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uphold a system that does those things and you look in the glass at midnight by the light of the moon then you will surely see a face that looks like the Devil.
    Are you Educated? So is the Organ Grinderís Monkey.
    The Organ Grinder educates his monkey to tip his hat to those who donate money to him.     Isnít that exactly what the Dean of a College does? Educates students to tip their hats to those who donate money to the College.
    Who are the ones who donate the largest sums to the Colleges? Arenít they the Financiers?
    Why do Financiers donate such large sums of money to Institutions of Learning? Isnít it because they want to control them and have the students taught just what they want them to know?
    How do the financiers get these tremendous sums of money that they donate to Colleges? They get it by charging interest on loans of money and credit.
    Then is it logical to suppose that they will permit Deans or Professors to teach students that Interest should be abolished? Of course not.
     Who owns the radio? The financiers.
    Would the financiers who own the radio permit anyone to broadcast speeches stating that the Interest Collecting Swindle must be abolished? Of course not.
    Who controls the newspapers and magazines? The financiers.
    The financiers have loaned large sums of money to most newspaper and magazine publishers and have them by the throat because they cannot pay it back. Therefore the publish­ers are throttled and manacled and cannot publicly say Abolish Interest, much as they might like to do so.
    Who controls the motion pictures? The financiers.
    Will they use their pictures to educate the people in their swindling methods? Of course not.
    So it can readily be seen that whatever edu≠cation you have received from the day you
were born until now was given to you through the controlled instruments of the financiers who rob you of everything you earn.
    The financiers have educated the people so thoroughly that they applaud swindlers for cheating them out of their banks, newspapers, radio, factories, mines, railroads, buildings, real estate, stores and homes.
    Now what do the financiers teach you as an education? ECONOMICS? Not if I know any­thing about it.
    The definition of Economics as I understand   Natural Laws is THE UTILIZATION OF EVE­RYTHING WITHOUT THE LOSS OF ANY­THING. In a wordóusefulness.
    Is that what they teach you in the financiersí schools and colleges? Of course not. They teach you wastefulness, not usefulness. They teach you UNECONOMICS not ECONOMICS.
    Godís economics teach us that we should utilize everything He has given us to develop Humanity to the highest point of efficiency. But the financiers teach people to waste every­thing that will not bring them a price and instead of utilizing every human being to pro­duce something for the benefit of everybody they throw them out of employment and allow their minds and bodies to rot for the want of useful effort.
    Civilization wastes more than fifty per cent of its manpower. So man does not work ac­cording to Godís Natural Laws and utilize everything without the loss of anything.
    Do the financiers teach you physics? Not if I know anything about Natural Laws.
    They teach you a lot of bunk that doesnít exist. They make students gulp down idiotic theories that ruin their reasoning functions. They teach them that which ainít not that which is. As there ainít no ainít they just create a hyperbolic vacuum in the students upper story so when they leave college they have less sense than when they arrive. The financiers then put square hats on them and call them blockheads.
    Posterity will consider the theoretical

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