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always were, are now and always will be the same.Ē
    Most of manís troubles arise from trying to break Godís set Laws and introduce his own foolish notions instead. It cannot be done and man harms himself by attempting to do it.
    Have you been educated in History?
    One should not take History seriously because upon careful examination one will discover that at least seventy five per cent of it is bunk. Histories are made for financiers who can afford to pay for the nice things said about them or their touts and the essence of truth is the smallest part therein. The records of dates and places are usually correct but almost everything else is misrepresented.
    I may write a History of Histories when I can find time and show what a large part the financiersí bunk play in them.
    Have you been educated in Finance? High Finance?
    If so you have reached the obscurity of a bottomless pit without walls or ceiling.
    Finance is the zig-zag-and-swirl of Bunk. It is a double cross running anticlockwise into an abstract vacancy. It operates as a suction clutch without an exhaust valve.
    Finance is something that isnít, wasnít nor canít be. It is a bubble without a wrapper. It is a tickle-me-dumb for a donkey without a con­tact. It is a seven-century itch without a place to scratch.
    Itís a Scourge.
    Finance is a demoralizing influence which makes wealth producers give up their earn­ings to a species of four-flushers and then cheer them for taking it.
    It is a self-inflicted hypnosis that makes them happy over the success of the rogues who swindle them out of their property.
    It is a satisfying delusion that the fellow who ensnares them should be praised for placing garbage cans at convenient street corners where they can find a bone to gnaw upon.
    It is a hallucination that a lump of dead
metal is of more value in the universe than Godís living creatures.
    It is the suction power that forces man to give away his soul for the promise of a hand­ful of gold.
    It is the dope that robs man of his reason and makes him cheat, lie, steal, beg, murder, kidnap, blackmail and commit suicide.
    It is a shadow that gets man to cast his own children into the jaws of the Devil while trying to grab it for himself.
    Finance is a three-shell game in which the Mastodon Slicker stands behind a table and so shifts the shells and manipulates his hook: that the people become obfuscated and donít know whether they reside in a palace or in a gas house.
    Sooner or later they discover however, that it is a gas house.
    Figuratively, the big bubbly slicker shows the people a piece of sponge.
ďThis suck-em-up,Ē says he, ďrepresents a piece of gold which in turn represents everything you own or can earn during the rest of your lives. As Gold is the essence of value, it is too precious for the people to touch or even see, so we keep it in our vaults and let them dream about it.
ďThe sponge is the medium of exchange, whereby we transfer your property and earn­ings to the financiers who own the Gold.
ďThe shells are labeled money, credit and interest.
ďThe inspiration of the game now you see it and now you donít.
ďIf you can tell which shell the sponge is under you get another chance.Ē
    Says the big skin,
ďonce we get the idea into your thick heads that Gold is the base of value, there is no way that you can get it out again and we can do as we like with you thereafter. It makes you feel like an inmate of an opium joint.
ďWe can then make you worship Gold instead of God and commit the most atro­cious crimes in its name. We can turn  father against son, mother against daughter, wife

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