is 1,300 times larger than the Earth.

On account of its larger dimensions and greater Suction power, Jupiter requires enormously more food and fuel to sustain it than does the Earth and therefore needs a larger channel to move in than the Earth.

For that reason Jupiter's orbit around the Sun is greater than that of the Earth and the current in which it flows is larger than the current in which the Earth flows around the Sun.

This fact is plainly established by the distance Jupiter is away from his nearest planetary neighbor, Mars, who travels in his own current around the Sun 300,000,000 miles away, as compared with the distance of 34,000,000 miles which separates Mars from his nearest neighbor, the Earth.

As he lives and grows, Jupiter consumes prodigious quantities of Solar substances, drawn together by his enormous Suction power.

A large share of the immense quantity of debris (meteors, etc.) that are drawn into the Solar System for sustenance are consumed by Jupiter in their raw state, assimilated, and turned into the currents of gases which give him his internal power and action.

There is no limit in largeness or smallness of formations, but their creation, development and movement are all regulated by the same law—Penetrability—and its two factors, Suction and Pressure.

There can be in Space, which knows no largeness, formations a million times as large as the Solar System, and there can also be in Space, which knows no smallness, formations a million times as small as an electron.

Man's mind, however, is limited to think within certain degrees of size and density as his body is limited to live within certain degrees of temperature.


Knowledge of Penetrability makes all NATURAL LAWS easy to understand.


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