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against husband. We can turn one into a frenzied maniac who will commit murder or we can turn one into a harmless crank with a delirium for air castles. We can make one lick our boots in the name of Gold.
Now as the entire world’s supply of Gold has a theoretical value of about Twenty Bil­lions of Dollars and as it takes One Trillion Dollars in money to carry on the world’s trade, we can, by controlling the supply of Gold and issuing paper money, paper notes, paper bonds, paper preferred stocks, paper mort­gages and paper slips for credits, charge everybody interest thereon for the difference between Twenty Billions in Gold and One Tril­lion in Trade and thereby absorb all wealth that everybody creates.
But of course donkeys cannot understand such intricate methods.
So, people, we are willing to take you in on this game of heads I win and tails you lose, on condition that you have some money or property to put into it.
It’s a great game even if you do lose, says the slippery slicker.
    Then after draining everybody of their possessions he sets them to fighting among themselves over politics, religion, industrial and race questions to keep them from bother­ing him about their losses.
    Now, America is only one Jack-pot that the International Financiers want to get control of but it is a rich one and they are willing to lie, cheat, steal and murder to get it.
    By the same methods that the lightweight financier robs widows and orphans and feeble old folks of their homes and furniture and the middle weight financier takes them away from the lightweight financier, and the heavyweight financier takes them away from the middle­weight financier so the International financier will eventually take everything away from the American financiers and this rich country will pass into the hands of alien financiers, with a Central Bank in Europe as its Clearance House.
    These alien financiers will of course contest with each other for the control of America just as they have contested with each other for the control of European countries in which they established their dictators.
    It will be worked as it has been done in Spain.
    One set of alien financiers will espouse a fanatical doctrine and another set of alien financiers will espouse an opposite fanatical doctrine and through their different avenues of publicity they will work the people into a frenzy of murderous hatred against each other.
    A civil war will be started and the American wealth producers will fight each other like savage beasts until they almost entirely decimate each other. Then which-ever side wins, an alien financier will put his own blood-thirsty dictator to rule the American people under the direction of the financial master, as is already done in other European countries today.
    It will make no difference which side loses, the financier will win. It will make no differ­ence which side wins, the people will lose.
    The most effective ammunition the finan­cier uses to whip the people into submission is the radio, the colleges, the pictures, the newspapers and the magazines. They whip you mentally first and physically afterward.
    Remember, people, once the financier puts in his Dictator I am helpless to aid you in any way because martial law will be declared and everybody will be shot who raises a voice against the financial dictator.
    This country still being free under the American form of government, I can coach the people in the correct method of procedure to stop the financier’s dictator before he gets here—before the financier gets you into two opposing forces of maddened idiots who will be beyond all power of reason and who will cut and slash and shoot each other without knowing what it is all about.
    When you have once been wedged in

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