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nonsense taught as Physics in Colleges today as a sort of a second spasm of witchery.
    They cannot teach basic physics without teaching basic Economics and that would upset the financiers plans to skin the people to a purple hue.
    Have you been educated in Law? Man-made Law? If so you would consider it as a down­right insult for anybody to accuse you of telling the truth. Wouldn’t you?
    Perhaps ninety per cent of the talk heard in Law Courts are lies and the largest percentage of them are uttered by Lawyers who have graduated from Law Colleges.
    So thoroughly have these man-made Law-makers been trained to lie that their oracular
organs could not pronounce the truth any more even if they wanted to.
    Just recently a College-made Lawyer accus­ed the Court of mistreating him because he allowed his Client to plead guilty of murder when he, the Lawyer, could produce evidence that would prove him innocent.
    The financiers’ College-made Laws are just the opposite from God’s Natural Laws which are made to stand whether the financiers like them or not.
    Law is the Rule of procedure—
According to God’s Rule (to quote Lawsonomy) there is but one way to proceed and that is the right way. His Laws are permanent, irrevocable, immutable, eternal, perfect, supreme. They

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