Lawsonomy Volume One



Life always was and always will be.

There never was any more nor any less life throughout space than there is now.

Nothing can be taken from nor be added to life although it is in a continual state of readjustment.

Life is everywhere and in everything.

The object of Life is to create and develop intelligence to the highest degree of usefulness.

Life is divided into three main parts, all dependent upon each other. Distinctive in nature but cooperative in purpose they are known as physical, mental and spiritual manifestations.

The physical manifestation of life is that part pertaining to matter and the movement thereof.

The mental manifestation of life is that part that develops consciousness through the organization and utilization of material things.

The spiritual manifestation of life is that part that directs constructive planning towards purification and perfection of purpose.

A thorough knowledge of both physical and mental manifestations is necessary before spirituality can be understood.

Just as perfect mental efficiency cannot be had in an inefficient physical thing, neither can efficient spirituality be had in an inefficient mental thing.

Spirituality therefore aims to develop the highest type of physical and mental things.

The scope of life is graduated according to the consciousness developed through the power of the mental system; the sense of perception being graded to the scale needed in each living thing.

Innumerable living, moving bodies are constantly swirling about within an inch of man's eye which he cannot see because the scope of his sight is developed within a scale most suitable for his own needs.

Billions of living things fly about the point of a man's eyebrow without knowing there is such a thing as a man nor understanding the size or nature of an eyebrow.

Man, the solar system and the entire visible universe, as far as man's sight and understanding is concerned, pass through greater living things without knowing anything about them.

The magnitude and minuteness of living things have no limits.

The principles of life are simple but immutable. Although there is constant readjustment of the manifestations of life the laws that govern those readjustments are unchangeable.

The different phases and divisions of life are limitless.

The two agents that cause the readjustments of manifestations of life are constructiveness and destructiveness.

Constructiveness builds up and destructiveness tears down.

Without construction and destruction there could be no readjustment in the manifestations of life.

So life without beginning or end, goes along through innumerable phases, always adhering to unchangeable laws and governed by a supreme being whom we call God and whose laws I will make as plain and understandable as the human language will permit and the human intellect will be able to grasp.


First understand the principle upon which it is

based and you then become master of the subject.


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