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sixty dollars. And so you think you are smart again. You say, Well, my gracious, that’s a deep game. Anyway, you say. I’m going to make nine hundred dollars on every share of that stock I bought.
    So you go over to find out about the stock that you bought for a hundred dollars a share; and you ask the fellow about the nine hundred dollars a share that you were going to make on the stock.
Well, yes, you may make it, says he, if you wait long enough.
Well, you ask, how much have I made already?
Oh, says he, you haven’t made anything yet. In fact you lost something. Instead of your stock being worth a hundred dollars a share which you paid for it, it has dropped to ten dollars a share. But you’ve only lost ninety dollars a share on the stock and if you wait long enough, why you may make some money later. I advise you to go home, put the stock away, don’t say anything to anybody about it and wait awhile.
    But the stock that the financier sold you is almost worthless and the longer you wait the more worthless it becomes.
    Then the Financier says,
The mortgage is due. Pay.
    And you have no money to pay. So the financier says,
We are sorry but we’ll have to take your home.
    Then you go back to Mama with tears in your eyes and say,
Mama, they’ve stolen the home from us.
    Yes, they’ve stolen the home from Mama and you and all your little children; just because you listened to their Bunk. You thought you were going to get something for nothing.
    You don’t get something for nothing in this world. You have to pay for everything you get in this life. You have to pay for it one way or another. You have to pay dearly for the experience of trying to get something for nothing.
    Now you may think that you are getting six dollars for nothing by charging somebody else tribute for the loan of a hundred dollars but you are not because by the same swind­ling game the old mastodon swindler cheats you out of everything that you can earn.
    To collect six dollars tribute from some­body else made you an accomplice of the big financier who takes everybody’s property by the Interest Collection Swindle. You have become a swindler in a game in which they swindle you out of everything you swindle others out of.
    Now when you aid and abet a swindling game your face looks like that of a swindler. You can’t change your face. It is a map of your thoughts and acts. It talks without words.
    God has put into your face microscopic muscles that are connected with your mind, and whenever you think, the muscles write the thoughts on your face. So if you are a swindler, you will always look like a swindler, you can’t get away from it. Your children will also look like swindlers because they will inherit all of your weaknesses for cheating —for trying to get some-thing for nothing.
    A couple of degraded imps killed a child just for the fun of it. They were put into the penitentiary but their parents were to blame. They had taken the homes of the poor, of the old, and the sick through the Interest Collect­ing Swindle. And so, no matter what wealth they gave their children, they had inherited crooked minds.
    The parents were paid back in agony for all of the homes that they had taken from feeble old people; from widows and orphans. They were paid back a million times in anguish what they had acquired in property.
    You must learn that you are paid back for everything you do in this life. You can’t get away from it. Your face proves it. All you have to do is to look in the mirror, and you can see yourself as you are. If you have stolen the homes from feeble old folks and the inher­itances from widows and orphans or if you

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