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between two conflicting alien financial groups, then you will be between the Devil and the deep sea, from which there is no es­cape except death or slavery.
    Now people, you have been educated so long with the bunk of the financiers who skin you of everything you earn that it is hard for you to realize that your great heroes are but touts who lead you into the blind alleyways of distress and the quicksand’s of pauperism, and it is equally hard for you to grasp the helping hand that I have stretched out to save you.
    In order to save yourselves from the scourge that confronts you, you must stop still in your tracks and look where you are going. You must study the map of the road-ways in front of you and take the one that leads to a safe level and not the one that leads into a quagmire.
    No one knows the ways of these tricksters better than I do and I am anxious to show the American people how to stop them from stealing America, putting in their dictator and enslaving the American people. If the people will only listen to what I have to say and act sensibly before it is too late, they can save themselves and manage their own affairs as the American Constitution stipulates they should do.
    You must study the Direct Credits literature which shows the right way to proceed. It shows you God’s way—not the financier’s way.
    When you try to play the financier’s game of bunk, you prove to be just a foolish little fish who is to be eaten up by a bigger fish that will finally be devoured by a great big shark.
    To save yourself from being made a meal of by sharks you must understand the plan of safe-guarding the people’s rights as shown in
Direct Credits for Everybody and then you must stand together for the entire plan. You must not believe what the touts of the finan­

ciers tell you, as their work is to lead you into the jaws of the sharks by promising you anything and everything that will tickle your vanity.    After living upon this earth for many years and looking upon life as it is and not as it is pretended to be; and after associating with financiers—pee wee, second story and mastodon—for more than a quarter of a cen­tury, obtaining first hand practical experience in their corrupt methods, I am ready to attest as the truth concerning the fact that FINANCE as practiced today on this earth is the real genuine BUNK.
    I can truthfully say that there is not the

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